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Boring Updates Hoy!

A small announcement before the update. Due to how tired and bad I've been feeling lately, I'm afraid I won't be reading any blog updates this weekend. I really need a rest, and I think all the work I've been doing relating to the book has taken it out of me, and I do hope a few days rest will help.Thanks for understanding. If you don't understand, eh.

These updates are going to be way more history based than story based, but on the good side I'm setting up more of the world and I'm moving ever so closer to the real world. That's why there's such large time skips by the way. The story may feel a little rushed but for the most part these things don't really need to be explored, just generally explained. Anyway, enjoy your update!

Trent lived in this manner for about seventeen years in all. He stayed in his old bomb shelter and over the course of time had begun to expand it. It was far from the vault it would one day become, but it was bigger and was becoming more of an actual underground home, and less of a bomb shelter. He would have gotten an apartment or home in the city, and he certainly had enough money for one, but he preferred staying where he was now that he had confronted the memories, and as he became more comfortable with them, he decided to stay where they were. In a way he was becoming trapped in a different mental world, but he never thought about it much. He continued his work in the police force and managed to work his way up the system and was spending more time inside the police station at his desk these days than on the streets taking care of crime personally. The only problem he saw with his way of life was that the radiation sickness was still getting to his hair, and he was quite fond of it. He found that after a year or so the sickness stopped and he didn’t lose his hair anymore. He still wore the hat when he could, even if it was no longer to hide his baldness, as he had become accustomed to it. He theorised that even though his immortality hadn’t stopped him from getting sick, it did eventually fight away the sickness and make him immune to it. The only way to test out such a theory would be to deliberately catch some very nasty diseases, and he was in no hurry to do that, so it had to remain a theory.

The reason he had to change his lifestyle came when the police station was celebrating his seventeenth year with the service. He had a very impressive service record and they were keen to celebrate it, and him. As he was walking around the station being congratulated and thanking the people doing it, he really looked at the faces around him and he noticed that while he hadn’t aged much in the past ten years, the people who had managed to last as long as he had with the force, and the people who had just been there longer than him, were aging. He came to another conclusion that day; he wasn’t going to age. He could have afforded maybe a few more years before people began to notice, but he didn’t want to risk it. He bought himself a ticket to fly to Canada and prepared to leave his old home behind once more. He bought a safe and left a lot of money in it in his old home just in case he should ever need it again, shaved off the beard he had been growing for a few months, and settled in to his bed. He only had one suitcase packed with what he felt was essential, and everything else was going to be left behind.

He arrived in Canada the next day after an uneventful plane ride over and set to work recreating what he had done in China so many years ago. He bought a cheap laptop and a mobile internet connection for it, as well as booking himself in to a hotel under a fake name. He quickly set about to the task at hand; forging his own credentials once more. Instead of changing his own records too much he simply added a son for himself. He was forty five now and created for himself a twenty five year old son, also called Trent Saxon, and became through a technicality, Trent Saxon the Second. He also made sure his “son” was a Canadian citizen to be safe. Smiling to himself as he quickly removed any traces of what he had done, he proceeded to quickly destroy the laptop and get out of the hotel. He was much more confident in his hacking skills than ever before, but one could never be too careful.

He rented out a proper apartment after finding his way to the next town over, and set about re-restarting his life anew. He had enough money to last him long enough to find a job, so he chose to relax for a week or so, and enjoy a well-deserved break away from everything. As he would probably never get to actually retire, he felt it was more than fair for him to take an extended leave.

He did get a job at a local supermarket and while it was not as glamorous as being a member of the police force, it was still a job. Within a few years he had managed to work his way up to the top and do quite well for himself. He remembered how to fly an aircraft still from his time in the military but had decided to get himself a legitimate pilot’s license anyway. After a few more years he had his own private plane, and felt that the next time he had to restart his life, or return to his home in Texas, he would be able to do so much easier.

This manner of living continued on for about eighty years. Every few decades he would return home to Texas and start again. The wealth he was building up in his lifetimes made it easier to start anew and he learned a few skills in his spare time to make it even easier, such as forging his own passports and credentials. Eventually people were beginning to own their own spacecraft and even though they were rather crude, and couldn’t go further than the Moon, Trent was quick to grab one for himself as soon as he could. He had already seen most of the world and was growing very curious as to what else was out there. He wasn’t able to go out in to space much at first as the fuel was very expensive but he funded several projects that were seeking to find cheaper and more renewable sources of fuel and after a few more decades of research and development more fuel efficient spacecraft were made. It took a while for them to become available to the public but Trent reasoned to himself that he had practically bought them by funding the research and no one was going to miss one spacecraft. He was wrong, as people did notice, but by then it was too late, and Trent was headed to Mars laughing gleefully.

If you have any complaints I will punch you in the face.

No, not really, but I did do some research for these next few chapters. Mostly on how long it takes to get to Mars. It turns out that's not an easy question because Mars is constantly bloody moving and it takes on average about a year, but can take half a year when it's closest to us. I worked on the average of near a year.


  1. Good read Mark and have a good rest!

  2. Very interesting, Mark - I too, need a rest and long to start painting again; but not the type I've been doing all week - doors and door frames grrrr...

  3. enjoy your rest man...sounds like you def need it...

    interesting bit of history in this...i rather like learning about characters history as it flushes them out a bit and gives a foundation for their future decisioning...

  4. "the radiation sickness was still getting to his hair, and he was quite fond of it"
    That's weird, being fond of radiation sickness...

    "and settled in to his bed"

    "If you have any complaints I will punch you in the face."
    Shucklefucks. ):

    What the hell was he going to do on Mars though? Are we to assume other planets had already been colonized, made livable for humans? (what about the extraterrestrials man?)

  5. take some rest while doing things that are less stressful..:))

  6. Great chapter as usual. Take some rest too man, everybody needs and deserves rest at some point, get well soon.

  7. Um, yeah, so I'm not going to complain because I don't want to get punched in the face. Hope you're getting some rest.

  8. Hey, we all need a break sometime Mark. Feel well soon.

  9. Mark, take it from me...break are a GOOD thing! Feel better, and don't come back until you are good and ready!


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