Friday, 4 January 2013

Things Got Done

Salutations loyal minions. It is I, me. I have good news to report too. It seems that somehow, some way, yesterday I was indeed able to drag my sorry carcass to the library. I woke up late but I still left around about when I had planned to go. I was only ten minutes late actually. I also got the idea that I would go to the library, spend an hour on my assignment, and then get some dinner in town and make a few hours of it. Sadly by the time I was finished with my work the place I wanted to eat was full. I decided to walk home and just pick up some dinner on the way. I didn't mind too much, I got to extend my walk and the dinner was cheaper. So, yay, I guess.

I was indeed able to do my assignment (another collective yay) although it wasn't all done at the library. I was able to get half of it done at the library and I decided to do the other half at home. I didn't get it finished until the evening though. Although that's because I didn't pick it up until then again really. My brain was dead, utterly, utterly, dead. I wasn't even sure if I would be able to do it. The answers were obvious, but there wasn't really anything in the assigned chapters to really draw from. The first half went really well. It was about how we create our own happiness and used biology. Buck yeah cognitive psychology. Needless to say there was plenty of evidence on that subject.

Then it went downhill. The second half of the essay was about how people can be a source of happiness. This seems obvious enough, and it really is, but like I said I wasn't able to draw much from the chapter that the question was lumped in with. All the answers were in a different chapter, but I had to use the one they told me to use. In the end I was pretty much copying out the text book, and trying my hardest to re-word it. It felt quite a lot like plagiarism, but it really was the best I could do.

All I have to do now is print it out (again, the printer ran out of ink on the darn REFERENCES. THE LAST LITTLE SECTION OF THE ESSAY AND THE PRINTER RAN OUT OF INK! SCREW YOU!) and write a short little bit for the second part of the task and get it mailed off. I plan on having another walk today, and seeing as I won't be walking to therapy (next Friday that is) I could go to the post office and pick up an envelope and stamp.

What needs to be focused on though is the fact that once I do that last little bit, and send it off, I will have completed my course. That is most definitely a time for a yay!


  1. "It is I, me."
    "Buck yeah"
    Dude that's great.

    Also for I second there I read "police office" instead of "post office". Huh.

    But it's good to hear you got it done and over with. Great going, you rock!

  2. Here's a YAY to you for completing your tasks!

    Isn't it a little cold to be out walking though?

  3. Yumm dinner. I'm glad I never have a reason to print anything out. It sounds like a complicated and frustrating process.

  4. ooooh
    I start reading your blog

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you, Mark! :D

  6. i wouldnt really say im a loyal minion, but thanks. i feel loved now. i bet the printer has ink and has just ran out of cyan colour ink

  7. I'm pretty damn inspired by all of your recent hard work and efforts Mark and really hope that you keep it up, 2013 really has lit something from under you, you just keep on going from strength to strength and I can't see it stopping any time soon.

  8. Good for you. You got down to the library, just like you had planned AND you got your assignment completed - who cares where, you got it finished. Plus, you got your walk in. Meeting goals like a fiend! I hope you're proud of yourself.

  9. Mark, I think you are on your way!

  10. Well done for you. I have to to say though, Cognitive Psych is my least favorite of the psychs. Very little application to real life situations and people.

    Well, compared to the other disciplines of psychology.

  11. Yay! You're doing so well, Mark! I'm proud!


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