Monday, 28 January 2013

A True Example Of Irony

I think that, for once, I have managed to find an actual example of irony in my life. If you know me you know I don't ever actually use the word "ironic", at least, not on it's own. I'm always terrified of using it incorrectly. I think for once though that I won't. See I was at work yesterday, and I had my plushie in my pocket (I'll get in to why in a second). My boss noticed and asked me about it and what followed was the most uncomfortable conversation I've ever had in my entire life. I don't mind writing about how much I enjoy My Little Pony, especially not to people who like the show themselves, but when it comes to actually talking about the show I'm not very comfortable and still embarrassed. How is this in any way ironic? I kept my plush in my pocket as a comfort thing. Taking her with me is a very comforting thing for me. Yet I was the most uncomfortable I've ever been right there. Actually the fact that she was a catalyst of the conversation helps it be more ironic.

Well anyway, have yourselves a round up on the house after listening to my sob/not really sob story.

Tuesday was about one of the best days I've ever had where for once, things just kept going right for me. Hard to believe now that was two weeks ago. Though for me a week can seem like a month, and a month can seem like a year. Anyway, yeah, things went pretty well for me. I wasn't TOO suspicious about it, but I did find it hard to relax. I always find it hard to relax when things go right for me.

Wednesday was a celebration of my 604th post. Sort of. I also mentioned that I planned to use the occasion to get around to finally doing the blog redesign I'd wanted to do for a while. As you can see, I was able to get that done in the end.

Thursday was the latest in a long line of podcasts. This one was mostly about the redesign with a behind the scenes look on how Fang helped me with the coding to get things to look right. Also included is my thoughts on something some Aussie politician said, as well as my thoughts on the people who are attacking him for it. He said that he wouldn't want his kids to be taught by a gay teacher, and I said the people calling him various bad names for it are as much in the wrong as he is. I agree his thoughts are flawed, but flawed logically as well, and would choose to use evidence, not four letter words, when addressing him.

Friday was a late post about my latest therapy session. It went pretty well really, I even got some things out I wasn't expecting to come up. I just started talking and before I knew it I was spilling my guts about something. Though there's not much point in saying that because it wasn't included in the post. My next session is Wednesday so look forward to hearing all about it in this Thursday's podcast. Great, now I've said I'm going to do one I HAVE to do it.

Saturday was the latest chapter in Immortal Space in which the story took a slightly different turn. I was looking to split the latest update in to two parts to hold off on revealing a plot point, but didn't know how to do it. As I was writing though I started writing about Trent's past, and I feel that this trend will continue for the next few updates.

Sunday was an incredibly late post, but not by design. I set it up a few days in advance but it didn't publish. I couldn't fix it until I got home and when I got home I saw that instead of it being a scheduling error, the entire post had simply vanished. As if I'd never written it. It was just a song though, and Sunday doesn't get much in the way of views. Still, it's a nice song, so I've decided to stick it on the end of this post too.


  1. CAll me conservative, but people watching MLP that are aged over 10 really confuses me. I'm not saying you're an ass if you watch it, just an honest question of why?
    I'll have to start reading the earlier episodes again before the new Immortal Space makes sense to me.

  2. Haha, great. That, my friend, would probably qualify as irony indeed.
    Too be honest though, I wouldn't hold on too tight to that comfort you get from carrying the plush around. You don't want to become dependent on it.

  3. I think your boss should have asked you, "Is that a plushie in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Or maybe I've just watched too many bad pornos. I'm assuming your boss isn't a young hot chick with big fake boobs and lensless glasses.

    Just opened Immortal Space in another tab, and I am indeed preparing my crybone for a good exercise.

  4. I'm with Buddingwriter on the pony thing but each to his own is my philosophy. Immortal Space was intense this week Mark, beginning to really take shape as something that I look forward to reading every week which is an obvious true testimony of your writing talent.

  5. I've use the word "ironic" wrong on several occasions. Isn't that ironic? (I've looked the correct definition so many times, and it still makes no sense to me.)

    Also, I don't watch MLP, but I've been in situations where I have to explain to people what's so awesome about anime. It usually ends up with them staring at me like I have 3 heads, but whatever. I enjoy it because I do. Simple as that. Though, many don't usually take that as an answer.

  6. well i def think there is some irony there, i take it the convo came out well in the end? i agree in that to each their own...we all have our comfort whether we admit it or not you know....

  7. Welp, I hope your boss was understanding about the whole thing. I also hope it doesn't turn out badly for you.

    And while I might not be a brony, I at least understand why some people may watch and enjoy the show. I won't judge you.

  8. I wish I had a lucky plushie or something. sigh.


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