Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Cliffhanger

This Immortal Space update is quite the cliffhanger and for that all I can really do is apologise. I don't really like reading incomplete stories, such as comics and manga, and having them end on cliffhangers. But there was no other way I could end this one. However I do have some good news for you. Because this is a cliffhanger I had to keep writing so the next part is finished too, and I'll be uploading it tomorrow, rather than making you wake a week for it. For now, enjoy your cliffhanger in a creepy building.

“Wait, wait!” Geoff said as he was dragged along by Trent. Trent stopped and Geoff followed suit.
    “What? Why do we have to stop? We only just got here, you can’t be tired already.”
    “It’s not that.” Geoff said, shaking his head. “It’s not that, it’s just that.” he said, pulling his arm away from Trent and continuing to walk towards the door on his own. “I can walk perfectly fine on my own, thanks.” Trent shrugged and caught up to Geoff. When they actually got to the door of the building, it looked a lot bigger than it did from the ship. It still looked fairly ordinary though. From up close they did notice that there didn’t appear to be as many windows as there should be. They figured it was simply that there wasn’t really much to see and after a quick look at each other and a shrug they went inside.

If the outside was plain and ordinary then the inside was actually worse, and somehow more disappointing. When they walked in to through the front doors they found themselves in what looked like a general office reception area. There was even a desk in the middle of it. When they looked around they found that for all intents and purposes, they really were in a reception area. They saw corridors going off in all directions and they saw a few offices too. There was one thing they did not see, however.
    “Hey, Trent” Geoff said, looking around with a nervous look on his face.
    “Yeah kid?” Trent replied, wearing a similar expression.
    “Just…where is everyone?” Geoff asked. Despite the size of the area, and the fact it had a desk in the middle of it, there was not one person in sight. Even if everyone was working, and they were all in their offices, there should have at least been a receptionist.
    “Never mind that, kid. Why is it so quiet?” Trent replied. As well as there being nobody in sight, they also couldn’t hear anything. “I figured everyone might be in their office, but shouldn’t we be able to hear something?” Trent said.
    “Are you sure we got the right place?”
    “And just how many buildings do you know out in the middle of nowhere? This is the place. It’s just…a little emptier than I expected.” Trent said, sounding a little dejected. He started to walk towards a corridor and motioned for Geoff to go down another one. They split up and began searching the offices. They checked every single office they passed and saw the same thing in every one of them. They met back in the middle and they couldn’t keep their looks of disappointment hidden from the other.
    “Was it the same on your end?” Geoff asked, though he thought he already knew the answer.
    “If you mean that I couldn’t find anyone, then you’re right.” Trent said, confirming what Geoff thought. “We can worry about that later, though.” Trent said, snapping Geoff out of his thoughts. He had indeed been contemplating just what could be going on. “For now we need to focus on finding our bad guy.”
    “Right.” Geoff said, looking determined. “If you were a bad guy in a big, and surprisingly empty, building, where would you be?” He asked. The two of them stood pondering for a few seconds. “The top floor!” They said in unison. They giggled to themselves before looking at the signs above the corridors before Geoff spotted what they were looking for.
    “There.” He said, pointing to a sign. When Trent looked where he was pointing he saw a sign that said “Elevator” and the two of them set off down that corridor. Because this was a corridor they hadn’t already walked down they couldn’t help but look through the windows as they passed them but they saw what they expected; nothing but empty offices. They reached the elevator and were quite pleased to discover that as empty as the building was it still had power and the elevator was usable. They climbed inside and looked at the buttons that represented the floors. They found that the elevator went to, at the highest, the 29th floor.
    “What kinda building only has 29 floors?” Geoff asked, bemused. Trent shrugged and pushed the button.

The trip wasn’t as long as expected and within a minute or two the elevator pinged and they stepped out. They looked around and saw that, once again, they were in an entirely empty office space. They split up and looked around again and met up at the end of their respective corridors when they met in the middle. Neither of them had been across the entire floor but they decided that there was no need to.
    “Same again?” Trent asked.
    “Same again.” Geoff replied, sighing. “Completely empty offices, across the floor.”
    “I guess you were right.” Trent said. When he saw Geoff’s look of confusion, he expanded what he said. “You were right when you asked what kind of building only has 29 floors. I guess this place actually doesn’t have just 29 floors. You happen to spot a stairwell kid?” Trent asked. Geoff shook his head in response.
    “I didn’t but that doesn’t mean we won’t find one if we look. I guess it’s at the other end of the floor.”
    “I guess it is.” Trent said. “It looks like we’re splitting up again then. You go that way,” he said, pointing in the direction Geoff had come from, “and I’ll go this way.” He added, pointing back at the direction he had come from. Geoff nodded and set off in the direction Trent had indicated. When they got to the end of their respective corridors they turned and continued on to the other end of the floor. The corridors connected again at the end and in the middle of the connection they found a stairwell that went up, but didn’t go down. It was designed only to take people from the 29th floor to the 30th, and back.
    “Well, that’s confusing.” Trent said when he saw the stairs.
    “Yeah, but what can you do?” Geoff said, starting to walk up the stairs.
    “Wait, kid! Wait!” Trent said as he saw Geoff going up the stairs.
    “This again?” Geoff said, but he did stop. “What are we waiting for this time?”
    “Don’t just rush up the stairs, you don’t know what’s up there.”
    “Have you seen this place?” Geoff said, motioning around. “It’s empty, and I bet my life that up here is just as empty.” He said. With that he walked up the stairs. Trent tried to grab him but he was already out of reach.
    “Oh…bloody Hell.” Geoff said, his old British accent slipping through. Trent didn’t wait to hear what he saw and instead dashed up the stairs and grabbed Geoff and pulled him back down the stairs and ducked behind a corner. The bullet that whizzed past him as he did it, and would have hit Geoff had he been a second slower told him all he needed to know.

Oooh snap! Action!

Tune in tomorrow to find out how our dashing heroes handle this new situation. Sadly the answer does not involve whipped cream.


  1. what?!
    And wait,would the whipped cream answer have been better??

  2. crap...ate my comment....

    rather like cliffhangers..esp if i know they are continuing...though a cliff hanger can be a nice close as it allows the reader to fill in...

    be careful what you assume, esp when the bullets start flying...ha...

  3. I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but a dumb partner ain't one!

    Exciting stuff! And yesssss, update tomorrowww! Can't wait man, we're finally getting some action! ;D
    (Also lots of "and"s in that second to last sentence.)

  4. I'm intrigued as hell by this Mark and can't wait to read what happens next here, getting to find out tomorrow is a nice treat so kudos to you for that one my man.

  5. I am not really a reading type of guy... I'm a more sit on my butt and listen to someone read to me type of guy. So, when I saw how long this post was I was like "Ugggg!" But about halfway through you had me hooked, and now I can't wait to find what happens next...

  6. You're much nicer than I am, Mark. I would make everyone wait to see what happens next! Cliffhangers are the best and you did a great job with this one.


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