Wednesday, 9 January 2013

That Was...Unexpected

As the title suggests, yesterday I received a rather unexpected phone call. It was a phone call from the people who run the therapy that I'm on, and it was to inform me that for reasons that were not clarified, Suzy, my awesome therapist, would no longer be practicing therapy. It wasn't that she was moving to another practice (she did once tell me she had an annoying commute) but that she was stopping. Which to me suggests a family emergency, because I really don't like the idea that something has happened to her.

All hope is not lost though because the call was from another therapist, who was going to be taking over her cases. This happened to include me. This means I have a new therapist called Joanne. Though she told me to call her Jo. To be honest I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. The main reason that therapy never worked when I was younger was that they kept shuffling me about, I never built up any kind of trust with a therapist. Part of me feels that if I'm going to have a new therapist, the number of sessions should be reset to zero, and I should be able to just start again. I really didn't like it when she informed me that she "had my file". She can't really get to know me through a file.

One of the biggest problems though is that, as you guys know, one of the main reasons for my problems is not just that bad people have done bad by me, but that good people have left my life too. Suzy has now become another of those people. My mood had taken a serious hit these past few days, and now it just took one heck of a blow. 

I'm sure things are going to be okay, there's even a chance that Joanne is better for me, but I can't help worrying about Suzy, and I can't help worrying that things could be going very, very bad as far as my recovery goes. 

The appointment is next Wednesday, I'll let you guys know how it goes. Although it might take until Friday for that, because if I want to do a podcast I'll have to record it Tuesday night, before the session. Jessica is coming by to tell me some of the finer details of Operation Tom, her plan to sort her life out.  

RANDOM FUN FACT OF FUN! Counting drafts, this is the 600th post I've written. I'll also let you know when the 600th post I've published is up. This is not a celebration, this is a random fun fact of fun. 


  1. I'm very disappointed to read that your therapist changed and feel terrible about it for you man. I know how it feels dude, I was making waves of progress with my current therapist until she got pregnant and had to go on maternity leave. I've never met once since who sees me as somebody who is mentally ill or even depressed and who genuinely seems to want to help me which has been a huge downer for me in all honesty but you found a good therapist in Suzy immediately so maybe this time Joanne will be a good one as well, try not to let it dishearten you too much buddy, she'll know all your issues to an extent from the notes so hopefully that will be enough to allow her to kind of know something about you.

    The important thing is that you still go and continue to make waves and improve like you've been doing this entire time. Don't let this defeat you, let this be a road block that once again you're going to be able to overcome with ease.

  2. You know, that sucks, but it's also a valuable lesson in personal relationships. Some people come and go. It sucks, but such as the case. I for one remember the vast majority of people I met in the dorms in college. For like two years, I spent most of my time with these people but the everyone started moving off campus. We drifted away, and I haven't talked to most of them in like five years. Some I still have contact info for, but a lot I don't. These people helped shape who I am today, and they're basically just gone. That doesn't mean they're not important. It's just how life goes sometimes. I'm sure you'll remember suzy, and she'll remember you, but I'm also sure that there's plenty of other stuff out there for you, and I'm sure that this Joanne can be your guide to a whole new existence, just like Suzy was. You're at base camp, dude: your previous sherpa got this far, but may she doesn't know the mountain past this point. You gotta trust in this new sherpa to get you closer to the summit.

  3. Ah, that's a rough start to the New Year. Hopefully the therapist will identify your issues with trust and work with you to, in turn, gain your trust. I feel as that should be the foremost goal in her mind. I hope all goes well, Mark.

  4. Well, now you don't know whether to feel abandon or worried about Suzy. What a terrible way to lose someone from your life... without even knowing what happened to them. I don't know what rules regarding this the people in charge of your therapy are required to follow... Or perhaps it has not to do with rules and regulations, but just incompetence on their part, but whatever is to blame, it doesn't seem to be a very compassionate way to treat you.

  5. It really sucks to lose a therapist or a doctor. My long-time family doctor retired last month and I missing him!

  6. i appreciate this...i was a therapist for years up to the end of last is hard when you make transitions like that....and hard to rebuild that trust when people keep leaving you...i hope it works out good....kinda sucks you got no closure, i would like to think they would touch base with you...

  7. I understand some of your issues with people leaving your life, especially when you're young. I was raised primarily by my gran with my parents coming in and out of my life. And then the death of my son and my husband at a young age, didn't make that any better. I did have one really good therapist once and when she moved for a better job, I was gutted.

    I hope this one is as good as Suzy. And you're right, she can't really know you through your file. She needs to talk to you for a couple of sessions for that.

    Congrats on your number of posts!

  8. Hmm, that always sucks. They'd better not switch you around again though, it really affects the effectiveness of therapy I think.
    But hey, chances are she'll be back after she's sorted her situation out, whatever it may be?

  9. I'm sorry...that really blows. I was thrown off just from my therapist changing days on me..I can't imagine.
    And a great big congratulations...that is pretty huge!!

  10. Sorry to hear this Mark, I understand that this must have made your mood take a serious nosedive - trust me I've been there before, especially about the good people leaving your life too. I hope you feel a lot better soon and get back to your old, fun self.

  11. I'm a bit late, but I'm sorry to hear about Suzy; I think that you should point out how you feel about the change to Jo though, let her know that it might be best for her to "start at 0" with you rather than her attempting to start off from where you ended with I make sense?


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