Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Public Service Announcement

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, ponies of all ages, I have a very simple service announcement for you guys.


Seriously, I wouldn't wish what I went through yesterday on even my worst enemy. It was a deep cleansing as far as I understood it. Essentially he had me keep my mouth open while his assistant constantly sprayed water on my teeth while he was scraping my teeth. It hurt a fair bit, but not too much but the sensation is still there two hours later (later addendum; I tried to brush my teeth for the evening, a full 8 hours after the appointment, and they were still so sore it hurt). My teeth are incredibly clean though, if I do say so myself. I had to turn down the painkillers too because I had other things to do later in my day. Although when I saw that it was a needle, and he was going to INJECT me in my GUMS I don't think I would have been able to say yes to it. I may have to have it next week though because I have to go again, and it's going to be an even deeper clean. If this one hurt, that one is going to be painful. He told me that he had to work harder on my mouth than he's had to work in a while. It makes me wonder about the marvel of my teeth when you consider he also said my teeth weren't as bad as they could have been. If they were still the worst he's seen in a while, but they were still "not bad", then how bad could they have been?

It's best not to think about it.

I am pleased to report that after that we did get back to some casual conversation, and I still like my dentist. I'm a little sad that after next week I probably won't see him until my next check up, in six months. He gave me a prescription for some special mouthwash too and I have to use it four times a day for the next four weeks.

I'm really no good with needles, and I do find it kind of funny (in a totally not funny way) that the painkiller is administered by INJECTING MY BLOODY GUMS. They're going to take away the pain, by giving me an incredibly painful injection.

Makes sense.

He also insisted that I need to brush my teeth two times a day from now on, and that I have to brush through the bleeding, it's going to happen for the next four weeks. Joy of joys!

This message brought to you by me, and Colgate, the cutest little dentist ever. Sadly, this is not my dentist.


  1. Yes, brushing your teeth is important. I don't get why it's simply not part of some people's daily routine.

  2. yikes....yeah had to have a tooth shattered once to take it out...brush your teeth...it hurts when you dont...

  3. Yes, yes, yes!! Brush your teeth! Or, you can do as my brother always said. Don't and he'll just make you a whole 'nother set. And, floss! That will make you bleed at first too. Happy happy joy joy, but clean teeth means happy body!

  4. I've had my gums injected before and it really doesn't hurt. Fear not my friend, for you won't feel a thing!

  5. Are you telling me that you didn't brush your teeth twice a day before your dentist told you to? O_O

  6. Fucks me off that he told you that your teeth were fine essentially the last time then blasted you with a deep clean and said he needed to work harder than usual. You're better to brush twice a day man, my refusal to do it when I was younger is what actually could have lead to my problems in the first place and I'm still suffering from that! Don't worry about the injection though, I've had countless ones and I swear it's fine mate.

  7. Eek D: Just reading about your dentist trip is kinda making me want to go brush my teeth a dozen times. Though the only dental problems I've had so far were the fault of the dentist. ie: dentist drilled a tooth he thought was bad but, lo and behold, he was looking at the wrong thing and the tooth was fine, then he filled it, it fell out, and ended up having a massive hole in a tooth that got worse until I could afford to get it pulled. Hopefully your teeth stay nice and clean for a while :>


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