Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Week In 17 Minutes (Or More)

This is mostly about how my week has gone as relating to the goals I set last week in therapy. I think this could be a good idea to focus on for now, while I'm still in therapy. As long as my sessions themselves continue to be on Friday then having some kind of update how my week has gone, and how I've stuck to (or not stuck to) the goals set on Thursday seems like a pretty decent idea. There's a few other things in here too but that's the main point.



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Also, as a reminder, tomorrows post is going to be live, ie, late.


  1. To avoid having scratches all over my arms, instead of having lots of cats, I just collect cat memes. It's much safer. Anyway, getting depressed about not getting lots of comments is just going to hurt your productivity. Try to look at the big picture, and blog for the love. If you do it consistently, and passionately you will eventually get the response you are looking for. At least that is my advice about it. I probably shouldn't give advice being I have no track record of success at anything... :(

  2. What's the average views on the blog?

  3. I think that you are kind of getting comments on each of your posts don't worry about that...just share ! :)
    Else commenting on others blog will somehow help because it might make them read your posts as well :)

  4. The first volume was perfectly fine.The boosted volume was umm,a little too boosted...the throat clearing came out loud!
    Though I must say I prefer reading your posts compared to listening to them even though your accent is kinda cute!
    And all the very best for the University interview if that is what the call is for.:)

  5. Owww, my ears. Yeah, I'm with Talitha. I thought it sounded fine. After that, my ears got raped a few times. No harm done, though.

  6. Volume issues aside, let's talk about alarm clocks. Perhaps you could have several of them, maybe five clocks minimum, go off at different intervals and different locations which will inevitably force you to deal with them. Solution granted. ^.^


  7. I think that this volume was fine, just a little tricky to deal with. Great post regardless though buddy, it's always good to hear your voice as weird as that sounds, good luck tomorrow!

  8. setting goals is key, i need to work on this too. i figure if i start setting goals that actually mean something than everyone else will profit too

  9. Dangit! I'll have to listen after hubby's eye appointment tomorrow morning. The men have the TV on right now. "I'll be back"

    Can't wait to hear about your goals.

  10. At least you can establish what is early. Lately what I've been doing is staying awake for 1.5 days and then sleeping for 12 hours in a row. Alarm clocks don't work for me anymore, I just sleep through them.

    And maybe you should edit your podcasts, I don't know, I don't like doing things rough and in one go. Most things of mine are heavily editted.

    And a date sounds nice, I can't wait to go on one with Theresa after both our exams are done. :)

  11. Mark, It's Friday and you haven't posted. I hope you're okay.

  12. I don't like the alarm clock going off either so I can see why you wouldn't place it across the room so you wouldn't bother your dad or your brother, but, it would get you up out of bed.

    As far as comments, have you ever thought of coming back and replying to them everyday? That might spark more feedback?


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