Thursday, 24 January 2013

Designing And Debating

I once more have a podcast for you which means that I'm on quite a good streak right now for podcasting, which is pretty awesome. Also my spell check recognises the word "podcast" but not "podcasting". That's pretty weird if you ask me. Well anyway on to the podcast. Covered in it is some behind the scenes information on the redesign (which is now totally complete by the way) and also some stuff on something some politician said. It's more about facts and debating than what they said in the end though.

Also thrown in at the end is a bit on my therapy tomorrow. See I can either make a very late live post or have you guys wait until next week to find out how my therapy went. I'm not sure which way to go. I think I'll probably make the late live post though. They barely get read but people find out about them on Monday and eventually get to checking them out.



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  1. lol why did u go with pink?

  2. Spellcheck. Damn things, bane of my texistence.

  3. hey i rather like the pink...i will have to listen this eve as i cant access the podcast from work, hope you have a great day though...

  4. It was Fang that helped you? That's awesome. I've always wanted to give our site a bit of a redesign, but I'm only so-so with code. Don't want to screw things up. Anyway, it looks great, and the pink is a good offset. It's only a small part of the overall design, so it's not like I'm coming to Barbie's dream castle.

  5. Best of luck with the therapy Mark, honestly it's going to great because it sounds like she's a good therapist. Great podcast mate, Fang has done a good job helping you with this. I like the design, whether that makes me sound gay or not.

  6. I think the blog looks great and Fang's help really paid off. I admit, when I heard the knocking and then the doorbell, I got chills but that's because I was watching Ghost Hunters all day yesterday LOL

    I agree - name calling solves nothing.

    Congrats on still being a vegetarian too!

    Good luck at therapy tomorrow (or today).

  7. Lol, just finished commenting over at Fang's blog. I like the new layout btw.

  8. Go late and live. A week's too long.

  9. At least you have a banner, I don't have one still after all these years.

    And yes, yes his opinion of that teacher would change immediately. These kinds of thinkers are idiots and their thinking cannot be changed.

    And fish counts as a meat. I never understood how fish isn't considered a meat.

  10. Australian or British politics are light years ahead of America in terms of sophistication. There are still parts of America that President Obama can't even dare visit because he would be mauled by a lynch mob of hillbillies with pitch forks and shot guns. I don't know how I feel about reading the podcast vs. improvising it. You could compromise and make an outline with notes about that you want to talk about, or do something like that.

  11. Pink it is...still trying to make my self comfortable with the change you have made in your blog!

  12. Very cool blog. Interesting posts. ;)
    Nice atmosphere guests with you here on the blog. ;]
    Yours. Have a nice day. !

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  13. FUCK. I was almost done typing my comment, it sounded like you were closing up. Had to pause, clicked another link, and somehow it replaced this tab. FFFFFF
    Most important part though, was me going aww thanks for the praise and everything. Oh stop it you ;3

  14. I'm very fascinated by British politics and would love to learn more about them!


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