Thursday, 10 January 2013

I Did Something Different

Yes, I did in fact make a podcast, but no, that is not the something different. I'm not going to tell you what I did either. It's all in the podcast, but basically I'm turning comment moderation on for this post, to see if anyone can guess what it was that I did different. I'll reveal the answer, as well as any winners, tomorrow. Sadly, there will be no prizes. Sorry about that. Anyway, also included in the podcast is a look at what depressed me today, my plans for the house and how they're going, my education, my niece, and at the end, my facial hair. Enjoy guys! 



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  1. I was going to guess that you removed ads from your blog but that's clearly not it. Your mic sounds a bit clearer...

    Ok, I don't want to be a dick, but all the podcasts I've heard had you crying so did you not cry this time?

    Pity about Psychology, but if you didn't think it was the appropriate time for you then that makes it a good call.

    But hey, a lot can happen in 9 months. I hope that all my projects are fruitful in 9 months.

  2. Hi, Finally, I found time to take Elsie's advice and came to visit you. I enjoyed your podcast, it seems we have much in common (although I may have more facial hair than you!). I'm also working my way through cleaning my house with a (longterm) view to decorating. I'm sort of at the same stage, although I'll admit to putting off finishing the last 10% of downstairs cleaning that needs doing, as that will mean starting upstairs. hmmm.
    Sorry to read that you've had to change therapist, I know how unsettling that can be, especially when we find someone who we can trust and they begin to understand us. It is really like starting again, no matter how many files they have read about us.
    OK, I don't really qualify to enter the competition as I don't know enough about what you usually do, to guess what you might have done differently . . . If that makes sense?

  3. Let's see, what did I notice? Will I be right? Damn this pressure, Mark!!

    I noticed you listed your long term goals. I noticed you also were very focused on your work with Suzy and I think it was kept very positive (not that it's ever negative) but it was always kept very goal focused. But, what I really think was different - no timer count.

    Oh, and, new tid bit of information added to your stalker folder. Thank you!

  4. I think what you did differently is you were reading from some prepared material, and not totally improvising the whole podcast off the top of your head. Though maybe I am wrong. At least I tried. Don't really know if college is a good idea for you. It depends if you are 1000% dedicated to what you are studying and what you want to become. I only say that because you mention the financial issues, if you are going to take out loans you will need a way to pay them off. So if you are dedicated you will be able to start off in your career with a good job... but if you are unsure you may not want a job in the field you studied in, but would still be stuck with the bills (which would be a horrible situation).

  5. Up-front guess: you planned stuff out for this podcast.
    Operation Tom is Jessica's plan for the year, right? We knew that.
    You sound a tad happier dude, or more excited or something.
    Wait no fuck I get it you didn't only plan stuff out for this podcast, you wrote it out and then read it out aloud. Right?
    That's right, a lost cause is not you.
    Yeah it's so obvious you've written this out. You sound like you're dramatically reading something. Your vocabulary, way of speaking and such, are way different.
    Good Guy Mark. <3
    The "that would be silly" part was hella obvious as well.
    Dude is this some sort of letter of recognition towards yourself or something? (Also typing in the background just now, giving you away.)
    But who wants kids over? ;D
    Giving stuff percentages of clean: an indicator that you need to clean, no matter what the percentage is.
    Carpet? Get cool wooden floors man, much easier to keep clean, and they look much better too! Tiles should be avoided though, they are hella cold. ):
    Implying you can't be your own cleaning professional? Sure it'll take some time, and be hella annoying to do, but you can do it!
    Rubbers gloves are a necessary precaution? ...ew
    Just say you used it ironically.
    Playing with your cat? ...ew
    Make a post about irony. Be sure to do some research beforehand!
    Hmm he looked irony up on the spot... perhaps he was checking his own writing?
    You should teach your cats to be less stupid and not vandalize the house. ):
    Learning stuff takes dedication, yeah, and some stuff doesn't stay interesting after an entire course.
    Good to see it's sticked with you, though. Psychology still seems like something that fits you.
    Yeah, mine doesn't grow like cabbage either. But you don't look in the mirror every day, or did you just never notice?
    Just puss out like me and buy one of those automatic electric razorblade thingemabobs. BUT KEEP THE MUSTACHE.
    You didn't "uh" during the listing of the subjects. Definitely pre-written. (And thus a success.)
    JUST WRITE MORE IMMORTAL SPACE. I don't give a turd about your posting schedule for that, we just need more of it is all~

  6. While the thing about the skeletons in your closet really made me laugh I don't think you've done much wrong and even if you have you're probably being hard on yourself and magnifying the problems. I'm frustrated because I'm 12 minutes into this podcast and I just can't see what's up. I find your voice to be clearer perhaps because it was recorded on new equipment but you said it's nothing voice related so I'm not sure, I definitely can't wait to find out. You're not a lost cause either dude, nobody is, especially those of us beneath the age of 30.

  7. i can relate...i have skeletons as well...and ammends i have made and some i will never get the chance to...many i have had to let go of ever coming close to correcting...its interesting to hear your voice...first podcast so would be hard to guess at what might be i wont be a winner but...smiles....ha, the report on the cleaning...oy...not a strong point for me...30-40% clean...smiles..

  8. whoa... i haven't been in this blog for a loooong time. i feel so left out.

    anyway, it seems to me that you dwell too much on negative things. you're lucky you've found your passion for writing. many people (myself included) just don't know what to do with their lives. LOL

    have a nice day! ^_^

    "Diaries of an Indistinctive Writer"

  9. No idea what the new thing is since I've only listened to one or two of your other podcasts. I need more time for checking blogs. ><


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