Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Dentistry In One Word

That one word my friends is: Awesome.

Seriously my dentist was really awesome. He was a camp Indian guy and we had a lot of fun banter. I'm kind of sad that when he was telling me to brush every day and he said "No matter what time you wake up, if it's one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock" he did not say "rock" and have us burst out in to a rendition of Rock Around The Clock. Although something truly tragic happened on Monday. My lovely little keyring broke. But I'm supposed to be telling you about my trip to the dentist.

It went really well, despite my fears. I was worried he would tell me that he had to pull some teeth out or shove some fillings in but he informed me that despite the fact I never really brush my teeth, and it's been over ten years since I saw a dentist, my teeth are in fine condition. Except for a few things here and there including a wisdom tooth that might not come in at all my teeth are doing okay. My gums on the other hand are a different matter. I have gum disease, which I already knew thanks to the bleeding gums (which by the way was the reason I didn't brush, I thought I was doing more harm than good) and we have to fix that. I'm due back in a few weeks for a followup appointment where he's going to do something that sounded really cool where basically he's going to clean my gums and help fix it. I have to clean my teeth every day despite the bleeding and so I shall. I will not let down the awesomely camp man.

He took an x-ray of my teeth too and said, once again, the teeth aren't bad but the gums are. I felt like being sick when he shoved the camera in my mouth because I have a bad gag reflex but he told me to just keep breathing through my nose and it helped so nothing bad happened.

So all in all a pretty fun visit. I really don't know why I was so scared. Well, I do, but now I don't really care. It went very well. 

The only thing though is that he didn't mention my slightly crooked teeth so I think he has no plans to correct that until it becomes a problem. After this visit in a few weeks there's one more after it, and then it should just be regular check ups from there.


  1. Seems pretty solid. Except for the fact that it costs a fuckton, I enjoy going to the dentist. They don't give cookies, but they're pretty nice people.

  2. I would describe the dentists as pain. I wish I could have a fun dentist trip. I have had one good doctors appointment two years ago. It wasn't my usual doctor but I was very ill, so I got him. He was a farmer who liked my recently bought owl necklace and he talked to me about Harry Potter. And he told me I was all better again! :) x

  3. nice...i am glad it went well for you....and that you liked this guy as well...and can fix the bleeding gums....

  4. I'm glad to hear that your appointment went so well man. While I have had horrible dentists in the past I really like my current one and believe that she does try her best for me, it's just that there's only so much that she can do unfortunately but it sounds like your teeth are great, perfect in fact. The less said about the keyring the better haha, sorry it broke on you buddy.

  5. Glad the teeth are sound. The Hubby has gum disease and as long as you do as he says, you'll be fine. Sorry about the keyring.

  6. Told ya there was nothing to be worried about. The gums sound like a bit of a painful issue though, hope those can be patched up properly soon.

  7. A camera? What kind of dentists do you guys have over there?

    Anyway, I don't think I've ever heard the word "awesome" in any way associated with the dentist. That's good that it went well for you, though. My dentist is a jerk who yells at all his associates. 'Bout high time I find a knew one.

    Also, gum disease isn't a big deal. I'm pretty sure every other person I know has it. It's an easy and painless fix from what I hear.

  8. Well, you could get dental rinse and gargle instead of brushing. I would be better than nothing I suppose.

  9. Glad to hear your dentist's appointment went well. My doctor's appointment did too, I think?

  10. Oh no! The keyring broke! I hope it can be fixed.

    I am so happy for you that the visit went well, aside from the gums that is. Although, it would have been way cool if he did break out in song, how fun would that have been?

    A word on the gum issue if I may? I'm not a dentist, nor am I married to one, but let's say we have one the family. I have one in the family. Lord he gives me a hard time. I wish he could provide free care. Not so much. Anyway, onto my mommy soapbox. Floss, floss, floss. Yes, it makes your teeth bleed at first and its gross and nasty at first but it goes away unless you stop. One way to avoid some of the nasty is to brush first, floss, brush and then *poof* not so bad. I didn't floss for the longest time because well, let's face it, when you do what I did, flossing wasn't on list. Now I"m paying for it, literally. It's super expensive to get root canals and crowns with no insurance.

    Okay, mommy hat off. Don't hate me.


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