Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Happy...Boxing Day?

You know, I still have no idea why they call it Boxing Day. Anyway I hope you guys had a good Christmas if you celebrated, and just a good day if you didn't. Mine was a mixed experience. I can't go in to why it wasn't so good but one thing I can tell you is that I wasn't feeling well. My niece has been coughing all over my things for about a week now and I haven't slept properly since last Thursday. I had an insanely busy day on Monday too, so it all added up to one sick little me. I think I'm just allergic to Christmas though, I think I was ill last year. Maybe I'm allergic to cheer?

Anyway, it's still all part of the holidays and stuff, so I won't keep you long, I'll just let you know what I got for Christmas. I got some socks and stuff from my parents, a jigsaw and some chocolate from my sister (I had a third present I never received) and some sweets from the other sister. From my dad the laptop I'm writing this on counted as my present, even though I think I've paid it all off now, but ah well. He also gave me some money to buy a game from the Xbox Live Arcade store thingy, and so I bought Sonic Adventure 2, one of my favourite games. From Jessica I got Silent Hill 2 and 3 (the video games, I'm not into horror but I enjoyed Silent Hill because it was more psychological than things jumping out at you for a cheap thrill) and a Cardcaptors boxset, in original Japanese (with English subtitles of course) which was just downright awesome. She knows I watch anime in original Japanese and never listen to dubs, so she went out of her way to get it in Japanese.

My parents must be so proud of me. I was going to share a picture of the boxset but decided it would be in my better interests not to.

Hope you guys got something you wanted, whatever it was.


  1. This sounds like it was a seriously awesome Christmas for you buddy, your presents sound great too. Boxing Day always melts me when it comes to the origin too but it is what it is. Enjoy Silent Hill too, I've always heard they were good games and wish that I'd had the chance to check them out at some point.

  2. Second to last line, is that supposed to be an image?

    Well, sounds like you had a good one despite being a bit sick. Get well soon man!

  3. Well, I had probably one of my best Christmases in awhile. I can't complain about anything. Also, I drank some beer with Christmas dinner, and that went so well I am considering becoming an alcoholic.

  4. I'm am super confused by what a Boxing Day even is, but I'm a silly American. :)

    I was a tad sick this year too, though it was allergies which probably means I'm allergic to Christmas too!! How tragic.


  5. Hope you had a great Christmas and Boxing Day Mark and I hope you get to feeling better!

  6. wishes for a bright n beautiful New Year ahead


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