Saturday, 22 December 2012

Not Quite There

Hey guys just to avoid wasting your time by making you read three paragraphs before I get to the point: There will be no Immortal Space today. BUT (look at the size of that but) the reason this is is that I was writing yesterday but due to circumstances outside my control, I did not in fact get to finish. The chapter is part way along, and I hope to have it finished today, and published tomorrow. I hope, this isn't a promise.

What are those circumstances you ask? Well it certainly wasn't the apocalypse I'll tell you that. Unless of course the world has ended and I'm the only survivor and I'm now living in a giant hallucination. Gotta say it feels pretty real. Anyway, the circumstances were  my nieces. They wanted to play some games, so of course I went along with it. They're cute and I have fun with them.

So, for today, let us celebrate the fact that we're still alive, and hope that through the power of hope, I can in fact finish writing the chapter. It's the second half of Geoff and Lisa's date so you know it's going to be kawaii.

I'm still alive and so are you. Now join me in being sorely disappointed by this fact.

Unless, of course, none of this is real. Maybe they just reset the Matrix. Does it mean we'd all be dead? I suppose they could just reprogram us with our old memories so we don't think anything is off. They also mess with time so it really could be days, years even, after December 21st and we wouldn't know.

Save us Keanu Reeves! 


  1. The song was cute and crazy as well...morbid little girl singing.
    And they could reset our memories but we would have aged you know...unless they performed mass plastic surgery...I'm not making any sense here!
    You have fun playing with the girls and writing!

  2. Look at that choice but Mark has up there.

    Young nieces? You a lolicon, Mark ;3

    Well, can't wait 'til tomorrow then. IMMORRRTAAAAAAAAALLL SPAAAAAAAAAAAACCCEEE

  3. I look forward to the new chapter...but I really hope we're not in the matrix....:O x

  4. Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas Mark. I'm outta here till after the Holidays. Have a good one!

  5. I've never heard this song before but I think that I definitely like it. I'm glad to hear that the world didn't end which means that there's plenty of time for future chapters so don't worry too much buddy.

  6. ah yes, keanu saves! unless he scores.

  7. Theory is that we're a simulation inside a simulation of a simulation. :P

  8. I spent today with my niece too - all 11 months of her! Now for more wine! Have a great Christmas!! Take care


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