Saturday, 5 January 2013

Live Updating With An Update

I don't think this is noticeably late by any stretch of the imagination but it's late nonetheless, and going out live. Due to various shenanigans I wasn't able to get this all set up yesterday before I went to bed. So I won't keep you long and just let you read the update. I did an awful lot of writing yesterday, this was part of it.

“You want to know something weird?” Geoff said. Both he and Trent were sat at the table in the kitchenette of their room.
    “What's that?” Trent asked. He was dressed in his usual get up. Geoff was dressed in the same outfit he had worn on his date with Lisa, although he didn't have the hat this time as Trent was wearing it once again.
    “I'm actually less nervous about today than I was about yesterday. You'd think that wouldn't be the case, right?”
    “What do ya mean?”
    “Well, think about it.” Geoff said, playing absent-mindedly with his food. “Yesterday was a big deal, sure, but today just seems like it should be bigger. We don't even know much about this Steven guy.”
    “We know enough to get by. All we really need to know is where to find the guy anyway. I think you were just worried about how things migtha gone yesterday, but now you're confident that we can get this done, and without a hitch at that.”
    “Guess so.” Geoff said, nodding. “So, you have a plan for how to take him down?”
    “Sure do kid. First of all, we go to where we can find him. Then we go inside. Then we find him. Then through an assortment of dramatised special effects and our usual brand of antics we put a stop to him. We then drag his sorry ass to a police station, claim our reward, and celebrate with copious amounts of alcoholic substances of varying degrees of strength. Sound like a plan to you?” Trent replied with a smile.
    “That's your plan?” Geoff asked, looking unconvinced. “To just walk in, and then by a string of random luck take him down?”
    “You got a better one?”
    “No, not really.” Geoff admitted. “I was just hoping you did.”
    “Don't worry about it kid.” Trent said, ruffling Geoff's hair. “Like I said, all we really need to know is where we can find him. We can take the rest of it from there.”
    “And we do know where to find him, right?”
    “Sure do, thanks to Lena.” Trent said, pulling up all the files they had on Steven that Lena had given them. Geoff knew where to find him anyway however as the two of them had spent more than enough time pouring over those files to learn every little detail that they could. They would find him in a location a little bit out of the town they were in, further in to the actual desert area. With this being the case the two of them would either need to rent a car, or take the ship. After a while spent debating the issue they had decided to take the ship because it had better defences and was capable of launching attacks, if necessary. They hoped it wouldn't come to that, but it's better to be prepared in any case. With that decided they packed up their bags and headed out of the door.

    They didn't talk too much as they walked through town to find the way to the shipyard. Nor did they talk much when they got there. Geoff was nervous and even though Trent wasn't as nervous, he did think it was better to let Geoff sort his thoughts out rather than try and distract him from them.
    “We're really doing this huh?” Geoff said at last as they were preparing to take off.
    “Yep, we really are. You want to back out?” Trent replied as he flicked controls here and there.
    “Not really. That's not what I meant.” Geoff replied. “It's just that I never thought I would be doing something like this.” Trent chuckled before replying.
    “True enough, this is far different from what you were up to before. Hardly the first time you've done something like this though, is it?”
    “I guess not, but this is the first time I've done such a big job. Everyone we got before now was small time. This guy is so big time he has his own lair, which we have to infiltrate.”
    “Hey I didn't think about it like that.” Trent said before bursting in to a fit of laughter, which startled Geoff. “You're right. We're totally about to invade a bad guys lair. This just got pretty cool, don't you think?”
    “Cool? It's kinda warm in here, not exactly cool.” Geoff replied, bemused. Trent shook his head and chose to ignore the comment. He finished powering the ship up and took off. As they were taking the ship, it didn't take them long to find Steven's hideout. When the two of them saw it, they couldn't hide their disappointment. Rather than being some kind of villainous lair, it looked like a rather ordinary building. It being out in the middle of nowhere was hardly ordinary however.
    “I thought it would look a little more...lair-y...” Geoff said.
    “Well either way, we're here now, so let's set down, and get this done.” Trent replied. Given how hard it is to hide a ship in the middle of nowhere they decided they had already lost the element of surprise and there was no real need to try and hide so they set down fairly close to the building.
    “You ready?” Trent said when they were off the ship.
    “I can hardly turn back now, can I?”
    “Nope.” Trent said, and with that he grabbed Geoff's arm and ran towards the door.
Yep, they really just walked up to the bad guys lair. They didn't have a plan and neither did I really. I was expecting the characters to be in different places by this point but then they went and developed on their own.


  1. It's more good work Mark, enjoyable reading.

  2. "Geoff knew where to find him anyway however as the two of them"
    however anyway? Yeah, no.

    Kind of typical of Trent to grab Geoff's arm and then run in, instead of allowing him to follow on his own. Oh well, great chapter as usual. But we're getting to the better, action-packed stuff now. You'd better make it good! ;D

  3. Don't worry about being noticeably late. If it wasn't for delayed posting, I'd be late all the time. In fact, I "delayed posted" today's post last week. I really should write today.... I might. Or I might drink beer. Or both. Probably both.

  4. Don't feel bad about being late Mark, I'm just pleased to see an update of Immortal Space, great job dude.

  5. It's good that the characters are writing the story for you at this point. That shows they have taken on a life of their own. I wonder if the lair will have a pool of sharks with lasers attached to their heads... or just your standard piranhas.

  6. Great writing, Mark! :D Very interesting. :)

  7. Nice writing! enjoyable to read.


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