Tuesday, 15 January 2013


As the title suggests, I finally got some snow in my humble little town in the middle of nowhere. I'm also just the teensiest bit excited about it. If by some rather minute chance it's really not been made abundantly clear during our time together, I really, really like snow. This isn't always the case though, as 'twas proven yesterday. See as much as I enjoy snow, I enjoy looking at it and walking through it, this doesn't extend to walking through it while it's still snowing. I don't mind walking through rain, but for some reason I don't really like walking through snow so much. It doesn't help that my coat is big, thick, and woolen. While I'm not likely to get cold, I am quite likely to end up looking like a snowman because snow sticks to it, and doesn't melt very well. My hands still get cold though because I don't possess any gloves and for some reason heat doesn't travel in my body. It's another phenomenon I don't quite grasp. When I wear fingerless gloves my hands are warm, but the tips of my fingers could be freezing. I was just under the assumption that heat could travel in the human body. Then again sometimes I barely consider myself human.

Anyway, snow, yay! I didn't get around to walking in it barefoot so I hope it lasts so I can have another go at doing that. Nothing quite like giving oneself pneumonia to feel alive. Jesus walked on water, I can walk on snow, snow is pretty much water, Q.E.D I'm pretty much Jesus. I'm also pretty sure I used logic wrong there. 

Today I have also taken a rather bold, or perhaps just insane, move. I have planned out the entirety of my day. Almost. I've planned out pretty much all of it though. As you might remember I've been planning big events in my week in advance, such as writing and going on walks, but I never planned the little things. Like reading or playing games. Those are all part of my plan though for tomorrow. As part of that plan includes making a podcast, and it should be the last thing I do that day, I shall of course inform you as to how it went, and if I plan to continue such a thing. 

P.S even though the podcast is being recorded early, it's still going out on Thursday. What this means is that any one who subscribes to me on iTunes will more than likely hear it a day in advance. 


  1. Sooo....are you gonna make some snow ice cream???

  2. Your snow logic does make sense...in a snow-has-frozen-my-brain kinda way!
    But go have fun,wasting snow is never good!
    As for planning your day,I do that too but stuff tends to shift around at the last moment so I never know whether my plans will go as planned but all the best to you!:)

  3. Yeah but who the hell uses iTunes.

    He likes snow. Yeah of course he does, he doesn't need to go anywhere.
    I just spent about 2.5 hours getting from A to B, which would normally take me only an hour. Fuck the snow. And fuck the terrible system that is Dutch public transport.

  4. I hate snow as it keeps me indoors and I hate being indoors. I'm utterly miserable if I can't get out in the woods. We had a blizzard here last week. Six foot drifts, roads impassable and no way to walk in snow that deep. And taking the dogs out to potty in that stuff was blue murder.

  5. Haha that's nice.
    I've never seen real snow :/

  6. ha you are obviously jesus...and being thus....can you make it snow in my neck of the woods...we only got a skiff of snow one day this year.....sucks.....i want snow!!!!

  7. I must admit I like snow but it makes getting to work a pain in the rectum.

  8. Well. I wish I liked snow. Maybe I will just pretend that I like snow, then that will make me feel better during the next snow blizzard.

  9. Enjoy your snow any way you like (just dont get frostbite, I have heard that isnt pretty)
    We dont get snow and tomorrow is going to be over 40 deg C so rather warm you could say

  10. I would be so happy if California had snow!

  11. Want some of the snow over here? Take it. Take it all. Driving is such a pain.

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