Sunday, 2 December 2012


As you know I've not been feeling too great these days, but for the most part it seems to be going away. Or I'm getting better at repressing it, who knows? Well one thing I do know is that when I was younger and life got me down there was one band I would turn to. Okay there were several bands I would turn to, and many a song, but I really do know a lot of songs to pick you up and throw you out to the world with a sword in one hand an a torch in the other (heh, references). You could almost consider this a continuation of a series but anyway, enough wall of text, have some Stratovarius.

This is a song that ALWAYS hit me, and if I wasn't listening to Meatloaf on my headphones I'd listen to it again right now. Then again I am putting it in a post and I won't always be listening to Meatloaf. I could always maybe visit my own blog for once.

As the top comment said, this song cures depression and as the titles says, just carry on. Those three words really got me through a lot.

Damn tomorrow I need to be up at half eight, I can't be sleeping this late again. I really need to mix in some easy listening when I go to sleep, not more power metal.

Ah well.


  1. These boys have been around a long time. I remember them from the 80's and 90's and I think they're still working.

    What was odd about them was that they hired session drummers to do the albums and at one point they hired a session drummer to play behind the bands drummer.

    I like Meatloaf too Mark. Good stuff today.

  2. I've never heard of these guys before Mark so this is all a real treat, love this music man, absolutely inspirational and happiness inducing stuff.

  3. I think that music helped me get through some tough times in life too. That's why I give some of the artists who created it a pass when I hear something in the press about them behaving like a jerk, or doing something not so nice. Their music did a lot of good for people, perhaps even saved a life or 2.

  4. Awwww but it's Christmas and the sun is out and the frost is crisp and the air is cold!! :-) But seriously though - I'm glad these songs lift you up and make you feel better! I hope you managed to get up in time and I hope the week works out wonderfully for you!

    Take care


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