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Immortal Space Weekend Extravaganza...Part One

To put this simply, I have done an INSANE amount of writing over the past week. This is what happens to me when I'm actually happy. I'm productive, and I enjoy what I do. One of the reasons I've found it so hard to stop writing isn't just because I feel I should be writing, but because darn it's been fun. Anyway, I have a special treat for you this weekend. As I've written basically over a months worth of Immortal Space (I can confirm for you we're still not out of the flashbacks. Every time I say to myself "end it already!" more stuff keeps coming to me. But I've now covered well over one hundred years of Trent's life, and there are large time skips, so, soon.) I decided to have not one update, but two! The other one is coming up tomorrow. Honestly if I can keep up this regimen of writing then I could actually move towards double updates every weekend. I make no promises though, for now just enjoy it.

Oh, if they seem to be written in a different style, well, they are. It's called "I'm Happy", my writing becomes more fluid when I'm happy.


Trent lived in a simple manner for a few years. He left the Middle East and travelled to Asia. He didn’t have any money or a passport but it wasn’t very difficult for him to get on a plane using the skills he picked up in the military. It wasn’t a very comfortable ride but it was free. He stayed hidden in the Chinese wilderness and lived off of what he fruits he could find, and what meat he could hunt. It was a lonely existence but it suited him fine. He had a lot of time to ruminate and sort out his thoughts about the loss of Taliah and what he was going to do now. He knew if it was possible he probably would have reacted emotionally and killed himself so he made sure to take himself away from the world until he had sorted out his emotions.

He woke up one day feeling different and knew he had come to terms with things as much as he could and that it was time to return home. He knew there were more things he had to do before he went home to America and he set off for the mainland and made his way to Beijing. It was a long journey but he was able to make it in a few months.

When he arrived he was quick to get his hands on some money using less than legal means and find himself a place to stay. When he was set up properly he went out to find more legal means to make money and he quickly found work for someone as strong as himself. During the war China had made the smart choice to support the west and once the war had settled down the Chinese factories were opened once more to continue making clothes and toys. Things in China had become much more humane, but they were still the production capital of the world.

Things continued in this fashion for a month or two before Trent earned enough money to rent a cheap apartment to get some privacy and space, a computer, and get an internet connection set up. He had everything he needed now and quickly set to work. As well as things becoming more humane in China, the internet had become much less restricted, and the Great Firewall was going the way of the Berlin Wall. During the times of the Great Firewall a lot of Chinese people had become proficient hackers to get around it and those are the people Trent needed. He would either get their advice, or buy their services. He was hoping to get the former and after some digging around on the internet, he found a list of chatrooms where people of dubious respect could be found. He struck gold after a few flops and set about learning the ways of hacking. He would have just employed them to do what he had planned but the skills may have been useful down the line when he was done.

After some time spent working on his technical skills and practicing cracking in to some databases he prepared to tackle the big prey. He was going to try and crack in to the American social security database. If he was going to make his way back in to the world now that he had sorted himself out he would need to come back to life. He made his way in to the system and tried to find his own records, but discovered that when the army said they had deleted his records, they really had. He could find no trace of himself on the system. He was forced to find his parents records and he was able to add that they had a son called Trent Saxon and that he was born in 1988. Trent smiled at the fact he had just created a 29 year old man from nowhere but the smile faded as he decided to do something else while he was inside the system. He looked for Taliah’s records and the depression he thought he had dealt with come back when he discovered she was listed as deceased. He quickly shut down the connections and shut down the computer. He then destroyed the computer and informed the owner of the apartment building that he was going to have to leave. He had taken the apartment using a fake name, and no one in China knew his real name, but he was going to take no chances if his cracking was traced and someone came looking for him.

He found a new apartment building and rented it under a new fake name and he left his job and found a new one just to be safe. He had everything he needed to head back home except for getting a new passport which would take a little more time.

After a few more months he set about scouring the internet once more. This time he wouldn’t be able to do the job himself so he needed to find someone who could do the job for him. He was able to find someone to do the job and wired the money across. A few weeks later he acquired his new passport and he set off for America, heading straight for his old home in Texas.


I suppose if you want some kind of fancy name for the event it could be called Trent's Homecoming because the updates do deal with his return to Texas. Oh and yes Trent was born in 1988, and he joined the army at 24 and was there for a year and a half before joining the black ops. He was with the black ops for a year before being put in the program where he spent half a year sedated. I may have to put this information in the story during editing. I just felt like adding some random background information right now though. This is also the third time I've changed his age, and changed it literally today, and was thankfully able to edit the post before anyone read it. Or commented at least.


  1. The sedation seems something you should elaborate on...and otherwise,this was fine!
    A lot facts at one go...but new update tomorrow so yay.

  2. So happy that you are happy.

  3. I really need to go back and read the older chapters. Lazy me :(

  4. "and lived off of what he fruits he could find"
    The Great Firewall, is/was that an actual thing? You'd better have done your research right!

    Nice chapter, keep 'em coming keep 'em coming!

  5. Two chapters in one day is gonna be awesome Mark, this is a great way to start as well!

  6. fuck yeha to making money illegally... unless someone gets hurt, than fuck that.

  7. A good read and a slightly different read, as you said the prose are flowing!

  8. Well, that's good that you are happy. Hope it keeps up. Trent reminds me of the old James Bond movies where Bond would end up in all these exotic locations.

  9. Note to self: read the previous posts. I like this and I want to read more, though I should catch up first :p

  10. Interesting that you write more fluidly when you're happy. I write more when I know I have something in my head that simply needs to be put into words.

  11. cover a lot of character in this one...and its exciting to see you excited for writing....strike while that iron is hot...capture as much as you can...edit it are flowing...


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