Thursday, 20 December 2012

The End Of The World Address

While a few subjects were covered in what may well be my last podcast (cos, you know, the world ends tomorrow) the main is of course the aforementioned end of the world, and how actually it may not come to pass.

Also included is my thoughts on how the commercialisation of Christmas is actually a good thing and helps spread the true Christian message more than preachers who insist you're going to Hell by not attending Christmas mass or remembering the true spirit of Christmas. I personally think that by giving people things we ARE celebrating the true spirit of Jesus, and of Christianity. One thing he preached was giving of ourselves to others.

There's also a reminder that I have a therapy session tomorrow, assuming I'm not running for my life, or dead, so that post is going to be an extremely late livepost.



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  1. I appreciate the advance notice of when you'll be ending the world. That will just help me prepare mentally, plus, get the kids over here so we can all die together, defend the homefront till the bitter end and all that. So, cool, thanks!

    I don't think it will end either. I saw a documentary last year about the discovery of another Mayan calendar and I haven't been able to find it anywhere. It was on either Discovery or History channel. They found the calendar a few years ago and wanted to go public with it but one of the people wanted money or something and now, I'm going to Google the story...see what billions of stories it turns up.

  2. Oh cmon...where do these rumours come from?!
    Nope the world isn't going to end.
    And Christmas commercialisation...umm,can't really comment because we don't celebrate it and I'm Christian...but I admit it would be fun giving and getting presents but not because it's obligatory...which is kinda obvious...anyway,Cheerio!

  3. Dat opening. 8D
    Joke's on you though the God'll make it end December 22nd.
    Poles don't reverse suddenly, and it'd have no real effect.
    >world ends
    >life is kind
    what the what
    I won't escape it? I already have a spaceship handy, so hahaha, you ain't gonna get me!
    It ain't murder if you yell surprise!
    Dude that's... wow. Well, if I ever die, my last words'll be "fuck you and your dastardly good looks, Mark". That okay?
    Nope, not Friday down under yet, so ha.
    The fuck are you breaking down? What is that noise?
    "and that's wonderful"
    Dude it's becoming an awfully depressing podcast ):
    Noooo, no cliffhangers!
    Yeah, so don't die yet!
    Ahaha, yeah, noble present-give- oh wait nevermind then.
    Segways suck balls.
    Yeah of course Christmas is commercialized.
    You buy gifts to give, though it's still weird it's only really done during Christmas. Can't we be kind all the time?
    Yeah go ahead Mark stretch out the ending into 1.5 minutes.
    Good luck with your therapy! Bye!

  4. I'm not a fan of the fire and brimstone approach either. Especially since EVERYTHING will land you in hell. "Oh, you didn't get anything for your loved ones for Christmas? You're selfish! You're rude! You're going to hell!"

    "You bought a ton of things to give your family for Christmas? You're focusing on material goods, not Jesus! You're going to hell!"

    Is there ever a situation where anyone wins?

  5. The Mayans didn't account for Leap Years, so the date for the end of the world is waaaaaay off. I think we'll all be here next week.

    We don't have any money for pressies this year so I can't give material things to people. But I do know the reason for the holiday-to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. No presents are needed for that.

    The religious right is a scourge on humanity and they probably are going to hell.

  6. I'm going to miss your podcasts so much if we all die but this is a good way to go out, great one as usual buddy.

  7. I was pondering this issue of knowing the end of the world, because of all the technology we have. Well, I imagine it would be like in the Superman comics where no one would believe Krypton was going to blow up because they were in denial. Or the powers that be, wouldn't even let the masses know the world would end because of the mass panic. I really don't like the commercialization of Christmas because I work in retail, and anyone who works in retail hates Christmas (especially if they have been working it for years like me) just ask them. Well, I don't know how it is in Europe. I think Christmas is a bigger deal in the U.S., so maybe you have not really seen first hand what I am talking about.

  8. I get so sad when I can't listen to your lovely voice :(

    I have a feeling that we are going to be just fine tomorrow..I mean, its already tomorrow on the other side of the world!! But do we have to go by whatever time zone Mexico falls into because that is where the Mayans lived? I'm so confused as to when to expect the apocalypse!

  9. Herald the return, we may. Although, about the weather. It was very warm here last night, but after bedtime got very cold and windy. I could swear it was a 40 degree swing. Maybe I'm just too sensitive, or the world could possibly be ending.

    I vote with you on the cause of the end. Natural and divine goes along with the poles if that's the switch. I'm not sure how long we'd live after that.

    To correctly predict would be to have more than an educated guess, and therefore impossible to do for the end of the world. I came to that conclusion when I was thinking of how people could stave off the rapture by having prophets say the second coming is happening that day. By naming each time as the time, they'd know from scripture that it would be wrong.

    I'm glad that if it does end, I did get to listen to your podcast and write on the points.

    Time zone delayed ending would be fun to watch for the last time zone. But I'd feel sorry for those in Grenwich time, because they'd be first.

    I'm ashamed that I didn't spend much on gifts. I won't be as mad, then I don't have the cash for much. I bought some clay I'll make masks for everyone.

    Nice segue, indeed.

    I won't tell the christians that it's not his birthday. Secret's safe with me.

    Your explanation that it fosters the giving spirit that Jesus taught actually softens the edge of the jaded view I have of holiday commercialism.

    I'd have been happy with you stretching this last(hopefully not) podcast to twenty minutes. Take care, Mark and good luck at your therapy session tomorrow.

  10. The CAN'T end tomorrow! It's Payday.


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