Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Ten Billionth Award Ceremony

Okay I haven't quite gotten ten billion awards (yet, give it a few years) but I did get one recently and I figured I really haven't gotten one in quite some time I might as well go and make a post about it. I'd take a page out of GluttonDan's (formerly WorkingDan) book and piss on it from a porch but I don't have a porch. So I guess I kind of have no choice but to accept it. Plus it's the first time I've gotten this one and generally my policy on these awards is to make a post the first time I get one, and then just leave it at that. So yep, on with the post. 

The award in question is the Adorable Blog Award. 
Even the award is adorable
Given high amounts of pone on the blog lately I do think it really has been more adorable than usual so yay. I got it from Althea and she said I have to answer the same questions she did. So let's have a look at those.

Q1  If you were stranded on a beach in the middle of no-where, which three people would you have with you? 

Jessica and two random people we can use as food. Omnomnomnomnom.

Q2  Which celebrity(s) would you love to meet?

Tara Strong. She has been in absolutely everything ever. I'd also like to meet Bruce Dickinson, Ville Valo, William Control, and Darren "Lord and Master" Hayes.

Q3  If you won one million pounds/ euros - whatever, what would you spend it on?

Plushies. Lots and lots of plushies. So many plushies. I'd also buy several cats, and a house to, well, house them in. Then I would put the rest in some kind of savings scheme so that in a few years more time, I could buy MORE plushies. I'd obviously need to leave out enough to survive for those few years. Though I guess if I won a million I could become a minor celebrity for a few weeks for more money.

Q4  Pick two people you can't live without.

Jessica and hmm...wow. I genuinely think I could live without anyone else in my life. Give me a second here...nope no one outside of the family. Even inside the family I would say only my dad is the one I truly depend on. I'd be sad, sure, but I could keep living. I don't think there really is anyone I could genuinely not live without. If I lost Jessica I wouldn't be a pretty sight for quite some time, and by God it would really, really damage me, but I always seem to get through everything.

Wow some of these questions really weren't adorable at all.

Have another cute picture.


  1. Shiny...well,not actually!
    But congratulations anyway(even though you don't exactly sound thrilled about it) at the new addition to your collection!

  2. I love how you would just bring two random people for food. Just some random fodder please! Great thinking - you'll survive the apocalypse for sure! When are you and Jessica getting married? ha ha

    Congrats on the award!

  3. Fun answers here Mark. You're mind is an interesting place to take a peak into. I saw plushies and rainbows and cats-you're Adorable!

  4. Congratulations, and I know how you feel, after a while one award is just like another.

  5. Congrats on the award and some really great answers! Your answer to the million dollar question was a helluva lot more original than I would have made it.

  6. Congratulations on this adorably-named adorable blog award! :) I like how you write PLUSHIES. I think I'll start using that term from now in day-to-day conversations hahaha

  7. I may not like getting these awards very much but I do like to see people get them. The answers make it worth it to witness!

    I can't exactly see you pissing on the awards though. Way to back off and leave the award mutilation to the professionals! lol

  8. I love the answers here Mark and the answer to what you'd do if you won that money, it's different than what most people would normally say which helps me love it. Congratulations on that award buddy, even looking at you from a guy's perspective you are adorable!

  9. Congratulations, weirdo :P

  10. Dude why is Luna so adorbs isn't she supposed to be evil or something. ):
    Also dat Pinkie shrug.

    >become a minor celebrity for a few weeks to earn money
    Yeah it wouldn't be the first time for you to sell out like that. ;D

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I think I almost chocked on the 'two random people we can use as food. omnomn' part haha! I think I've said this before but you and Jessica's relationship awww, it's so lovely! Anyways, congrats on the award :)

  13. I'd actually really like it if you were to get ten-billion awards. That means you would be here so long that immortal space would have umpteen awesome chapters.

  14. I love the idea of using people as a food source when you are stranded. That is some good thinkin'.

  15. Congrats on your blogging award. :P

  16. Wowzaz. So Working Dan is now Glutton Dan, and you have won yet another award. Miss a little miss a lot. Ya know if you were on a beach in the middle of nowhere you could fish for your food so you didn't have to eat other humans. Just sayin'.

  17. Remind me not to take up an invitation from you to go on a beach holiday with you.
    Congrats on the award. Great answers to the questions

  18. very very happy for you :)
    Congrats for the award...
    I wish I could get one ...hope it happens :)


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