Sunday, 20 January 2013

Epic Hole

I did have something for you today, but then something even better came along. I was talking to Jessica when she shared this video with me, and it was beyond awesome. I don't know how many of you have heard of Jimquisition, or Jimothy Sterling himself, but he's at heart a game journalist. He makes a video once a week where he makes perfect logical sense in a comical tirade about something in the world of gaming. This time though he took a week off to sing a beautiful song dedicated to someone he was in a huge feud with. He even made a music video.

If you like video games, or just enjoy a good rant, I suggest checking out his other videos.


  1. The link isn't showing but I love the thought of using music to settle feuds (presuming the music is all about that! LOL!). Take care

  2. This guy sounds good to me Mark but just like Old Kitty the link isn't working for some reason, I wonder what's wreong with it.

  3. that video was meh... i just cant relate to vidya games anymore

  4. hahaha...funny song and vid...i played a little gears in my day...more a mod warfare and battlefield player though...

  5. Ehhh... The only person I bother watching from the Escapist is Yahtzee.


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