Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Tiredness, It Burns!

Sorry to say guys but I don't have a podcast for you today. I have had a tiring past couple of days. On Tuesday Jessica came over and yesterday I had to be up early to babysit. Late night + early morning = whole lot of tiredness. So, for that, I am sorry. Instead just have these random thoughts I probably would have said anyway. Just read them in my voice and the effect is the same!

I had a very strange thought today. You see, for quite some time now (we've all seen Pirates of The Caribbean) the captain of a ship had the power to marry people on his ship. So I found myself wondering just how long there have been gay marriages. Let's face it, on ships, especially in the old days, nearly everyone on board was a man. Sure, there was the occasional female passenger, and more transport ships of people going to different places, but for the most part the seas belonged to the men. Also, let us not forget that there are technically no laws in international waters. You sail a boat out far enough, you can do anything, even marry a man. Think about that.

PS I'd love to get married on a boat, especially to a dude. In fact were it not to a dude I probably wouldn't want to, I can't swim so I'd just do it to piss people off.

It turns out my sister still reads this thing every so often and with the high rate of pony related posts lately she just came out and asked me today if I like MLP. I simply said yes, my mum awwwwed, my other sister said she liked it to, and the sister who asked just pretty much said "that's that then". So, yeah, the family know and it didn't go that bad at all. At least, not while I was there, God only knows what they say to eachother.

Also, because my sister occasionally reads, expect a return to total and utter seclusion and a complete re-distancing of me personally.

All my wub are belong to Fluttershy. It's times like this I consider something may be wrong with me.
Sad news is that what with all this extra tiredness I've not really done too well in terms of therapy goals. I've not done any writing so far (but plan to do some tomorrow) and I've barely been outside (but I did walk to the supermarket today even after waking up early and spending two hours with a demon child, A.K.A one of the nieces who is actually totally adorable and not in any way evil) so really the day hasn't been a total bust, and neither has the week. I didn't let being tired stop me and I still went out.

Annnnndddd....That's that for now. Have a good day folks!


  1. Well your family shouldn't have a problem with you liking the show. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, right?

    Also, now that you mention it, yeah, international waters are the safest place to be. That's also why old pirate radio stations were sent from sea. This is also why I kind of want to build an island-ship.

    1. You put italics in a comment...are you a wizard? Have you seen some of the really depraved and seriously weird fans? I have. I've seen fans that make me sad I'm a fan, and can be bunched in with them.

      You can build an island ship, but I don't know how well you're going to do as far as being self sufficient. I'd love to live on the sea but I'd have to come into port occasionally for supplies and get screwed by the man. There actually is a community in Vietnam though who live on the ocean and in their lives never step foot on dry land.

      Oddly enough I learned that from Top Gear. A show about cars that go fast.

  2. You are entitled to your choice of shows you know...and what's wrong with MLP??
    It's just as good as any of the depressing nonsense on the,it's better.
    And the ship part makes sense...wonder why that didn't occur to me before!
    And Fang how did you put italics in the comment???

    1. I say he's a wizard. Things just randomly appear in my brain. It's probably the reason I can't sleep, my brain just won't stop processing things even when I'm not using it consciously and properly.

  3. There are much worse shows to watch than MLP. I'd admit to watching that before I ever admitted to watching something like Jersey Shore (which, for the record, I don't).

    Also, the thought of two male pirates getting married is kind of funny to me. One of them is wearing a piece of the sail as a wedding dress. But I bet you're right--in the history of the world, it had to have happened at least once. It just seems impossible not to.

  4. I can imagine what kinds of things went on at sea back in the day (both good and bad). Having no laws to obey would just make it crazier. I really couldn't survive in any environment where cold Diet Pepsi and Excedrin were not available, so I am pretty sure I wouldn't have made it as a pirate.

  5. Seeing how there are no rules in international waters, I bet a few pirates married their pet parrots.

  6. Sorry to hear about your lack of goal progress and your tiredness buddy, you're so right that late nights and early starts are never a good idea, hopefully you get a good night's sleep tonight and it evens out soon for you.

  7. you know, you are hilarious!

  8. When the pirates got to the ports they ravaged the prostitutes

  9. hey...i understand the whole not getting to things...especially the past few days!

    and by the way, i got married on a ship. to a man. but does that really qualify as to what you were talking about since i'm a girl? hmmm...

    also, you get an apology in my post that just went up...i had some technical difficulties and accidentally deleted your comment this morning. I AM SO SORRY!

  10. Hey, everyone has a show they like, so there's no harm there! :D

  11. gay seamen. never thought of it that way. makes sense though.

  12. Your sister reads your blog? I can't stand to have any of my family read my blog.

    Or almost anyone I know in real life.

    I just like keeping secrets I guess.

  13. When I first started my blog I told everyone about it.
    Now I really do regret it.
    Luckily it's only my really close friends who read it sometimes, but still...


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