Friday, 18 January 2013

My Little Psychiatrist; Therapy Is Magic

I'm writing this on Wednesday (it was also accidentally published on Wednesday), and I seriously need to stop writing things so far in advance because it just messes with my head and my sense of time. But I had to write it now while the memories were still fresh in my head of course. Although seeing how I've been shopping since the therapy session the memory isn't too great, because I really suck at remembering things.

The session didn't start all that great if I'm honest. I felt a bit like she was being a bit too condescending, and babying me a little too much. But once we got in to it things really got better. I was really comfortable with her, surprised both of us really. I didn't really enjoy having to explain a lot of things again but it had to be done, plus she was nice.

She had some pretty cool ideas too. See I've not been sleeping too well these past few days. I always had trouble falling asleep but now I have trouble staying asleep too. I keep waking up about three or four times a night. The only thing about it is that it seems to happen when a dream finishes. She said that made sense because when we sleep we go through the sleep cycle which ends with REM as a lot of people know. What I didn't know was that it really is a complete cycle. After a while in REM sleep we slip back in to light sleep. I was aware that people had several dreams a night, I wasn't aware though that this is because we slip in and out of REM sleep. My cat has been sleeping on me lately and it started when she started doing that, but I'm not entirely convinced she's the reason, her sleeping on me has never really caused me to wake up before. Though it has been a factor in me having trouble sleeping.

She also wanted me to put my big analytical brain to good use with something she called behavioural experiments. Or something like that. Suzy had talked to me before about behavioural things and about how we tend to assume things based on pre-existing notions. Like you could be walking down the street, and you hear someone laughing, and you assume that they're laughing about you. She wanted me to challenge this though by thinking up specific evidence of people behaving how I assume they're behaving, and then actually testing it, to see if I'm right.

She also made a really big deal out of everything I did, such as going on a walk two times a week, and going back to work for a few hours.

She also still set me weekly goals. Her goals were for me to edit the second story in my collection of short stories (you remember that? Yeah the whole "edit one chapter a week" thing didn't last too long. I'm not looking forward to double/triple checking it either) and to seek out information on NHS dentists in my area.


Hopefully I'll have done some of that by the time you're reading this. My next appointment is for next Friday afternoon, which means either I make you wait a few days, or do a seriously late post that probably won't get read.


  1. She's trying...which is definitely a good thing.
    I haven't seen this collection of stories anywhere on your it a project you're doing??

  2. Know your sleep cycles man. It's like the best things to know about sleep and dreams and whatnot. Pretty damn interesting, on top of that.

    But sounds like she isn't as bad as you initially thought she was. Good. Let's hope you keep on making more progress!

    (also that post title, ahaha)

  3. The title of this post made me giggle. :)

    I'm glad that things settled and you ended up liking her.

  4. hey i am excited that she has ideas for you...that is cool...some might wok, some might not but she is def working for you....

  5. It's so great that she's having all these ideas. I really hope that they help!!! :D

  6. Just popping in real quick - I'm glad you two hit if off, Mark. That's wonderful news and I look forward to hearing about today's appointment.

  7. I remember seeing this being published accidentally the other night haha. This is such great news Mark, so pleased to hear that you both got on so well with each other, she sounds like a bit of a gem as well as the other to me!

  8. Well at least you have goals on the way. Keep it up. I hope today's session went well.


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