Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Best. Day. Ever. Ish.

I know I said I wouldn't write a post so far in advance again because it just messes with my head but I wanted to write about the pretty good day I had while it was still a good day to me. Even if every day between now (Thursday by the way) and the time you read this (which should be Tuesday) is awful I can remember that I had one pretty good day.

The day started with my plushie toy finally arriving in the mail. It was very well packaged so it took about a minute or so for me to tear in to it but I didn't end up trying to bite my way in to it, for which I'm quite proud. What I'm not quite so proud of are the various sounds I made when I finally got it out of the box. I seriously can not remember the last time I was so deliriously, so purely, happy. I'm so glad Jessica was still asleep and I didn't wake her up.
I paid fifty dollars for her and was thankfully NOT slapped with import taxes this time, and so didn't have to pay anything extra, and I didn't have to kill the UPS man. So everybody won.

My day just kept on being pretty cool too from then. I've had a reasonably busy day. I got a shelving unit type thing for my bedroom that's basically four boxes stacked on top of eachother as drawers and so now my things are much more organised and neater.
They charged us £18 instead of the £15 it was supposed to be, but it didn't really dampen my mood much. Also a keyring I ordered a while back was finally dispatched today. The person making it got a chest infection, so I can hardly blame them for how long it's been. This stuff happens when you buy custom made stuff that isn't mass produced.

There were some not so good moments, such as a shopping trip and my plushie getting slightly dirty from being inside my coat pocket. It's either dirt or the material from my coat pocket, either way she's looking a little dirty. But I'm trying to not let that dampen my mood. What with her being a plushie, I can't put her in the wash, so if anyone does have any advice for cleaning a plush toy, it would be much appreciated. The seller recommended using a cloth with a little bit of water on it and dabbing at it, and that seems to be the general consensus of the internet. It's helping, but not a great deal. I also think it's not as bad as I think it is, I just see it as being so bad because I feel so guilty about her getting dirty.

I wonder if this gif will actually play


  1. I don't know really a whole lot about plushies, but try soaking it in water or something.
    Gifts arriving in the mail is always awesome.

  2. I'm genuinely delighted even if it was an ish!

  3. sounds like the good wins out for the day...sorry it got dirty...and i wont be much help in cleaning it....tried with my sons and was not successful so i wont pass that on....smiles...

  4. She's definitely cute and I'd go with the water technique...it's the safest!
    And yes,the gif works!:)

  5. Well, at least it wasn't the worse day ever...ish.

    Gifts in the mail are always a nice treat. Can change a whole day!

  6. That's got to be the most adorably fifty bucks I've ever seen. Then again, it's still fifty bucks, which seems like way too expensive for a plushy.

  7. Cool plushie!!! Glad you had a good day sir.

  8. Perhaps you could try using a Tide Pen? I'm not really sure how well they work, though. According to the commercials, they're made of dark magic.

    And why was the plushie 50 bucks? Was it hand sewn? Either way it's pretty damn cool. I like the way they did the mane.

  9. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your day Mark although like others have said 50 bucks is a lot, so long as you like it though, that's most important.

  10. That plushie is adorable! Good days are always worth celebrating with gifs like that lol!

  11. GIF SUCCESS. Mail always makes me feel better, especially if it is mail as adorable as that plushie.

  12. The gif works fine. I haven't ordered a plushie for myself in ages. I tend to only get them for Theresa.


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