Monday, 25 February 2013

Back From Break

This post is incredibly late because for some reason it reverted to draft even though I'm sure I scheduled it. Sorry about that. Although no one is probably going to read this, so eh.

I have to say I do feel kind of better after taking a weekend off of reading blogs. Although there is still some pain in my lower back. I think I've hurt my tailbone somehow and I hope that it sort of heals itself over time. Or at the very least, becomes a dull ache that I can take care of with an addiction to painkillers. Well, either way, I'm not doing much better in terms of sleep. Although again, I think it would be fun to be an insomniac. I did try getting an early night on Saturday but as it takes me a while to get to sleep anyway, I found myself unable to sleep when inspiration took me, and I knew I just had to make a note of my idea. Then I had to tweet about it, and then I had to talk to someone about it, and then I was left trying to sleep once more at a very late time. Although I am happy to report that yesterday I wrote nearly three thousand words.

Fair enough, none of them were in a current story, but it still counts. The first thousand or so were the start of my script for Thursdays podcast as something happened on Saturday I wanted to make sure I got an accurate memory of, and the rest was in a new short story, which was the idea I got in the middle of the night. It's coming along well, and I think you'll like it. It's a story based on one of my poems.

Anyway, I normally do a round up, but expect a super lazy version given how much I've just written here already.

 Tuesday was the video announcement I made to commemorate the release of MY BOOK. Which you should have PURCHASED by now. Even I downloaded a copy of it. Although I did it during the weekend when it was on offer for free. Which by the way was a rousing success. Nearly 100 copies were downloaded (fair enough, it was for free) including one French person. Thank you French person, but I'm afraid racial stereotypes mean I can't like you. You are, after all, French. I am, after all, English. History dictates we must hold a senseless distrust of eachother. Though I do like you, just don't tell anyone.

Wednesday wasn't an update about my trip to the dentists (that will come tomorrow, I DEFINITELY have an appointment today) and in the absence of hilarious dentistry tales to share, I instead shared a small story about what happened at work when my boss found out I was releasing a book. TL;DR, he guessed that everyone died in my stories. He was only partly correct. I also happen to be capable of writing sappy love stories.

Thursday was a podcast that was mostly me doing a live reading of the first story in my book; Tulips. This story is now infamous because it made my dear sister cry. She threatened to beat me over that too, but the main thing is she cried. Because I have not much else to say I would like to extend my thanks to my sister, who has proven instrumental in getting the word of my book out there, as she is spreading it to the far corners of the internet. I really do hope that making it available for free will help encourage paid sales further down the line.

Friday was the result of me waiting until the middle of the night to realise I hadn't written a post, and then just writing whatever came to my addled, sleep deprived mind. Oddly enough that's also how I'm writing this post. It was mostly me announcing that the book was free during the weekend and, as such, is quite out of date.

Saturday was the first of the Immortal Space updates of the week, and I should be able to roll out another double update this week. To mention my sister once more she also commented that the stories I was writing on my blog were pretty good, and I can only assume she meant IS. I had no idea she liked Sci-Fi. Then again I also had no idea I could write Sci-Fi, and I still remain unconvinced of the fact that I can.



  1. Welcome back Mark. Sometimes it's good to take breaks from commenting I imagine, especially considering the massive amount of blogs that you follow, I don't know how you keep up.

  2. Welcome back buddy. Hope you'll be fine soon. Them late night ideas are the best.

  3. I am glad you took a break. It really does help the creative process!! Hopefully you feel better soon!! I've missed you!

  4. I've been in the same boat, migraines for the past week or so have been really a strain on work. Feel better !

  5. I read it, so there!
    Your pain in the tailbone reminded me that I had a pain in my behind for the past few days. I haven't an earthly clue how it happened and, thankfully, the pain is not of a hemorrhoidal variety (I can't emphasize "THANK GOD!" enough). But, I don't know what's causing it. Muscle strain, bruised bone, demons...? Don't know why I'm telling you this, but there you are.
    So that was my weekend.

  6. It seems like that may have been what happened to me, except I did publish it and stuff. Oh well. Good to hear the break did you well.


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