Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Resolution

This is the continuation of yesterday's piece of Immortal Space. I feel bad that I didn't keep a back up chapter, but I'd feel worse if I made you wait a week to find out what happened. Actually as a piece of fun trivia, I wanted this to end on another cliffhanger, but my fingers were tired from typing and so I had to stop. I ended it before the cliffhanger so instead of ending on a cliffhanger, something major is going to happen near the start of next week's chapter. So instead of a cliffhanger, you get a tease.

“Run down the corridor!” Trent said, pointing towards the end of the corridor. “I’ll take it from here, now go!” Geoff hesitated but he ran after Trent kept shoving him and pushing him in that direction. Trent hugged the wall and stayed as flat against it as possible when he heard someone utter a curse and move down the stairs.
    “Dammit I missed!” He heard a man say.
    “Well they can’t have gotten far, so let’s just clean up.” He heard someone else reply. The first man grunted in reply and Trent heard a click as the man clumsily replaced the magazine in his gun.
    “Grrrr,” he grumbled, clearly having difficulty, “why does the boss insist we use these old guns?”
    “He told you himself. It’s because” his companion started but didn’t finish. They had reached the bottom of the stairs and Trent had lunged at them, the knives he had gotten from Lena in his hands. Even though the men were armoured their hands were not, as they were only wearing gloves. Trent stabbed the first one in the hand, causing him to drop his gun, and tumbled over him and landed on the other guard, shoving the other knife in to his hand. They screamed in pain and the first guard tumbled around but the second one couldn’t do anything because he was still pinned under Trent’s weight. Geoff heard the screams and looked around the corner. He was about to come and help Trent when Trent noticed him and told him to stay back. Trent picked up one of the guns and hit the guy under him on the head, knocking him unconscious. He then grabbed the knife that was in the guy’s hand and jumped on the first guard, pinning him to the ground as he shoved the knife to his throat.
    “How many of you are there?!” He demanded as he pressed the knife down. “How many people are guarding your boss?!”
    “Calm down you idiot!” Trent heard someone say. A second later someone had hit him in the face. He turned around to attack whoever had hit him but stopped when he saw that it was Geoff.
    “What was that for?” Trent demanded, still angry. Geoff shook his head and pointed at the guard under Trent.
    “Look at him, he’s terrified. He can’t tell you anything like that now, can he?” Geoff said. Trent put the knife away and saw the guard calm down. Trent was considering standing up when the guard tried to headbutt him. Geoff grabbed the guards face before he hit Trent and shoved it in to the ground.
    “And you!” Geoff shouted, as he lifted the guard back up. “Don’t be so damn stupid when someone shows you some mercy!” Trent shook his head and stood up, pulling Geoff to his feet as too.
    “Now who needs to calm down?” Trent said with a smile. Geoff grimaced and put his foot on the guard’s chest.
    “Now, call for help already.” Geoff said to the guard. “You know you need it.” Trent looked at Geoff quizzically but didn’t interfere when the guard reached down to the radio on his chest and called for help. When he was done Geoff thanked him and then knocked him out.
    “What was that for kid?” Trent asked.
    “He wasn’t going to tell you how many other guards there were, but this way we bring them to us. Now duck behind that corner again, we’ll be waiting for them this time.” Trent nodded and ducked behind a corner but Geoff pulled the two bodies so they could be seen from the stop of the stairs before hiding behind the other corner. Trent was about to ask him what he was doing but Geoff shushed him and pointed up the stairs where voices could be heard coming from.
    “What have those two idiots gotten themselves in to this time?” They heard someone say.
    “Boss says we have some guests. Leave it to those two idiots. First time we see some action in months, and they get taken out.”
    “Good thing the boss has us to keep him safe, huh?”
    “Ain’t that right?” the other guard replied with a laugh. He stopped laughing when he saw the bodies at the bottom of the stairs. He cursed and the two of them ran down the stairs. They were so engrossed by the other guards they didn’t notice Geoff and Trent as they snuck behind them and attacked them, knocking them out.
    “Kid, you are one master tactician.” Trent said when they were done.
    “Hey, it just made sense.” Geoff said, batting away the compliment. He wasn’t hiding his blush very well however.
    “Do you think that’s all of them?” Geoff asked.
    “I guess it must be.” Trent replied. “The boss knows we’re here, so if there’s anyone else coming after us, they should be here in a minute or two.”

They waited for five minutes but when no one came they decided that the coast was clear and finally headed up the stairs. When they reached the top of the stairs they found themselves in a long corridor. They looked around and couldn’t find any doors along the wall. Geoff looked at Trent but he just shrugged, and the two of them set off down the corridor towards the office at the end.

Yay, action, development, excitement, GORE! A quick note, this chapter was originally going to be a lot gorier, but then it would have been a lot shorter, and not made as much sense. Trent was going to kill the first two guards immediately, but then having to write in the other two guards would have been harder. Although I could have just had the boss send them in after the first two were killed. Oh well. This way isn't so bad.


  1. This is absolutely intense Mark, now I'm definitely glad that you didn't wait until next week to carry on, intense stuff.

    1. Probably my favourite chapter so far as well I might add.

  2. As long as it doesn't become GRIMDARK a little gore never hurts. :P

  3. Hey!!!

    I just got back to blogging a today after three months and I am glad to see that you are still blogging!


    Will keep an eye as usual. Also, great post! :)

  4. The hand-stabbing could have done with a few more gory details, like how Trent could feel the knife hit one of the bones in the hand first, but then quickly slide a bit to the left, past it, completely penetrating stinky bad-guy's hand. Or how Trent first broke one guy's wrist real bad, making some bone partially protrude out of the skin. I don't know, you'd have to do some anatomical research beforehand of course. |D

    But yeah, nice chapter. At first I was like "what the hell is he going to make Geoff the useless sidekick again? That'd be kind of a plot hole?" but then you patched all my fears right up like we were at fucking first aid or something. Great!

  5. Very intense. You're very talented because you keep the reader engaged with your vivid imagery.

  6. def kept me all the way me some action....i think you def can embellish this a bit without going over the top this par tof a larger story you have done? le tme know as i would love to read more...

    one crit, not that you asked, but you use passive language....had gotten or had lunged....i would cut the intensitfies the action a bit...makes it more active....

  7. Geoff seems to be the Hermione Granger of the duo because he does all the thinking...or he did this time anyway. It's good for Geoff to be making a contribution. Otherwise Trent and Geoff would kind of remind me of Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit.


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