Tuesday, 8 January 2013

That Was Super Sweet

I'm not sure how many of you have seen it, I'm guessing close to all of you really, but I said I would mention it any way so I'm going to mention it. Because, well, I said I would. Plus I can do what I want. Except stop, it seems. Well anyway, what I'm referring to is that the great Elsie over at Elsie is Writing (she has two blogs but decided to post it on that one, her newer one) wrote a post about quite possibly the most awesome subject a person can write about. My bad self. You can check it out here and look at all the warm and fuzzy comments. People have mentioned me in posts before, and it's something that still makes me feel all weird and what have you, but to dedicate an entire post to me? She even contacted me for information and pictures. I don't really like the idea that she has a folder of information on me that she's adding to, but we all need stalkers, right? The point remains that an awesome person wrote an awesome post about me, which is pretty awesome.

Seeing how that's all I really have to say, at least on that post, and I don't really have much else, I'll just answer a few questions that were left in the comments yesterday and should probably have been answered with another comment, but you can't have everything you want.

I do indeed pay for the podcast. Podbean (the people who host it) have a free option, but the space you have is limited. When I was doing shows that were quite big I decided to buy one of their plans, which let me archive files. Effectively I pay them for the storage space. I pay five dollars a month, basically because I'm OCD and want everything to stay up there even though I have a copy of all the podcasts on my laptop. Really with how many weeks I keep taking off, and that my podcasts have only been 15-20 minutes, it's probably much better for me to cancel the subscription.

As for the redesign (the only other thing mentioned actually that needs a response) I'm planning a total overhaul. New colours and everything. But that's pretty much it. I'm not really sure now it counts as a "complete overhaul" but I think the sidebars and the pages are about as clean as they're going to be. So just expect a new colour change some time I get around to doing it.

So, next year maybe.

I was also considering using a different font when I write my posts so that I can trick myself in to thinking I've written more, and then make my posts less wordy. So far I've not done that either.


  1. Elsie is always so sweet! She appreciates each and every one of her readers...and shows it quite well!

  2. Yes, she is someone awesome. Glad u guys meet :)

  3. Dang, you figured it out, I am building a now, not so secret stalker file on you. I had fun getting to know a bit better too. I learned quite a bit about you I didn't know!

  4. Elsie's post was amazing and a super lovely post as well, I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much Mark because it was beautifully written in all honesty, it's great that Blogger has brought some people so close.

  5. hey it was elsies post that got me here...smiles. best wishes on your continued tinkering with your site...you know i have changed none on mine since i started 4 years ago...ha

  6. >about as clean as it gets
    haha no try this

  7. I am pretty damn sure that I have dedicated an entire post to you at least once. Also, I made a video about ponies My Little Pony vs. Frodo but it probably sucks being that I don't know anything about ponies.

  8. your badassery is an inspiration. cheers.

  9. That was a great post she did on you Mark,very sweet. Don't be too afraid of all the information she has on you, she's got dossiers on everyone. As long as she doesn't sell any of it to her mobster friends, we're all safe.

    I didn't know you paid for those podcasts either. And I really want to see the Northern Lights as well and visit Japan.

  10. Yeah, if anyone needs a blog design, it's me. But the blog is a completed successful project of mine so I'm in no rush to do so.

  11. I am not surprised you had such a lovely post written about you because you really are an awesome person.


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