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Before I get in to today's chapter, I would like to make a quick announcement.

According to my calculations, which I just double checked, this is my 600th post. It's kinda fun that my 600th post would be not just an Immortal Space chapter, but such a huge event in the story. I almost wish I had planned it so that I could brag about how perfect a moment it was. Sadly I did not plan it to go this way, but that doesn't take away from how fun it is. Anyway, here's your new chapter. I would say enjoy but given the content....nah.
“Say, why did you tell me to run away when I could have helped?” Geoff asked Trent while they were walking.
    “Why? I was try’na keep ya safe kid.”
    “Yeah, I get that, but I can totally handle myself now you know?”
    “Yes kid, I know that.”
    “Did you see the way I pounded that guy in to the ground?” Geoff said, simulating how he had shoved the guard’s head in to the ground in what Trent thought was a rather over dramatic recreation.
    “Yes kid, I saw.” Trent replied. “Thanks, too, by the way.” He added, somewhat reluctantly.
    “Huh?” Geoff asked, momentarily stunned. “What for?”
    “For stopping me back there. If you weren’t here, well I know what I would have done to those guys wouldn’t have been pretty.”
    “Hey don’t worry about it.” Geoff replied, flashing a smile in the same manner Trent would. “Although actually we could probably do with less pretty, you know? I think I’m pretty enough for the both of us.” Trent laughed at this and would have teased Geoff further but they had found themselves at the end of the corridor and in front of a door with a sign that simply read “Mr Albert”.
    “Well this is it kid. You ready?” Trent asked. Geoff nodded and reached for the door handle. He was about to open it when Trent stopped him. “What are ya thinking kid? You can’t just walk in to a room when you don’t know anything about what’s going on in there. Didn’t you learn nothing from almost being shot when you walked up the stairs?”
    “Oh I learned something alright.” Geoff replied. “I learned this idiot only has four guards and pretty shoddy security.”
    “And what kind of guy do you think would only have four guards and lousy security?”
    “I told you, an idiot.” Geoff deadpanned.
    “Not at all.” Trent replied, shaking his head. “It’s a dangerous man who only has something like that. A man who thinks that no matter who comes, he’ll be able to take care of them.”
    “I think you’re thinking too much.” Geoff said. “He’s clearly just an idiot who thought he was untouchable because he’s so far out of the way.”
    “Then how the heck did he get a bounty so high?” Trent rebutted.
    “You have a good point, sure, but I still think you’re just over thinking this. Trust me, this guy is noth-” Geoff started to say but did not finish. While he was talking he was also opening the door and preparing to step through it. As he stepped through a gunshot was heard, cutting Geoff off in midsentence as he dropped to the floor.

    Trent didn’t react instantly as he was still in shock and all he could do was stare at Geoff lying dead on the floor. He had landed on his back and Trent could see the blood pouring out of a hole over his heart. He was still smiling smugly, having died before he could have felt anything. Trent was broken out of his daze when he heard a laugh from someone who was stood not far from him. When he looked around, he saw someone in a suit pointing a gun at where Geoff had been standing moments ago.
    “You were right, Trent was it? That’s what the kid called you right? I am a very dangerous man.” Steven Albert said. “You should have kept a tighter hold on him you know. If you did I wouldn’t have had to punish him like that.” Trent wasn’t listening though. He kept looking down at Geoff, and back up at the man who was holding the gun. Eventually he let out a primal scream and charged at Steven. He couldn’t even process who he was, he just knew in his head that this was the man who had killed Geoff. Steven shot Trent but it didn’t even faze him. Trent leapt on Steven, knocking him to the ground. He wrapped one hand around his throat, and punched him repeatedly in the head with his other hand. Steven shot Trent between blows in a desperate attempt to get him off of him until he finally ran out of bullets. Trent reduced Steven’s face in to a bloody and beaten mess and was about to deliver the final blow.

“Trent…don’t…” he heard someone faintly whisper. He snapped back to reality and looked around, trying to find who had spoken. He looked at where Geoff had fallen but he was still in the same place, and hadn’t moved. He looked down at what had become of Steven and saw that he was unconscious, and couldn’t have said anything. Before he could think about it any further he finally realised how much pain he was in and shouted in pain before collapsing on top of Steven.

Make sure to watch the video for the full effect. Oh if only I could program it to play when you were done reading the chapter. That would require some very clever technology though.

P.S If things don't read so well, or don't seem a good quality, I just wanted to get this scene written and over with. Expect it to be better quality when I look back over it for the finalised version. You know, if I ever make one.


  1. Whaaa??
    Geoff's dead?I didn't see that coming...does this mean you're ending Immortal space??(If that was meant to be obvious,forgive me for I can be dense sometimes)
    And the Dun Dun Dunnn seemed kinda overjoyed...contrary!

  2. kick it up a notch...nice...hmmm so where to go from here...i like the unexpected....

  3. Haha oh wow, this may have given me an ever so slight case of the sads. The mads, too. Geoff should've been a much more clever guy after all this, right? ):

    Also, he died instantly from a shot to the heart, without feeling anything? Seems awfully improbably. Getting shot in the heart usually causes it to stop pumping, and most blood from higher up in your body (lungs, brain) starts pouring out, as if you poked a hole in a bottle of soda. The heart is broken, so it can no longer pump around blood, and on top of that, blood is being forced away from the top half of your body. Your brain would receive serious damage after 2, 3 seconds, and you'd be pretty dead after 5 or 6 I'd say (those are just rough estimates), but there's a huge chance you'll last long enough to feel the pain, and perhaps even the sensation of blood rapidly evacuating from your body.
    BUT the blow to the chest may have left Geoff in shock. Don't think he'd experience much while in such a state but I'm not sure how quickly it takes effect. Then again, your body's first reaction in such a situation would be to spasm or something, so while having that smug expression still on his face is a nice little touch, it's improbably at best in both scenarios.
    ...sorry. /mourns

    PLOT TWIST: GEOFF IS IMMORTAL TOO (and he didn't move after speaking because he's that much of a troll or something)

  4. Gosh, I've been away for so very long? :O Happy 600th post :)

  5. Nice plot twist!! You write in a way that we feel we're there and that's a rare writing quality sir.

    Congrats on your 600th post!!

  6. Wow is all I can say, I'm absolutely blown by this, didn't expect this at all Mark, poor Geoff! Amazing chapter man, it's amazing that your 600th post happened to fall on such a big moment, I'm shocked at this.

  7. 600 posts?? *slow clap/applaud*.

    great to see you compelled to get that scene done. I wish I could force/dedicate myself to writing like that. I would have finished my screenplay ages ago if I had.

  8. Nice to see a spirit from the blogging world continuing strong, congrats.

    Read through this chapter once, but I'll going to find your previous ones to make sense of it all, but very intriguing nonetheless.

  9. Congrats on 600 posts! And good timing there. :P


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