Monday, 21 January 2013

My Week Did Not Start Well

It really didn't you guys. My cat was sick, all over everything. I'm not mad or anything, it just sucks when she gets sick. I can't be mad at her being sick because more often than not it's because of something I did. I pick all her food and I feed her and clean out her bowl, so if something goes wrong with her diet, it is my fault. I'm just glad I moved my plushie before she was sick on it. And that she missed anything valuable and or electrical. But then she went back to eating cardboard...I thought cats were supposed to be smart. Although as Jessica just pointed out to me, one could argue my week started alright, because my plushie was not puked on. I think if that happened I would have cried and risked putting her in the washing machine.

Anyway, here's hoping your week started better than mine, and here's a nice round up of the not so bad week that was last week.

Tuesday was mostly about the snow that my fair village has received lately. We still have it too actually and it seems to be showing no signs of going away. I think it's actually snowing less though so once all this stuff is melted, that should be it. Unless it starts snowing again. It was also partly about how I had planned out my day in it's entirety, every waking minute I had. Except for how I planned to wake up twice, taking in to account how I normally go back to sleep. I didn't though, so spent an hour doing not very much.

Wednesday was about my rather unfortunate incident with the man from UPS. If you remember I ordered a shirt a few weeks ago, actually I ordered it on Boxing Day. Anyway, it turned up last Tuesday and it turns out that the price of the shirt, and even the shipping, did NOT include taxes, and I would have to pay UPS, who paid the taxes on my behalf, and then charged me for working out how much tax was owed. In some bizarre coincidence (read gouging) the surplus charge was actually MORE than the tax owed. The story had a happy ending though because my dad paid the tax for me in return for me cleaning, and the shirt was acquired. Huzzah!

Sorry about the low quality picture, my camera on my phone is bad. It says "ALL SHALL LOVE ME AND DESPAIR!". I actually only took it off yesterday, and I feel really weird without it on. I hope it dries quickly!
Thursday was my latest podcast. This one was also done from a script and was about a few things. Mostly my plans on Tuesday as writing the script and recording the podcast was the last thing I had planned for the day. Also included were my thoughts on the possibility of going vegetarian. I am pleased to report that I started on Friday, and have lasted...well, a few days. But the point remains that I have managed to successfully be a vegetarian. I still eat tuna and I've now found out why vegetarians eat tuna. They don't care about fish. It's as simple as that. They see animals as intelligent beings, but not fish, because they have such tiny brains.


Friday was a report on my latest therapy session with my new therapist, Joanne. Something scary about my psychiatrists by the way. Suzy's last name was "Coward" and this new girl's last name is "Paine". It's actually kinda freaky. Anyway, the session went pretty well, although I haven't been able to live up to her goals. Yet. She wanted me to look up information on local dentists that cater to NHS patients (I found a nice place I just haven't called them yet) and to edit the second story in my collection of short stories (which I didn't do, and still haven't, and continue to be mad at myself for instead of actually just doing it. Sigh). Also for some reason people thought I had another session that Friday, I don't. I have one THIS Friday. I'm crazy but I don't need two sessions in two days.

Saturday was an Immortal Space chapter where something happened. What? To say more would be a spoiler. Also it seems I had a few logic holes, that I can't really talk about because, again, spoilers. They're mentioned in the comments though.

Sunday I tried to post a video by Jim Sterling, the creator of Jimquisition, in which he wrote and created a music video for someone he had a fight with. When it turned out that Youtube failed, I fixed the problem and the video is now there. It really was Youtube's fault. They have new embed codes now, which for some reason won't work. I had to click an option to show the old embed code. Anyway, it's all fixed up.

And that's that. Here's hoping we all have good weeks, and my cat is better now she's (hopefully) gotten it all out of her system. Here's also hoping I don't beat myself up too much over her getting sick.

P.S I didn't forget to post a picture of the plush, that's tomorrow.


  1. Your week seems to be great! Well not really with the cat being sick. That is teh suck.
    What's this about therapy I hear? Also I need to catch up with your Immortal Space and your podcasts.

  2. Cats throw up. It is what they do. Mine did it all over the dining room the other day.

    Great wrap up of your week, the good and the not so good.

    If life didnt have it's ups and downs it would be very boring I think

  3. I certainly did not see that coming with Immortal Space. I won't spoil it either (shouldn't people have read it already anyway?) but wow.

    Also, per that post, you've already reached 600 posts? That's amazing.

    Oh, and my cat doesn't try to eat cardboard. She tries to eat concrete. For being so smart, sometimes they can be so stupid.

  4. Sorry to hear about your cat being sick Mark. Immortal Space was exceptional on Saturday too, I can't believe it, can't believe he's- I can't bring myself to write it since like ABFTS says some people might not have read it yet but if they haven't they NEED to check it out, it's intense!

  5. Aww shucks, sounds like your cat's missing a few braincells there, what with the cardboard and all. Want me to donate some? ;D
    I kid, I kid. Also stop feeling guilty. You can't guarantee her well-being even if you perfect-feed her her food, chances are it isn't you who ballsed up.

  6. we take the good with the bad man....sorry the cat is sick..that is def no fun...hope the rest of the week goes well for you

  7. The good thing about a "bad" start to the week is that you still have the rest of the week to make up for it! I hope your kitty gets better!! :)

  8. It must of been tuna scented cardboard. My cats love that stuff.

  9. That reminds me, I need to read Woonastuck so I know what to accessory to attach to the figurine I'm going to get for my sister.


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