Thursday, 3 January 2013

Once Again, No Podcast

And once again, my sincerest apologies. I know how much you love when your Lord God speaketh to you, and how distraught you all must be at not hearing my voice for two weeks now, but I assure you I have not abandoned you, your faith in me will be rewarded.

Okay maybe I'll just never talk like that again to make up for it.

I am sorry though too guys. As you know I worked my ass off while Jessica was here (she left yesterday by the way) and I was dealing with some really old rubbish. I feel pretty sick and when my physical health goes down, so does my mental health. I'd be a pretty shitty video game character. The good news though is that we did get a lot of cleaning done. She even moved the TV that was sat in the corner of my room downstairs. She injured her arm in the process (which of course I feel terrible about) but she still has a positive attitude and is sticking with her master plan, now dubbed Operation Tom. I'll be very, VERY surprised if anyone gets that. Now I need to clean up my room though. Boy oh boy that should

I need to do two things today. I need to take a walk, and I need to write my university assignment. For those of you wondering I have to plan, and write, a 1000 word essay on the statement "happiness comes from outside, and within." I have a cunning plan though. It could be good to take all my subject material to the library and write my assignment there. Or at least, make a start on it if it comes to that. I wonder what it's like to work in a totally studious environment. My bedroom, in fact no part of this house, is really cut out for studying.

Here's hoping I feel well enough to go along with this plan. At the very least I want to be able to make a start on my essay.


  1. Operation Tom: Obviously something to do with Tom Cruise.

  2. Let's see: Operation Tom - Valkyrie? Flight of the Valkyrie? AmIClose? How about Operation Tomodachi? Got that from the USAF. That's all my guesses. I'm not that bright.

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you can get down to the library. I know when I'm getting down to do some serious writing, I have to change rooms. I also have to change the actual look of my computer screen to stop the distractions. I'm like a puppy. Put something shiny in my view and I want to play with it.

    Feel better and good luck with your essay and your walk.

  3. "happiness comes from outside, and within."
    Is it a penis?

  4. Don't worry too much about the podcasts Mark, what you write is good and that's all that matters, plus you've done yourself so proud as it is going back to work you're going to be a little busier so there's loads of reasons to feel proud right now.

  5. Operatin Tom as in Tom(morrow)? As in procrastination. Ah, I didn't get it did I?

    And I think Fang might have an interesting focal point for your assignment.

  6. Get well soon :) I hope your assignment goes well!
    I know that TOM for girls stands for Time Of the Month. I'm not sure though if Jessica is meaning that? :o

  7. No worries Mark! I'm excited because I'm finally able to make the rounds!!

  8. I like that essay prompt. I might have to steal it for my class.


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