Tuesday, 5 February 2013

About A Story

So last Saturday I posted the prologue to an entirely new story that I'm hoping to be working on, and said that all the details would come in a later post. This would be that post. First of all, I plan on writing Immortal Space and this at the same time. I also expect I'll be dedicating more time to Immortal Space than to Caspian. That's not an actual title or anything by the way, just a way to identify the story.

I hope this doesn't end up like my other other story The Spirit, which is something I was actually writing before I started writing Immortal Space. I actually can't even remember how The Spirit came about anymore. The Spirit is a fantasy adventure, Immortal Space is a sci-fi, and Caspian is an adventure about a pirate. As for how the story itself came about, well that's something I'll address now. I was talking to Jessica about my short story collection and she told me to consider writing something more mainstream and she jokingly suggested a pirate romance novel where the only thing bigger than the bulge in the pirate's tights was the heaving bosom of his wench. While we did have a good laugh at that, the pirate idea did stick. My mind did what it always does when someone suggests something to me; it started tossing it about and seeing what it could come up with. After not a very long time at all I had the basic idea for what I wanted to write as well as a brief summary of the beginning. All I really need is a grand adventure for Caspian to have, a comely wench for him to rescue, and several curs for him to fight. Still as it begins with his childhood and moves through his teen years before he finally becomes a pirate, I think I have the time to wait until then.

I think that with this, Immortal Space may actually be the third book I release. Jessica told me to write something that would sell, rather than something that I wanted to write. So I tried to combine the two ideas as I've always loved pirates, and would have enjoyed writing a story where essentially I was living the life myself.

As it's a piracy book, it's set some time in the 1600s, which means I'll probably have to do some annoying research and fact checking, so expect that to put me off writing it, just like it did for The Spirit. Sometimes those necessary steps are annoying as all Tartarus.

They are necessary though, I guess.

Lastly I want to add that this is not something I'll be posting on here week to week like Immortal Space. I'm writing this when the mood takes me and I'm treating this like a full on real novel. I posted the introduction to give you some writing of mine and to, well introduce you to the story. I don't like the idea of telling someone to buy something like a book without giving them an idea of what they're getting.

Fun fact: I spent over an hour coming up with his name, that's how serious I am about this story.


  1. def do your research and fact checking...as that wil derail a book pretty fast when it does not follow the period it is set in....

  2. Good going Mark!
    Caspian definitely sounds...seafarer-like, though it brings to mind a good-boy image...maybe the Narnia connection...don't let me get started on that!
    Take your time with the story and all the very best!:)

  3. I knew I was serious about my book when I sat down to write and then two hours later I hadn't written a word but instead spent those two hours researching the timeline of cellphones in the 80's...gah!

  4. Wow sounds like it's gonna be something serious. You definitely chose a good name with Caspian.

    Also, 'My mind did what it always does when someone suggests something to me; it started tossing it about and seeing what it could come up with.' I can relate so much to this haha!

  5. I really dig the sounds of a book about a pirate taking treasure and rescuing a buxom wench who would become his sidekick Mark and can't wait to read the awesome job that you're bound to do with Caspian, exciting times for over here for sure.

  6. "the pirate dick did stick"
    fixed that for you

    Also hurr, "write things that sell". Well, as long as you can still enjoy yourself writing it sure. Just don't do it purely for the "selling" part.

  7. Well good luck. Writing two things at once blows my mind, but hey, if you can do it, more power to you.


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