Monday, 10 December 2012

That Week Lasted Forever

Seriously, last week seemed to last forever. I really need more stuff to do I guess. Though it's odd because the last time I had a really productive day it seemed to last forever and ever and just not end. I get the feeling this week is going to drag on too. Just like this post seeing as I'm going to turning it into six posts in one. I think, let's count them!

1.Tuesday was the sparkling revelation of just how much I still hate myself and the main reason I don't seem to be changing is because I don't do anything for myself. That makes it sound bad. It was sort of a stream of consciousness as I started writing while depressed and getting everything out. Then it ended abruptly when I started crying and thinking that there was no hope for me.

2. Wednesday was much much happier. It was technically a guest post by our good friend Fang who had written a story where me and him meet and it was just so sweet (and gay) I had to share it. Seriously, it's pretty damn gay. In the gay sense, not the bad sense.

3. Thursday was my latest podcast in which I mostly talked about the goals that had been set in therapy the week before and how well I had managed to stick to them. This included editing my first short story from my collection and I hope to edit the second too. Who knows, if the world doesn't end, maybe I'll actually get around to releasing it in a few months.

4. Friday was my latest livepost about therapy, written when I got home from it. It was a pretty cool session, right up until she decided that I would have to write the agenda for the next session, and disagreed with me that I'm not doing it just for her. Then she said screw it, and told me what to do knowing I would do it for her. She's crafty, I like that. The good part is I don't have a session this week, and my next session is the day the world ends so maybe I won't even have to worry about it.

5. Saturday was the latest update in Immortal Space. It was the start of Geoff's date with Lisa, and the start of Trent messing with Lena. Don't worry, it will all end well. What I also managed to achieve was to at long last update the Immortal Space page up there. Every update is now linked up on that page. Now to hope I can keep up with it.

6. Sunday I posted some songs created by the folks who are part of the My Little Pony fandom. But, seriously, those songs are epic and you don't even have to like the series to enjoy them. It's pretty much all I've been listening to and now my fan levels have gone through the roof.

So, there you have it, that really was six posts in one.

Don't tell anyone but I do sometimes feel bad that I spend about 10-20 minutes writing those posts, and they end up so long and detailed, and then I sum them up in a few words. Oh well.


  1. You could just post the detailed version with the summed up version as a tl;dr at the top or bottom?

  2. It's nice to see the Immortal Space page being updated. Also, I clicked some of those My Little Pony songs expecting to hate them... and I don't. Some of them are quite good. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

  3. My week last week felt like forever too, Mark. Hopefully, your week this week won't drag on...

  4. I agree. Last week seemed like it would never end. All I wanted was for the installation to begin on my kitchen. Plus, I still had all that demo to do and I couldn't read/comment on blogs. Now the "pros" are here and I'm relegated to the upstairs where I CAN read/comment (oh yeah, and play Words With Friends).
    Plus, apparently, there's something called "Christmas" going on.

  5. Don't worry Mark this post didn't cause me any bother at all, great post buddy. Last week went by pretty quickly for me which is good because if I stopped and realised how dark these nights are I'd be very depressed. In fact I feel that depression coming on now haha.

  6. When you get to be my age, time seems to speed up. You're rushing headlong towards the grave and there's no brake pedal on the life ride.

    You had a productive week Mark, you really did accomplish some important things. For my part, it was nice to meet Fang so I'm glad you had him do that post.

  7. If I had to sum up my week it would probably be the most boring thing anyone has ever read their entire life.. so congrats on having a fairly interesting life, so feel good about that.


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