Monday, 3 December 2012

I'm Glad I Kept My Old Laptop

That title may seem a little random, and it's true that it really has nothing to do with the post, but allow me to make it make sense. See, for reasons beyond my control (IE, it dun goofed) I had to reset my new computer to it's factory settings. I thought this would be a simple process, taking only a scant few hours. Well it's been eight hours now, and it's only 20% done. As well as being thankful I have my old laptop, I'm also thankful for desktop fans, stopping laptops melting since both of them were around at the same time. Curse you Bill Gates!

Now I've had that little rant, let's get on with what we're here for, a nice little round up.

Tuesday I posted the first essay I wrote for my psych course. It's about how the brain remembers things using mental images, schemas, and...this is kinda funny but I actually forgot. Even knowing how memory works doesn't help me improve mine. Well basically yeah it's about how the brain works to remember things, and has a few tricks to improve your memory. Which apparently only work if you're not me.

Wednesday I got all deep and philosophical and asked that age old question that's plagued bloggers for millennia (or however long blogs have existed, which actually is a lot longer than how long the internet has been around, and MAY be millenia), exactly why do we blog? I got quite a few comments on this post too, mostly about why other people blog. It ended up being a pretty awesome post, and much sharing was had by all. Why do I blog? Well the short version is I feel like I belong here, and I've made friends and gotten to know people.

Thursday was a sort of triumphant return to the world of podcasting. It was something about something, and I'll try harder next time but hey, it's my delightful British accent. I could read a phone book and people would listen. Even if just to hear when I got bored, flipped out, and hit something with the book.

Friday was a live-post (in other words barely anyone read it) about the therapy session I had on Friday. It didn't go so well. I was pretty depressed and so I remained quiet and apathetic for a lot of it. It wouldn't be so bad if it was counseling, and I was allowed to be depressed, but this is CBT, where I'm supposed to be beating the depression and looking ahead to the future. When I got home I had an even rougher time and ended up writing what's going up tomorrow. It's still going up even though it's going to result in collective worrying about me. *le sigh*

Saturday I posted some more of Immortal Space, and now I'm kind of stuck. See it turns out I dropped too many hints that Geoff and Trent are going to be a gay couple, and this actually WASN'T the plan. So now I can take it in that direction, and I can see how it works for the immediate, but it means everything else has to change and can't go how I originally wanted. The original way didn't make too much sense though, I was stuck on what to make the big main bad guy. Every story needs an arch nemesis. I think I'm going to have to stick with the original plan and try and make sense of it all. It kinda sucks I have plans, I'm not writing all of it as I go along, it's just that the plan sucks.

Sunday I posted a few songs that really helped get me through some tough times from a band that definitely got me through some tough times in Stratovarius. Sometimes I have a hard time believing just how long they've been going. They aren't the only band where I feel like that though.

Anyway, that's that for now. See you tomorrow. Tune in to find out why I'm so depressed! Don't worry though, it's all safely repressed now.

Oooh my laptop is at 21% completion.

Slight update: I was awake until about 3AM last night, but it was partly down to things in my brain clicking and now a lot of things in Immortal Space make sense. I have a main villain who has motivation, and I think things are going to make more sense. I haven't decided on how relationships are going to go, but I know how the story itself is going to go.


  1. I can't wait for the post...kinda sick huh. I'm treating your depression like a fun story or something...wicked me.
    Get well soon,both you and your laptop!
    Can't think of anything smart to say right now but I'll back for more...Cheerio!

  2. Don't curse Bill Gates. He left Microsoft a long time ago. Curse Steve Ballmer.

    I'm excited to see this new villain. He doesn't have a long, curly mustache that he twirls when he's thinking, does he? Because that would be AWESOME.

  3. Can't wait to see more of ze Immortal Space.



  4. That's why you should have an Apple - ha ha ha!! (Says the chick who's iphone just crapped out a few weeks ago)

    I'll bet if you allow yourself some time, the plot will work out just fine. Set the book aside for a bit and it will come to you. It's your book and anything is possible!

  5. I always have the best idea right before I fall asleep, but I always tell myself that I'll write them down in the morning then I end up forgetting my ideas. Also, I really like Stratovarius.

  6. I find it difficult to read immortal space because I started following your blog in the middle of it so now whenever I read I'm confused as fuck. haha, I should deff go back and check :P

  7. Ugh, of all the times for you to do a post about Psychology I missed it. Seriously, send me an email if you have any trouble, Psychology is all I know, I even did research in (some forms of) memory psych.

  8. I'm thankful to hear that you have a laptop too Mark or we mightn't be reading your posts for a while. Great round up as usual though man.

  9. laptop freaked out a couple of weeks ago, but it seems to be doing fine now!! AND I even got Windows 8 over the far so meh!

    I still love that you do a round up...maybe I'll start doing one after the first of the year!

  10. Do you know how you speed up that factory reset? Throw it against the wall 3 times and then blow in the CD drive. Works every time.

  11. IE as in the example abbreviation, or as in Internet Explorer? If I find out it's the latter you're SO DONE FOR.

  12. I need tolisten to the casts and do more of my own(my mic being broken is just an excuse, even if it is really broken. I'm so fed up with Microsoft and windows that I've downloaded the latest Linux distribution and can't wait to switch. I hope this laptop has yet more life, like yours.

  13. The problem with your new 'puter sounds like a real horror story. Kinda makes me disturbed just to read about it.


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