Friday, 11 January 2013

Hello Blogger, It's Six A.M Here

I am indeed writing to you from the frigid depths of six A.M. Although I'm also writing to you from six A.M Thursday actually. At the time of writing it's been roughly six hours since I recorded the podcast that you listened to yesterday. Yes, I'm screwing with your minds. Although I'm just screwing with your perception of time. This was written on Thursday morning but you're reading it on Friday, so you may have listened to the podcast that was made before this was written.

......This is my brain when I've been awake 20 hours.

Although sadly it's not as fun as when I've been awake for sixteen. That's when I kind of peak for a few hours, then I come back down. That's when I have crazy conversations on Facebook that I really hope no one saw. Now, I know what you're all thinking. You're thinking "DUDE, why did you stay up for 20 hours?" I shall tell you why my children. I choose to blame this on Jessica. Although it does take two to tango. She implied that I couldn't pull an all nighter anymore, and so I had the overwhelming urge to stay up. I asked her if it counted if I stayed up until five, and she said it had to be seven. So with my goal in sight, I turned on my xbox, and played video games for a few hours. I also watched some ponies, and as I said earlier, had horrifying conversations on Facecbook when I was incredibly lucid. 

See a while ago we were talking about how I used to be quite nocturnal, and how it was some of the best times of my life. Maybe I can get more on that some other time. But anyway the point is that we were talking about that a while ago, and she said she didn't think she could do an all nighter anymore because of her age. We're roughly the same age, so I took it as a challenge to stay up. Which is pretty much what I said. I'm repeating myself now.

The point is, I was inadvertently challenged to stay up all night until 7 A.M, and provided I didn't fall asleep within half an hour of setting this post up, I have made it! HA! 

Also in case you're wondering what made yesterday's podcast special was that I was reading off a script I spent an hour plus writing. It was about 2.5k words long, and a website told me it would take about fifteen minutes to read. Thanks to ad-libbing and cats, it took a little longer. So, yep, I actually wrote out, and followed a script. I'll try to remember to edit this post to include a list of people who got this right. If I don't, and you got it, have a cookie*.

*cookies not included, bake your own. Bake me some while you're at it. 

EDIT: At the time I'm going to bed on Thursday night (technically Friday morning because it's 1AM) the only people who were able to guess this correctly were Jimmy Fungus and Fang,

They win...well I don't know what they win. They win a  link! Yeah, that'll do. Part of me was hoping people would just think I had edited it or something. I guess it was actually sadly obvious what I had done. Also, reading this post over, I've realised how non-sensical and silly it is. Ah well.


  1. Do us a favor and never write posts again at this late hour? ;D It's kind of nonsensical, you repeat yourself a couple of times and it's all just blabber.
    ...wait that's perfectly normal nevermind ;D

  2. Dangnabit! I was kind of close, because you never mentioned the length of the post so I'm going to have a waffle instead of a cookie. And, well, I guess you mentioned me in the podcast so yeah, whatever. I won't get a link. Oh, I had one yesterday. Again, whatever.

    LOL - Actually, I think it flowed so well, I didn't notice and to me that means you did a great job, as always!

    1. Now it's me that Rambled but that's because of a Migraine - sorry LOL

  3. I don't think I could pull an all nighter, even when I was 10. I'm glad I won the contest... although I wish there had been some monetary award involved. I would even accept cookies as long as they are delivered to me.

  4. When you stay up for 40 hours in a row, let me know. :P Though that's probably not something to be proud of.

    And I noticed that you were speaking more clearly, almost rehearsed but I just assumed it was because you were more composed because, not crying.

    Yeah, that sounded more dickish than I intended. ._.

  5. I'll admit, I had no idea what the difference was, so I didn't try to make a guess. Now that I listen to the podcast a second time I can kinda hear that you're reading it, but only because I know now. It was pretty seamless yesterday. I liked it.

    On that note... go get some sleep. Or hibernate.

  6. The best script readers are those who can read it and not sound like they're reading it so you've certainly done a good job on this one Mark. Sorry to hear that you were up so early this morning, I wouldn't have the energy to go to the bathroom at six in the morning let alone go on and write a blog haha, great post as usual mate.

  7. i usually wake up at 6am, to get ready for work and what not. the lemming life sucks

  8. Facebook can be tough. It lends itself so easily to "Facebook Spats." You know the kind I mean:
    "No, FU double!!!"
    "Well, you suck!"
    "No, YOU suck!!!"
    "Did I say FU???"
    I wish my mom didn't get a Facebook account.


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