Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Six Steps To Being Happy

I was reading through my psych textbook yesterday, doing what I had to do, when there was an activity for me to do that I could turn in to a post. The activity was to look back through the textbook at certain sections and come up with a response to someone who asks you for help becoming happier. I had to think up six ways this person could try and lead a happier life. The almost sad thing is that I could do this for anyone but myself. But let's not get into that, let's focus on becoming happy.

1: Go on a healthier diet. I'm not saying cut out meat and increase vegetables (though actually I partly am, you just don't have to go to extremes). A balanced diet helps give your body the nutrients it needs to keep your body going with enough energy to get through the day and do what you have to do.

2: Exercise. Even if it's just going out for a little walk you'll get yourself plenty of oxygen and keep your serotonin levels up. For those who don't know serotonin keeps your mood up, so it can be pretty good when it comes to picking up your mood. Plus, as you've seen through me, going out for exercise can help boost your self esteem.

3: Think about things more positively. It sounds cheesy but if you take bad things that happen, and try to find some good in them, you can cope with them easier and of course, stay focused and positive and not get bogged down in depression. You don't feel like you can go out? Then try and do something good inside instead. Normally when I feel like I can't cope with going outside for a walk I do some indoor exercise.

4: Focus on the positive things that happen, as well as the negative ones. A good way to do this is at the end of the day you write down three things that went good, and three things that went bad, and why they were good or bad. This helps you remember that even though negative things happened, positive ones did too and it helps you deal with the negative ones.

5: Try to form a good social relationship with someone, find some friends. Having someone to talk to, someone who is there for you, seriously makes you feel good. Hell you saw how being part of a group can make you feel when I shared that essay I wrote. You have an interest? Join a forum or chatroom or a messaging board on that subject. Having people to talk to about My Little Pony has helped me come to terms with the fact I like it, and feel better about that.

6: Find, and do, something you enjoy doing. It sounds obvious but it's surprising how little people seem to be willing to do something they enjoy doing when they find themselves depressed. It's a tough cycle to break but by doing something you enjoy you'll pick yourself up. Especially if you're good at what you do, and you embrace that.

So, there you have it, six ways to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start walking down the path to happiness.

God this post was cheesy.

P.S Today is 12/12/12, enjoy it because it's the last time we'll have a matching date for quite some time. I am going to cry so much on 11/12/13. We need a thirteenth month, just so I can have that feeling for one more year.


  1. I am all about three and five! If you can take a bad situation and find the good in it, then you'll be a healthier person for it. Not cheesy at all, Mark. At least not to me. It's probably where the saying there's a silver lining around every cloud comes from. Also, if you can find people to bond with in social settings, I think that helps you want to attend them. Be it work, meetings (gee wonder why I think that), class, etc. It provides motivation.

    Great job on this, Mark!!

  2. I agree with all of these six points Mark, there are certain steps you can do in your life that aren't massive changes but after time they build up and cause happiness and I genuinely believe this. If you make a positive change no matter how small it is eventually it will lead to improved happiness, great post buddy, I think that you've got this down to a tee in all honesty.

  3. After a bad day, I crave a walk. It really does make me feel better.
    These are all great points and I like to think I already do so many of them instinctively

  4. I think we forget about the impact diet has on our mood. Caffeine and sugar can really cause mood swings. And this isn't at all cheezy. It's practical and useful.

  5. I really think all sixof these steps are so vital Mark. Thank you for posting this!

  6. This stuff is pretty good...except when one really is stuck in a mood...and by that I mean wallowing is self-pity.I remember how nothing...nothing would help me when that happened.
    But it's a nice check-list to have and you're going to ace your papers if your textbook is stuff like this!

  7. Wow, these are excellent tips, Mark! I know exercise and good dieting ha s definitely sapped me out of a funk. But the best cure for me is number 5. Nothing fights back depression like a late night of drinking and reminiscing with one of your closest pals. Excellent post!

  8. Cheesy perhaps, but still good advice! You should print this out and hang it up where you'll see it every day; maybe then you can do it for you too. :)


  9. One day when you make the big time as a big shot author, you could make a bundle writing this book on how to be happy. Though in the meantime you are giving out this advice for free, and I am the beneficiary of that. Yay.


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