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One Charming Motherlover

I told you guys Trent had a master plan. I mean, he's a dandy southern gentleman, he's bound to. I don't think is going to be as super cute as Geoff and Lisa but those two are a super sweet couple and they're young, they still believe in things like love. Ah, to be young again. Anyway, I got this written up yesterday after several setbacks including my computer crashing but thankfully everything was saved up and Openoffice was able to recover the document. I don't even remember leaving it open. So, on with the show!


Lena was beginning to get restless. Trent and her had been following Geoff and Lisa for over an hour now and nothing much had changed. They were still just walking around hand in hand and occasionally talking. Trent was even starting to get a little bored of following them now.
    “I think I should just go home.” Lena said, checking the time on her communicator. “It's not like I'll miss anything.” Trent looked around at her.
    “Hmm? I think you'll miss something you're interested in if you go home now.”
    “What might that be?” Lena asked, looking doubtful.
    “Well we're here now.” Trent said with a smile.
    “Where?” Lena asked, looking around in confusion.
    “Here.” Trent said, pointing to a sign on a building to his right. Lena hadn't been paying much attention to her surroundings and hadn't noticed that they had come to a fancy looking restaurant. The structure of the building was grand with a double door on the front and large windows on either side. She looked through the windows and saw decorative chairs and tables set around the floor with a bar in the corner and a fireplace in the middle of the back wall. The waiters wore suits, as did a lot of the patrons. She looked down at her own clothes and then across to Trent and the clothes he was wearing.
    “You mean we're going in there?” She asked, pointing at the door. “Is that why you're dressed so smartly?” Trent ruffled his jacket and feigned offense.
    “I'll have you know I always dress smartly. What kind of scoundrel do you take me for?” Lena was lost for an answer and stared at Trent for a few seconds before he smiled at her and grabbed her hand. “You're right though, as we're going to go in there.” he said, pulling her towards the door. Lena continued to look at him in amazement as he lead her through the doors and introduced himself to the maĆ®tre d' who showed them to their table. He handed them a menu each and then returned to his post at the front of the restaurant. Trent sat back and opened his menu.
    “They have chicken here...wonder if it's real chicken. What do you think?” he asked Lena.
    “I don't know what to think any more.” Lena said as she looked around the restaurant.
    “Well personally,” Trent said as he put down his menu and looked at her, “I think you should decide what you want to eat, then we can go from there. You ARE hungry, right?” he asked. Lena nodded and opened her menu to have a look.

After about half a minute she put the menu back down on the table and, after confirming she was ready to order, Trent summoned a waiter to take their order. It turned out the chicken wasn't real but he got over his disappointment and still ordered a chicken dinner. Lena had a steak dinner and they settled on some red wine to drink. Trent decided to pass the time while they waited for their food by talking.
    “Okay, what did you want to know?” Trent asked.
    “Well,” Lena replied, “For a start, what are we doing here?”
    “We're here because I wanted to treat you. I booked a table here when I found out what Geoff was up to today.”
    “So you were always going to bring me here?”
    “Yup.” Trent said, nodding.
    “So what were we doing following the kid around?”
    “I thought it might be fun. Besides, we needed to pass some time. You didn't enjoy yourself as much as I thought you would though. Sorry 'bout that.”
    “I really had all this planned?”
    “Sure did.”
    “I didn't think you were all that interested.” Lena said, turning away to hide a blush. “That you just wanted to follow the kid around.” Trent gave a loud laugh and grabbed Lena's hands.
    “If I only wanted to follow Geoff around why did I call you out? I could have done that on my own and had just as much as fun. I wanted to spend a little longer with you than I would if I just called you up and invited you out to dinner.”
    “So why were you so focused on Geoff and his little date?”
    “That? I got carried away is all. We all get carried away when we're having fun. Didn't mean to make you feel like I wasn't interested in spending some time with you.”
    “So let me get this straight.” Lena said, resting her head on her hands, “You had planned to come here all along, and you only asked me to come out earlier because you wanted to spend a bit more time with me.”
    “That pretty much covers it.” Trent replied with a smile. “Any more questions?”
    “Just one.” Lena said with a smirk. “How did you know I'd even come out today anyway? This could have all been in vain.”
    “Well who wouldn't want to spend the day with me? I'm damn awesome and we all know it.” Trent said, looking smug.
    “Now who's being vain?” Lena said. She shook her head and looked at Trent with a blank expression. “Wait, that doesn't even make sense. Forget I said that.”
    “It's okay, I get it. You're just in awe of how fantastic I am.” Lena giggled at that.
    “Sure I am, handsome. But I do have another question for you. If you're so super awesome and everybody loves you why isn't your kid more like you? Shouldn't your sheer awesomeness have rubbed off on him?”
    “He's coming out of his shell a bit, give him some time. I didn't think you were interested in him anyway.”
    “I'm just curious as to why if you're so great, he's, well, not so great.”
    “He must be if you ask me.”
    “What makes you say that?”
    “Well he asked that girl out, that takes confidence doesn't it?”
    “Hmm...” Lena said, thinking. “I guess you're right, that would take confidence.” Trent heard the squeak of a trolley and looked around to see a waiter bringing them their food. When it was laid on the table they started eating in relative silence, stopping occasionally to say a few things but not really serious conversation. Lena found out that Trent was from Earth and he explained why he had come here, and why he had brought Geoff with him. He left out some details, such as the extent of the damage the crash had done to him. He told the story as if he just had a really bad accident and woke up in a hospital bed, rather than in a morgue. He didn't want to parade around his immortality, he only really told people who had seen it first hand to explain to them what happened.

    Lena explained that she was from a colonised planet a few light years away and her reasons for coming were quite like Trent's; She had come to the poorer part of the planet in the hopes of earning some travelling money. She came from a relatively poor background and so she had grown up learning how to fight and decided she wanted something better for herself and so she scrimped and saved for a few years until she could buy a ship. This planet was the closest to hers and so she came here to see what she could do with her talents. She turned out to be quite a natural bounty hunter and enjoyed the feeling that she was getting rid of people who made the lives of others as bad as hers was when she was growing up, so she continued to do it. She had found out about Steven and had given up on trying to catch him not long before she ran in to Trent and he knew pretty much everything from that point onwards. When they were finished eating Trent paid the bill and the two of them went to the bar to sit and talk for a little longer over some more drinks.


  1. It's nice watching how you're developing these characters Mark. We knew in the beginning that Trent was really a good guy, but had spent too much time alone and closed off. As he's become closer to Geoff he's become more sensitive and open.

    It will be interesting to see how much of Lena's personality you explore.

  2. A good friendship is developing, not a bad read at all Mark.

  3. You've kinda surprised me (in a good way) the direction you're taking this story in. I would love to see this made into a movie one day.

  4. This is getting good and really opening my eyes Mark, I'm beginning to love how you're going about this, this was a great late night read.


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