Thursday, 31 January 2013

Therapy, Writing and...Singing...

I have for you another podcast this week. I'm not sure what my streak is now but I think it's four. This podcast is, as usual, a mixed bag of things. The main things being stuff to do with my therapy session yesterday (spoiler alert: it went pretty well), some things to do with writing, and then at the end...I sing a song. I listen to music while I record podcasts and during the podcast I keep randomly breaking out in to song, and so in the end I decided I would just sing a song. Well, that and the voice in my head told me to sing.

No, seriously, she did.

The voice in my head has a gender....

Anyway, listening back I realised I was singing way too softly at the end and it's not very audible, or clear, and barely qualifies as good, so judge me based on the random outbursts, which I feel are better. Also I'll never sing in a podcast again, ever, so there's no need to worry about it happening again.

For the curious amongst you, this is the song I sing at the end.


    I should totally get my "ad" to play before your podcast, something along the lines of "sup this is Fang and Mark is like a really cool guy and this is hit podcast"
    Don't know, need to come up with something funnier

    Get your cat out of there pal, he's ruining your computer.
    Meow <3
    "did a few things on their computer" /wiggles eyebrows suggestively
    Get the cat out of there man, he's stalling your podcasts
    No shit, that's people, sadly.
    That's what smartphones do to the world. ):
    Hey that's me~
    Genius pride
    Mark, the pretentious asshole.. nah, don't see that happening.
    You listen to music while you record? Isn't that distracting?
    Cold... and wet~
    What was the sentenceeee
    Like seriously pff (or you already told us and I just don't remember like the terrible friend I can be sometimes)
    ..oh. Not even me? ):
    Nah, just do whatever you're comfortable with, keep your secrets to yourself, whatever.
    Woooo! Yeaaaahhh-
    oh eww what
    you don't get fanfiction published
    not ever
    like for real
    Even so, why have we not ever heard any of this?
    And it isn't MLP fanfiction.. or is it?
    Ugh yeah dude it's almost ISaturday
    Yeah I have the same problem. I know roughly what I want to happen, but the when and hows of it all are really hard. ):
    100k here we come (imagine hitting that with This Experiment)
    Cool down on descriptive words though, they're not always appropriate and stuff. Sometimes they add to the paragraph, sometimes they don't.
    Write to suit the story. Tell what hasn't been told yet, but sometimes you want to leave a few small things for the readers to figure each other out on their own.
    Yeah it's an MLP fanfic, oh buoy oh buoy. Well, whatever you're passionate about I guess. (I still want a link or something.)
    Yesss, write more IS for ISaturday.
    Told ya dawg
    Yeah you're tired good excuse bro ;D
    I'm still here?
    Wow, beautiful, absolutely stunning.
    Yeah. See ya pal!

  2. that is a comment...smiles...and i totally get the voice in the head having a gender as well...smiles...we all have them right? not a bad song...smiles.

  3. I'd never heard that song before. Next time sing it louder. Belt it out. Feel it in your diaphragm (I understand that's how you're supposed to sing properly... supposedly).

  4. Haha this is amazing Mark, you're not a bad singer as I imagined you to be. That totally sounds like an insult, I don't know, I think you did a good job singing and just never knew that you would so good work mate.

  5. I've been told my singing sounds like masturbating with a cheese grater....critics!

  6. Mark - not bad at all!!

    p.s. does the voice have a name?

  7. The voice in my head is Mrs. Penwasser. She just never shuts up.

  8. At least you have a voice in your head that isn't your own voice I guess?

  9. I don't know why you are concerned about sounding intelligent to people. If most people are of average intelligence (which is probably quite stupid), they will be too dumb to even realize that you are smart, or to even care. Am I right? Am I right people?


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