Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What I Did With My Sunday

Given how I really don't have much for you, I'm going to tell you the story of what I did last Sunday. It's a story I've been meaning to tell since Christmas Eve actually (it'll make sense in a minute) but things have always come up. So now I finally get to tell you what I did. Prepare to be proud of me.

I went back to my voluntary work.

I actually went back on Christmas Eve. I was in town having dinner and I saw some people who worked at the shop. I asked them if the shop was open and they said it was, so I thought I might go in. I told my dad this and he said he would pick me up. After that we went to another shop where I picked up a present for my mum (yeah I left that pretty late) and while I was looking, my dad went home. Yep, he left me there. He called me up and explained that he thought I had gone to the shop to work, and luckily for the both of us I guess, I decided to go in to work after I had been LEFT IN THE STORE. I really don't mind though. So yeah, I went in and I was even able to have some laughs with the boss. The transition wasn't as awkward as I was fearing it might be. I got tired of being afraid, so I just marched in, and did some work.

And that is why I have been meaning to tell you this since Christmas Eve.

This past Sunday I went back in again for the afternoon. Which is basically three hours. The shop closes at four on Sundays and I went in after the lunch hour, so I was there for about one. I was on the till pretty much the entire time. It wasn't bad at all, except for one woman who refused to look at me. Seriously she came up to the counter and paid for her things all without looking directly at me. One little girl seemed scared of me (it's happened a surprising number of times actually) but she warmed up to me because she spent that long in the store.

The bossman was actually pretty cool. He asked me if I was there to stay properly or if it was a one time thing, and he seemed genuinely interested, and not sarcastic. He asked me how my therapy was going and I said even though I was still depressed it was going well because I was doing things with my life, like going to the shop again. He didn't even tell me off for sitting on the chair by the till, and he even saw me on my phone once when the shop was really quiet. Jessica things that as well as me changing, he might have changed a bit too. I usually thought his heart was in the right place, but the way he did things wasn't so good. Who knows? I guess time will tell. I even lost all my mood and spirit after nearly two hours, but I soldiered on until the end, and was even able to smile again. I pushed through a mental and physical barrier and left life bleeding on the floor.

I'm kinda proud of me for what I did that day.

Will I go back? Probably, but I'll probably stick to Sundays for now. There's barely anyone in and there's a very light workload. It's a good day to reintroduce myself.

P.S Sorry about the long post. I technically told two stories here, not one.

P.P.S Now if I could just get my last university assignment written I'll be happier.


  1. That's great!
    And maybe the bossman deserves the benefit of doubt?!
    He definitely doesn't sound like some evil caricatures I could mention!
    And no problem about the long post,it's always nice to hear about your adventures!
    P.S. What is this assignment about anyway?

  2. Well done! :) I don't really mind that the post was long! Good luck on your assignment x

  3. Hey, so you're making progress! That's good to hear! Well done, you should be proud of yourself. :D

  4. Long post? Where? he he he!!!

    I'm so proud of you too, Mark and you should be proud of yourself!! What you did is a major step and shows your therapy is truly working! I'm so excited, what a great way to start off my morning (see how I made this about me?) No, seriously, I'm so happy for you! I think you're on the right track, Sunday is the perfect day to start back. Slow and steady wins the race. Get yourself acclimated to the place again. As far as people meeting your eyes and such, never forget, they may have stuff going on with their day too. You made me realize, I need to be more aware of people all the time. Thank you!

    1. I had the same thought! Not really a long post! :)

      Good job Mark. And here's to 2013.

      Happy new year!

  5. That's awesome to hear, Mark! A positive attitude is certainly a great way to ring in the New Year. Hopefully things continue to get better for you. The progress that you're making sounds quite incredible!

  6. Well done Mark, to me this is a great achievement of you and like Chiz says it's a brilliant way to start of your year, congratulations and hopefully you really enjoy your work, I'm proud of you buddy!

  7. Very very awesome to hear Mark!! Great start to 2013 sir!

  8. That's really great! :D Good luck on your assignment!! :))) Happy New Year!
    -Jodie-Ann xx

  9. On Christmas Eve, I drank two beers and had a bowl of ice cream which was bigger than my head.
    So, I think you win.
    I'm proud of you!

  10. Bossman is often sarcastic? This sounds like a good concept behind a pretty decent idea for a Britcom. I know I would watch it.


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