Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Eve Roundup

It's the end of the year already. This one does seem to have passed by at a pretty decent pace but I can't really remember much about it anyway so I guess that helps me think so. Jessica should be coming down today and we're going to ring in the new year together, it should be pretty fun. She's gone and created herself a one year plan. I'm not kidding you when I say she has planned out pretty much every detail of every day for a year. There are some larger goals in there, and she won't even really tell me much about it. She'll just occasionally tell me what's on her plan. Apparently spending new years with me, and the first few days of 2013 cleaning up, are part of that plan. I find myself wondering but I'm sure I'll know eventually. She has told me she will eventually tell me. Anyway, have yourselves a merry new year, and a merry new roundup.

Tuesday was of course, Christmas. It really feels already like it was a lifetime ago. There wasn't much here at Christmas at all and I'm only really linking to it for posterity. It was a few pictures is all.

Wednesday was basically a write up of my Christmas, complete with the presents I got which included Silent Hill 2 and 3, and a boxset of Cardcaptors in original Japanese (which subtitles of course) from Jessica and some other things. Again, not much in the way of actual content, and certainly not much that isn't already out of date, or doesn't fit when taken out of context.

Thursday was a multitude of things. So many in fact that I had to load up the page myself to remember what was there. Let's see...Ahh it wasn't actually that much of a multitude. It was partly about how I'd been spending a lot of time cleaning the house, and had been doing a pretty cool job of it if I do say so myself. I've had that whole "It doesn't matter if it gets messy again because I deserve to live in a clean house, and I'll just clean it again" epiphany which means I will indeed probably try harder to keep the house clean. I also reported on buying a t-shirt for myself, which is quite a big deal because I never buy anything for myself, especially not something expensive.

Friday was about how I have trouble making and keeping friends. I think if I apply myself I can make friends easy enough. I mean, I AM charming and witty. But I've been hurt and let down, not just by the bad people, but by the good people as well. I'm not really able to sit back and enjoy a friendship while I have it either. I just have the mentality that it's not going to last, so there's no point in becoming invested in it. When someone leaves my life, rather than try and find someone new, I just lament the hole they left, and watch as my life becomes emptier.

Saturday was a new Immortal Space update, which, once again, needs some editing work. While you can consider what I update to be a first draft, and I will probably add and take some things out of the final product, I like to be as correct as possible because, well, I do. Plus I do like to cut down on the amount of editing work I'll have to do when the time comes. Oh well.

Last but not least, Sunday was an example of improvised poetry. I had nothing else to write or share so I just started writing a poem and looked at where it took me. It ended up kinda dark but I think there's also some hope and power in there. See for yourselves I guess.


  1. >last post of the year
    >a roundup
    >a fucking roundup

    Aww Mark dude no. I had expected a bit more from you, pal. ):

  2. Happy new year, and here's wishing you as much happiness as your heart can hold. You know you deserve it, mark:)

  3. I'm so glad you're spending your New Year's with Jessica! How organized is she? I consider myself organized and planned when I schedule my week but an entire year - wow! That's huge. Good for her.

    Happy New Year, Mark!

  4. I think it's understandable and completely acceptable that Immortal Space is put up as a first draft. That's how we posted Slim when we were putting up his short stories - we tried to get rid of all typos and keep the grammar clean, but it wasn't the final product. It's kinda nice to see the raw work put up as its being written, so keep up the good work with Immortal Space.

    Have a great New Year, and here's to more writing/blogging in 2013!

  5. This is a good post, I have no issue with a round up being your last post of 2012 because that's just what day it's happened to fall upon. Have a great 2013 and enjoy your night tonight my friend, sounds like it's gonna be fun regardless.

  6. You two have a good evening Mark. I'm off to spend my day and night with The Hubby.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year Mark, hope you and Jessica have a good one.

  8. I wish I could plan out my entire year day-by-day but things rarely go accordingly.

    And lucky you getting the best Silent Hills in the series.

  9. Happy New Year's, Mark!

    It'll be a great year for us all! :)

  10. I hope you two are enjoying your time together, Mark. I'm glad she's still there spending so much quality time with you. I like the goals you've set too.

    Happy New Year!!


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