Sunday, 30 December 2012

Once Again, I Have Nothing

I really do have nothing for you. Despite having such a busy and full week of busy things, I still didn't really have much in the way of life experiences. Well, unless you count going out for walks life experiences. Because I think I might really. I still don't have much in the way of new music or anything either. Let's try some improv poetry! That might work.

I would give all that I am
I would offer myself to you
Although I'm not worth a damn
And you have more important things to do

Everything I could say
Has been said before
Any price I could pay
Won't make your heart soar

Different I may be
But similar at the same time
To be able to offer you only me
Why, that's just a crime!

What am I anyway?
To think myself of value
Who am I you say?
Well let me tell you

I am kind of heart
I have a brave soul
And that's just the start
Of what makes me whole

I will not sit and stay
I won't let you talk about me
No not in this way
I will make you see

You think yourself too good?
Despite how cold you are
We both have red blood
Is that too far?

You only trusted what you could see
That, and nothing more
I am more than you'll ever be
So don't come knock on my door


Well that was...dark. Oh well. At least with those feelings out I should be able to smile, right?

 P.S That really was all written on the spot.


  1. How funny is it that you and I just did improv poetry this morning/night? I literally just did mine and am headed back to bed now. Yours was great, Mark. I don't recall seeing poetry on here before, I really liked it. You should do it more often!


    But dude, that's just, well, as you said, dark. How about you try and write something more lighthearted, cheery, for a change?

  3. The idea of improv poetry really worked and I like it personally, you do dark so well that it's maybe for the best that you don't delve into happier things. Great work man. I got your email as well by the way. It's much appreciated dude and I'll reply later.

  4. Well I totally didn't expect the ending!! LOL!! I thought - awwww it's a poem flushed with love only to find it descend into bitterness and dejection! Yay!! More please!! Happy New Year!! Take care

  5. Get the feelings out and start the new year fresh!

  6. I really enjoyed your little poem, but I love darker know what I mean when I wrote on my ex-blog!

    Hope you have a really Happy New Year!

  7. I really enjoyed this one Mark! Luckily we have a New Year ahead :)

  8. I liked it you know..dark or not I dunno :)
    Happy New Year!


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