Friday, 14 December 2012


So I'm at my mum's house and she says to me that she has no idea what to get me for Christmas, and asks me if I would rather have some money (and some small presents she always gets me like clothes) or just ask for something, and I actually freeze. See, there are two points I need to raise at this moment. One has come up before but the one that hasn't is I still enjoy the surprise of Christmas. I still enjoy that moment of "oooh what's this?!" I get when I get a present from someone. Whenever I get something from my dad, I know what it is because chances are I helped pay for it (I always get laptops and gaming related things from him, those things aren't cheap) so I like the surprise to come from my mum. So that's why I don't like telling her what to get me. The other problem is quite similar to the one I discussed about goals. There's not much I seriously want. Not enough to tell someone to get it for me. Factor in the self hating and what you have there is someone who not only won't tell someone what they want, but actively CAN'T. It's the second time this year I've been asked what I want, and I have no answer. I can say "oooh I want this game" and chances are I do, but do I feel like I deserve it? Do I feel like I want someone to actively spend their money and buy it for me? More often than not, I don't.

The choice here is fairly obvious. I either get the surprise from Jessica who never asks me what I want, and my sisters (who also never ask) and thus tell my mum something I want. Or I become comfortable with the idea of her just giving me money she otherwise would have spent on what I want. The right thing to do would be to tell her and that way she gets to know something about me, and it will help her the next time a present giving comes around. My family is very out of date when it comes to my tastes. My youngest sister, who knows everything about everyone (seriously she knows every birthday she's ever been told, even for fictional characters. I asked her when Harry Potter's birthday was and she told me not just his, but Daniel Radcliffe's too. Freaky) didn't know what I liked. Or I could tell my sister to tell her to get something. My mum told me what to get one of my sisters and one of my sisters told me what to get for her. Although I think I need to get a little something extra for her.

For now I told my mum that basically I would look online, and post a few things I want to Facebook, and she can pick one. That way, I still get some of the surprise. But I can't go through with that because I don't like the idea of people spending money on me, ever, and can't just tell someone something I want.

It's a catch-22 and basically I'm just a whiny little bitch sometimes.
Pretty much the face I pull when thinking this stuff out. PS. There won't be a picture every post, I just wrote this one after I wrote yesterdays cos I'm a filthy cheater.


  1. Yep the facebook way sounds the most compromising(as in, good for both sides)...or maybe you should just tell your mom.
    The surprise element keeps reducing after every year for me too,part of growing-up maybe!

  2. I have my kids write down several things after Thanksgiving and then keep adding to the list up until the week before Christmas. It's been that way since they were able write. Before that, they pointed at magazines. Even now, I've got a catalog from several of the stores around here because I want them to have a happy face on Christmas, not a boo boo face, like the one in the picture.

  3. I can't stand surprise gifts any more, I let people know what I want well in advance.

  4. I didn't get too many people surprise gifts this year. I'd rather know what they want so I don't let them down (except for my niece and nephew, they're fun to shop for). As for me, though, I can never think of something I want for myself. Not because I don't like people spending money on me, but because I am pretty damn spoiled and have pretty much everything I need. Gah, I'd much rather have the holiday season be an Easter/Thanksgiving Part II.

  5. If anything, try selfishly asking for what you want, instead of taking into consideration whether you deserve it or not. It's kurisumasu, after all~
    /insert fucking stupid christmas-elf emoticon here

    Also, something tells me that picture is a personification/human form of a pony... My eyebrow gets stuck to the ceiling suspiciously.

  6. You know, you could always ask that she send the money to a charitable foundation of your choosing instead.

    Everyone wins, just make sure you send it to a group that'll actually use it for good.

  7. I think that money is the best idea Mark because one can never have enough money in my dirty capitalist mind haha, you'll work something out and have a great Christmas regardless.

  8. I don't like to get stuff I don't don't give me a Mercedes for Christmas. I would take it, begrudgingly, but I would take it.

  9. Oh I LOOVE people spending money on me. As long as I don't have to take out my sad little wallet, I'm fine.

  10. Nice face :P
    Things will work out don't worry.


  11. I use to give people gift cards. It's like giving them money, but only not as good as money.

  12. Haha. Oh I wish we celebrate Christmas. I just want the presents. But I have the same thing that you do. I'll feel guilty. Its like, buy me things if you want, just don't tell me before. BUT, its easier for me to accept if someone's treating me to a meal. Heck, I think its my love of foood that makes me okay with that.

    Now, if anyone ask me what I want, I want a ... Kindle.


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