Friday, 22 February 2013

From Nothing...Comes Madness

Ooooh that's pretty good. I should use that in a story somewhere.

Well, anyway, from nothing will indeed come madness as I find myself writing out a blog post from nothing, at one in the morning, when I'm a little ill. So, yeah, this is going to be one of those really weird posts that's all over the place and I say the same sentence twenty times over in various ways. I'm not totally ill as in sneezing my face off and laid in bed ill, but I just don't feel right. It's mostly my stomach so I think if I just eat more fruit and eat a bit better I'll feel better soon enough. It's kind of hard to believe a vegetarian could eat badly but there you go.

Being a little depressed hasn't helped too much. I've been really tired because of a mixture of mental and physical problems and so I've not gotten much writing done this week. So much for my insane schedule. At least I wrote something in both Immortal Space and Caspian, and I still have enough IS to do double updates next week without worrying about running out. Which, by the way, I will be doing. So look forward to that. The depression isn't helped by the fact my book has only sold seven copies so far, but I do know that a lot of people (at least everyone I've spoken to about it) says that seven is pretty good. Especially considering I've gotten zero-to-incredibly little advertising. I'm also aware that this is something that takes time to build up and there's a good chance in a month I'll have a fair few sales, but it's pretty hard to not be disillusioned  I am, by my very nature, a very hopeless person. Though to say I didn't expect things to go this way would make me sound very naive and stupid. I'm not, I'm just impatient and was hoping things wouldn't be so slow to pick up. Which seems like a silly thing to say after saying I'm quite hopeless.

Anyway, speaking of my book I have a small announcement, and a small apology too. My apologies to the people who have bought it, but this weekend it will be available for free. If you want to get it for free, then all I ask is that you leave a review. I'm hoping random people will take advantage of it being free and by having it be free for two days, I'll help increase sales when it's not so free. I'd love to have some proper advertising but, well, I have no money.

Please refer to the attached picture to see how not having a Kindle is no excuse as there is a Kindle app for PC's, Macs, iPhones, whatever.

Look how cheap it is too! I'm practically giving it away
And I guess that's that. This didn't end up being as weird or random as I thought it would be. I'm mildly disappointed.

Once again, my thanks and love go out to everyone who has bought it, more so to the people who left reviews, (super love to Fang for making a post about it) and I guess I'm sorry for this entire week (except for Wednesday) being about my bloody book. I actually do feel a little guilty about that. Doesn't help my depression really but oh well.

I'd also like to say some of this advertising/whoring has made me feel like a bit of a dick. But I'll get over that.


  1. i WORK in advertising. trust me, there's no getting over it.

  2. Good idea with the free thing Mark, hopefully it spurs on a massive amount of sales, great post buddy, hope you feel less depressed soon, nothing sucks more than late night depression.

  3. Depression sucks. Find something you can do to avoid it, really. Prevention > cure.

  4. thats cool on getting it free for will hopefully get you some press as well...hope you feel better soon as well...look forward to the IS this weekend...

  5. Selling things takes time. Also, you should try pandering. I have decided to make a fortune writing what would essentially amount to porno on paper

  6. Are you trying to say you're not a dick? ;D

    Nah, but seriously, as others have said, it takes time, and seven sales already is a pretty good thing for an author with no widely-known name.
    Also 80 pence isn't free man, that's like almost two Dollars?

  7. I just went to buy your book as I don't mind supporting the writers on the blogosphere. However it sells in the British Pound. I use a small local bank and that bank isn't capable of buying in another currency (pisses me off as there is a Requim Mass Kickstarter I really want to get into).

    I will download the free copy this weekend and will be pleased to leave you a review.

  8. When i bought it yesterday it came out to be 0.99 USD. I have ZERO problem paying 1) to support other bloggers and 2) 0.99 cents. Good luck witht he free downloads this weekend. I'll be reading as soon as recharge my Kindle. I haven't picked it up in awhile oops!

  9. there is nothing wrong with promoting your book. Heck, it's free here. If I remember I will grab that free book and write a review. I read so many blogs I can't keep track of who has a book out.

  10. Don't worry about talking about your book, it's a big achievement.

    I'd probably have a week of posts if I published something like that too. :P

  11. I ope you get well soon.. =D


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