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Dialogue Free Update

I do indeed have an Immortal Space update for you, and it is indeed free of dialogue. I felt that it wasn't really necessary and part of me didn't want to give a voice to characters who would only make one appearance. Also it may be slightly inspired by my recent Batman binge, but I'm still happy with how it ended up.

P.S Trent is INSANE. Or he really seems to be.
After Trent had escaped the military base he decided to travel the world for a while. Part of him wanted to go home immediately, to confirm what the army had told him about Taliah, but another part of him was afraid to confront the truth. The latter part was larger, and it won out. As far as any official records were concerned he himself was dead and so it didn't matter where he went or what he did and he felt truly free to do anything he wanted.

    For the first few months he just wandered around the desert the base had been in. It was well out of the way and was only accessible by helicopter and there were none at the base. If he had been more aware of the world, and not so lost in despair, he may have considered that the first sign that someone had either paid a visit to the base after his rampage, or survived it somehow. He barely had access to food and water for a few months as he dragged himself across the desert. Even as his body wasted away he was able to still stumble across until he eventually collapsed and didn't wake up a few weeks later when someone came across his body. They thought he was dead but a quick check told them that despite his lack of movement he was breathing, and his heart was beating. They forced water down his throat and he snapped awake. He stayed with his saviours for a few weeks while he built his strength back up. He discovered he was in the Middle East, where he had been stationed in the war. Thankfully for him the people he were with spoke some English and soon he was able to walk under his own power and thanked them before going to leave. He promised he would pay them back somehow when he could.

    As he was leaving the village he saw that a stall keeper was being harassed by a small group of people. Trent told them to leave the vendor alone and they turned around and threatened him, pulling out knives. Trent assumed a fighting stance and rushed them. He wasn't as strong as he had been in the army, having lost a lot of muscle mass in the desert, but he was still strong enough to beat people who were untrained and relied on fear more than muscle. When Trent had finished with them he learned they were part of a much larger gang that were terrorising the entire village and were the main reason it was so poor. Trent knew how he could pay back the kind people who had helped him, and set off to do it. He ignored their warnings and their pleas that he not go and tried to reassure them that he would be fine. He thanked them one last time, saying that they may not see him again as he planned to move on as soon as he took out the gang as that would draw attention and he wanted to stay dead for a while longer. They didn't quite understand what he meant, and said that they would pray for his safety. They also gave him some supplies of water and food should he survive.

    Trent set off in to the desert once more for a much shorter trip. Within an hour he had found his way to what looked like a mercenary camp. Things began to make sense to him as he realised what must have happened. The army had resorted to hiring mercenaries and with the war over, they would have been out of work and so would have been driven to do anything they could for money. Being the “liberators” of a country also tended to give people a sense of power over the people of that country, even if it wasn't earned. He knew the people he had beaten up earlier would have returned and reported about him by now so he didn't bother trying to hide or sneak in and walked bravely, or perhaps foolishly, in to the middle of the camp past all the mercenaries who were too caught up in disbelief that someone had just walked in to respond. He declared that either they would stop what they were doing, and move on, or he would stop them. This caused a few of the mercenaries to laugh and eventually the entire camp was filled with the sound of laughter as the leader stepped forward and punched Trent in the face. He reeled from the shot but didn't move from where he was stood and turned back to look in to the eyes of the leader, cold determination showing in his own eyes. He repeated his demand but this time no one laughed at him. Instead he felt a bullet pierce his back. He grunted in pain and the leader smirked down at him, but once again he didn't move from where he was stood and continued to stare at the leader. The leader's smirk faded quickly as he punched Trent again, this time harder. Trent just continued to not react, and stare instead at the leader. He was giving them a taste of a weapon they were all too familiar of using; fear. The leader knew that before him stood a man who could not be frightened and if given half a chance would not hesitate to kill everyone in the camp. He had a choice between leaving in peace, or not giving Trent the chance.

    He chose the latter, and would not live long enough to regret his decision.

    A short time later, after Trent had finished taking care of the mercenaries, he continued on his way towards a much larger city the people in the village had told him about. They told him that when he got there, if he was lucky enough to make it, then he could find his way to the capital city and from there go to the airport and return to America. Trent planned to go to the airport, but had no plans to return to America just yet.

    Back in the mercenary camp a few villagers had been brave enough to dare to check on what had happened. They got there and when they saw all the bodies they rushed back to the village and soon enough everyone from the village was there. They looked everywhere but they couldn't find the body of Trent and were forced to assume that by some miracle Trent had made it out alive and was headed home. They spent the night, and the next day, celebrating their freedom and the brave hero who they never did learn the name of.

I think I have one more flashback chapter planned because there's an important plot point to be revealed in one of them, and then we're back in the real world and moving towards the grand finale. Don't worry though, I plan to drag out the end.


  1. This is great man, it's a real pleasure to learn more about Trent, in him you've made a truly amazing character. I did enjoy how much he fed of Geoff but I always was a bigger fan of Trent.

  2. "under his own power", shouldn't that be "on his own power"? Or is that just me not kniwing English?
    "before going to leave" doesn't sit quite right, think "before leaving" would be better.
    "they rushed back to the village and soon enough everyone from the village was there" might want to include they went back to the village to inform others about the news and stuff.

    The whole "let's save my savers" setup is a tad cliché, but it's a hard to avoid one. You pulled it off well enough, and the part where fear came back to haunt the enemy instead was pretty great. Also, single-line paragraph for the win. G'job!

  3. i agree...the single line paragraph jumps out...and it makes for a nice tension point as well in this...glad you were feeling well enough to put out a new installment..trent is def an interesting character...

  4. You have been tagged for an award! :)
    follow the link

  5. Go Trenttt!
    And hopefully I'll manage to keep up with the story!
    What with dramatic deaths,freaky flashbacks and single-handed fight scenes it has a lot of confusion-potential.
    But it's great how you've handled the story so far...keep going!:)

  6. So at what percent do you think this story is done? We nearing the end here?

  7. I didn't expect that we would get so much to read.


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