Sunday, 17 February 2013

Immortal Space Weekend Extravaganza...Part Two

Here we are with part two of the Immortal Space Double Update Fun Fest Weekend Of Fun Event. I won't bother writing a ton of stuff because this update is longer than the last one. Enjoy!
Trent touched down in the Texan airport and quickly exited the aircraft before anyone could discover him hiding out in it. Security in the airport was still tighter than ever but it was still nothing compared to his skills. He wondered briefly why he had bothered to have a passport made up if he didn’t plan to travel legally but remembered it would still be good to have identification and could come in useful later. He made his way out of the airport and briefly considered hailing a cab before remembering he had left China as soon as he had his passport and barely had any money to his name. He opted instead to once again utilise less than legal means and picked up a rather non-descript car from the parking lot of the airport. The alarm he set off in it was not so non-descript and neither was the way he smashed through the barrier on his way out of the place. He felt that the ensuing police chase was about as far from non-descript as it was possible to go. He quickly discovered driving was made a lot faster when you didn’t have to take the fact you might die in to consideration, though it certainly did result in more property damage. To the police’s credit they were able to follow him until about thirty miles away from where he was headed. He couldn’t understand why they had just left him alone and turned around when he noticed something; all around him was a wasteland of broken buildings and missing roads. He had lived a little out of town, near a fairly large city and he was expecting to drive through a busy city, and not a seemingly large wasteland. He turned the car back around and headed to where the police had decided to stop chasing him and he saw something he was amazed he had managed to miss the first time he passed it. It was a large billboard that declared in gigantic white letters that he was entering a radiation zone. His wife hadn’t simply been killed as a casualty of war, his entire home had been hit by a nuclear bomb. He knew right then that no matter what, there was no that Taliah was alive. They had a bomb shelter, most people got one during the war, but they couldn’t afford one that could potentially help stop a nuclear blast and Trent had hoped no one would be foolish enough to fire one. He had come this far though, and he was determined to keep going, so he set off in to the radiation zone. He understood now why the police had turned back; they weren’t about to drive in to a radiation zone, and they figured if he really did drive in to one, he would be dead soon enough. He knew he was not about to die any time soon though, so he wasn’t afraid.

It was much harder to find where he used to live without anything around indicating where he was, but he drove in the general direction of his house and soon enough he had left the city limits and came across the abandoned ruins of a moderately sized house. Not much had survived the blast, mostly the foundations sticking out of the ground. He had a look around but he could find nothing salvageable and could find no trace of Taliah’s body. He wasn’t expecting to, with it being so long since her death, but a little more closure would have been nice. He found his way to the bomb shelter and was amazed to discover that it had mostly survived the blast. It wouldn’t have been safe even if it retained its integrity because the radiation would have still gotten in, but it held up to the initial blast quite well. Trent left what was left of his old home, and headed back in to the part of the city that was still in one piece. He made the smart choice of leaving the car near the border of the radiation zone and proceeding on foot to help hide from the police, but he wasn’t planning on travelling too far in to the city. He had some big plans for what was left of his home, and above all else would require a job. As he planned to still live in the old house, albeit in the bomb shelter, he would need something as close to the edge as he could get. It was still a long trek as no one wanted to live close to a radiation zone but he reasoned with himself once more that he had all the time in the world.

After a few hours he made it back in to the city proper and began looking around for anywhere he could find a job. It didn’t take him as long as he thought it would as he found a police station that was looking for more recruits. He was still in prime physical condition from his time in the army and he was careful to reconstruct his records as close to the original thing as they were, so his time in the army was still on his official records. As an ex-military man in such good shape, he was practically made an officer as soon as he applied. Mandates dictated he would still have to pass basic training though so he agreed to report back the next day for training and left the police station. As he was walking back to the car he remembered that just a few hours ago he was being chased by a load of police across the city and in to an irradiated zone. Either no one saw his face, or he was already presumed dead, if no one had tried to arrest him. He noticed what happened when he saw his reflection in a shop window he passed. While the radiation hadn’t damaged his body in a way he could feel internally, his hair was beginning to fall out, and he looked far different than how he did a few hours ago. He wasn’t sure how he had managed to miss his hair falling out, and accepted it was because he had been so determined and hadn’t taken notice of anything beyond what he was doing. On his way back to the car he stopped by a shop to pick up a hat to cover his head. It was a cowboy hat and while he had never been very fond of them, despite being a Texan born and bred, he had to admit it did look good on him. He also made sure to pick up some gasoline to fuel his car so he could make it home and back to the police station in the morning. With the last of his money he picked up some paints to spray the car with. He was going to hope that no one would recognise the car’s license plates until he could afford a computer to change himself to the cars legal owner and that a change of colour would be enough to help cover up the fact it was stolen. With everything he needed in hand, he set off once more in to the desolate wasteland that would become his home.

Bloody hell that's a serious lack of formatting right there. But you now know the origins of Trent's hat! I've not decided if that's THE hat, but I highly doubt it is.

I don't think a hat could last 400 years. Oh and a tease for you guys, because I'm a dick. Keep in mind that Trent's immortality/healing factor is adaptive and while it doesn't prevent every disease, it can conquer anything over time. It'll come in to play later.

Look at me, being a massive tease.


  1. I find Trent's bravery and determination really impressive Mark. The guy just has no fears and I think that's something we can all take from this, great update mate.

  2. Trent is totally a Virgo! He plans things right down to the last detail! :-) Take care

  3. That fucking wall of text man, oh God.

    "Security in the airport was still tighter than ever but it was still nothing compared to his skills." That doesn't make much sense. You're comparing security to stealth-skills, where you should be comparing it to the level of security he can stealth through.

    Haha, nice one on the non-descriptiveness of things there.

    "there was no that Taliah was alive"

    Good thing you included some radiation effects in there, otherwise I would've gotten hella mad.
    Also I feel like the whole "Trent the hacking master" thing is a very thin cover-up for some serious plot holes (ie why would he be considered alive, etc), especially since that's the only places where it makes an appearance. Might want to work on that.
    Otherwise, another great chapter. Keep them coming!

  4. The plot is very, very good. But as Fang pointed out there are a few problems with details. Tighten things up a bit and it will be perfect.

    This is a really good thing you've got going here Mark.

  5. nice...def a lot to play with between these two days...having gone through recruiting for the police is def not that you may want to delve into a bit more research there...slow the story down a cover a lot of ground here...i am enjoying the story though

  6. People noticed more than I did, still enjoyable to read.

  7. I had a good chuckle at the non-descript chase. Being immortal with weaknesses makes him more loveable, I'm sure. I didn't mind the formatting. I'm infamous for my terrible formatting.


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