Thursday, 27 December 2012

I Find My Lack Of Podcasts...Disturbing

As you all know I've not only been a bit ill, but I've also been stupidly busy. Okay not all of you knew that, in fact I don't think any of you did. Long story short, I've been kinda ill and busy. I'm not really resting much, but it's not so bad. I cleaned up the front room again today to make it clean once more, and I got a good start on cleaning the back room up. I also went on a walk that was mostly for the sake of going on a walk. I think I might be developing a problem. I'm actually doing things that are...good.

I even ordered a t-shirt yesterday that was a little expensive, and I told myself that I would basically clean up the house some in exchange for the money to pay for it. But I found myself thinking that I wouldn't ask my dad for the money for it. If I don't do that, then it means that I've actually bought myself an expensive treat. Me. Spending money. On clothes. For myself. Sentence fragments. It's just totally unheard of, it really is. What's even weirder is that it's a My Little Pony shirt. I never in a million years thought I would buy one of those, even when I became a fan of the show. I was reminded of the shirt though, and found it, and even though the shirt cost 25 dollars, and the shipping was sixteen (for a grand total of about £26), I said to myself "fuck it, I deserve this" and bought it.

...I actually treated myself, I cleaned up for the sake of cleaning up, and I went for a walk for the sake of going on a walk...what the holy Hell has happened to me?

This is the shirt by the way, and I fully plan to wear it
It's based off of this video


  1. This is just so epic a shirt! I so want it, except my mother would never let me buy a 25 dollar shirt.
    I never by stuff for myself, except an occasional chocolate! :P

  2. Stupid thing is, I still haven't arrived at that episode yet, and that's what, still season 1?

    Anyway, nothing wrong with buying clothing. Too bad it's always waaay expensive.

  3. Loved the t-shirt!
    You deserved a treat anyway!:)

  4. I quite like the shirt mate and hopefully it's a great fit and everything, it looks fine to me though. Everybody deserves a treat once and a while as cliched as that is.

  5. I like the shirt...and you DO deserve it!!

  6. The shirt itself isn't so much important as it is important to treat yourself from time to time. So kudos for that, and it just so happens to be a pretty kickass shirt!

    I treated myself recently with a new bike... that I can't ride because it won't stop snowing. In all fairness, I never said I was any good at this "treating yourself" thing.

  7. The pony shirt is pretty awesome. I am pretty cheap but I think I might even shell out 25 bucks for a shirt of that caliber.

  8. lol what... why are grown men fans of this show? i dont get it.


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