Friday, 25 January 2013

Late Live Post Of Therapy

I'm writing this at twenty past four in my local library (always remember to support your local library folks) and I just finished my latest therapy session. Well, I stopped by the market on the way to the library but the point remains that it's not too long after the session.

My day didn't start too brilliantly really. I woke up and then did that thing where I kept falling asleep again until it was eleven and I thought to myself I'd really wasted my day. Which sucked really. I was walking in to town for my therapy session when I got a call from my therapist actually. She asked me to come in early as soon as I could, so the session was half an hour early. Although I thought it was starting half an hour before it was so it's not like there's any major time difference.

It's kind of annoying to type on this keyboard if I'm honest but let's just get on with this. There were a few points to the session that are worth bringing up. We started with the sleep thing actually. She told me to set my alarm earlier and to try and come up with some kind of bedtime routine. I know other people have one but I don't really. I don't even know really what to put in to one. The problem I really have I think though is a general lack of purpose. I don't seem to feel the need to even wake up much really. There are times I'm able to get up after barely any sleep and live through my day just fine, and days when I just want to keep on sleeping. So I'm setting my alarm for earlier and going to try and keep staying up.

Next came the dentist thing. To put this simply, I've not been to a dentist in years. I mean, literally years. She told me to find an NHS dentist last week and I found one, but I never got around to contacting them, so that is this weeks goal. Well, one of them. Some people are afraid of dentists for different reasons and for me the problem is I'm afraid that they might have to remove some of my teeth. My teeth are one of the only parts of me that I actually like, so to lose any of them would be such a major blow to me that I don't like to think about it. Gonna do it though.

This is getting kind of long, and there was something major that came up that I feel can probably have it's own post. But I can say that another goal I have is to write twice before my next appointment, next Wednesday.

If I want to keep control of my own life, and use writing as a source of income, then it's about time I was really serious about it, and did it more often so I actually can live how I want to.

My fingers and my wrists hurt.

Addendum: I logged back on to the libary computers to add this. She saw my plushie and said it was cute. yay.


  1. I'm with you on the dentist thing Mark, it's pretty vital that you go man in all seriousness. They probably won't remove any teeth but fillings may need to take place, you're way too young for them to recommend extracting a tooth to although that's not a professional opinion. Sounds like another good day for you.

  2. I agree with you and I guess with your therapist on the sleep routine. I always feel better when I've gotten a good night sleep. Once I've slept in to late, even if I'm not feeling well, I seem to feel it's a wasted day. Good luck making your appointment with the dentist.

  3. Gah, my dentist screw up one of my teeth and now I have an exposed nerve. I either need a root canal or I need to get rid of the tooth altogether. Though, I've always had horrible teeth even though I brush 20 times a day (which is probably the problem).

    And, I'm definitely one of those people who feels I have a lack of general purpose. I wake up and go to a job that accomplishes nothing for society. I want to do something lasting, something that makes a difference. That's why I'm trying as hard as I can to get into the field of writing, but my pointless job is getting in the way.

    Also, I didn't get a chance to say earlier, but I love the new blog layout. How did you get the banner to be see-through. I tried a while and couldn't get mine to do that.

  4. i am glad she liked your plushy...
    ugh, the fun...mine growing up was named dr kidding....not my fav place...
    bedtime routine....i usually read a bit before bed to get my mind going in a certain direction...cut off electronic stimulus early as well so it does not mess with my sleep...

  5. I've learned to love (or at least tolerate) the dentist, though I haven't been in almost a year. I've always been cavity-prone, and I have way too many fillings and sealants to count. I always say that if my teeth ever get too bad, I'll just request teeth implants---hopefully I'll have enough money to pay for those haha!

  6. I know what you mean about the dentist. I am always afraid they'll find something wrong.

  7. im not afraid of dentists. but I really dislike them. they must work with the devil

  8. I don't really like dentists. They're always trying to make small talk, and I HATE small talk. Also, I don't floss, and I know you're SUPPOSED to, but sometimes I forget. A lot. And I get so embarrassed each time I go.

    Glad she liked your plushie!

  9. Bedtime routine, as in a few set things you do before going to bed, and after getting up? Isn't that just the obligatory "brush teeth, get PJs on" and "get clothed, eat breakfast"? Hmm.
    Also, if your teeth are likable, then chances of them having to be removed are really slim. Don't worry about it.


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