Thursday, 17 January 2013

Technically Three Days In The Making

This post, and this podcast, really is technically three days in the making. It was recorded on Tuesday, this post was written on Wednesday, and you're listing to it on Thursday. Does this count as an actual project? Well either way, I did indeed get around to recording a podcast at the end of my day like I had planned. yay. The rest of the plans are discussed in the podcast itself, as well as my current thoughts on possibly going vegetarian. I bought pretty much zero meat from the shop when I went shopping so I guess I really am going to give it a go.

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It's a bit short, but eh.


  1. I'll be back when the house is empty....

  2. I had just managed to un-confuse myself about the day of the week when you re-confused me at the end again!
    Anyway, Vegetarians who eat tuna...hmm.Interesting.
    I could be the vegetarian who eats chicken then because I don't really eat anything else under the non-veg tag...but I guess chicken would be too main-stream to be excluded!
    And hipster is one conflicting term,it means both 'person who follows the latest trends' as well as 'person who rejects the established culture' according to the Google dictionary...which one am I suppose to believe?!

  3. hey i will be back in a bit...i cant get the podcast to work on my end for some reason...might be the filters here at school...will try at lunch and if not catch you at the end of the day....

  4. Meanwhile, if I went without meat, I'd be anorexic or dead. I've tried vegetarian dishes... they just aren't for me.

    Also, now that hipsters are becoming more popular, the really underground ones are going to have to find another lifestyle. God forbid they become mainstream! That's selling out to the man, man!

  5. I'm glad you got so much cleaning done. It would be nice to have your mom's help too. Another goal met.

    I'm not sure about the vegetarian thing. My daughter tried it a few years ago and it was a pain in the rear but then again, it's because I was cooking two meals, one for her and one for us. It didn't last long, less than two weeks LOL Now she's old enough to do it for herself I'm guessing she wouldn't.

    Good luck at the counselor.

  6. Best of luck with the vegetarian thing. Oddly enough Ryan decided a week or two ago to try to be vegetarian and he only lasted like a week. To me we need meat and the protein it provides but I'm in no position to advise anybody on their dieting.

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  8. beer is my favorite vegtable

  9. "It's a bit short, but eh."
    That's funny. That's exactly what Mrs. Penwasser said at our wedding.

  10. all the best for the vegetarian stuff...and yeah its a bit short but it was nice :D


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