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Yet More Gay Undertones

Yep, plenty of gay undertones here. Yet I've paired them both up in straight relationships, because fuck it really. It amused me. Like a lot of things. Well I said that I had managed to do some writing this week, so I do definitely have an update for you. I also said that I've challenged myself to write three times this week, and even though one of those times is my university essay, it also means that there should be an update next week too. So for now, just sit back, relax, and enjoy this slightly longer than normal update. I didn't want to split it into two shorter than normal updates.

Trent went downstairs and to the front desk. When he got there he asked if he could see the manager, and the clerk disappeared for a few minutes and returned with a middle aged man with grey streaks in his brown hair, blue eyes and a name badge that read “Basil Smythe”. Trent read the name badge and then shook his hand.
    “Hello there Mr Smythe” Trent said, “I'm afraid I have a little bit of bad news. The bed in my room broke and I was hoping it could be replaced. I'm willing to pay for any damages of course, it was my fault after all.” Basil was smiling when he met Trent but it had vanished when Trent had finished talking.
    “You broke the bed? What happened?”
    “Me and my, uh, friend, got a little carried away. It was an accident and like I said, I'll pay for any damages. What do I owe you?” Basil sighed and turned around to look through the guest book.
    “What room are you staying in Mr...” He asked, trailing at the end.
    “Saxon sir, Trent Saxon. I'm in room 304.”
    “304? That was a single bed then?”
    “That's right, sir.”
    “And how did the bed break again?” Basil asked. Before Trent could answer though he turned around and held up his hand to silence him. “No, it's okay, I don't think I want to know. If it was a single bed then that will be two hundred credits. I'll have someone bring a new bed up within the hour. If that's satisfactory?” Trent fished around in his pockets for his wallet. He found it and pulled out two hundred credits and handed them over to Basil who then put them in his own pocket.
    “That's quite alright, thanks.” Trent said. “Well then I guess I'll be on my way, if we're all done here.” Basil nodded at Trent and went back in to the room behind the desk. Trent nodded at the girl at the desk before heading back upstairs to his room. When he walked in he found Geoff on his bed looking through the documents about Steven.
    “Hey,” he said, when he saw Trent come in. “How'd it go?” Trent closed the door and sat on a chair.
    “It went okay, only two hundred credits out of pocket, but I think the manager thinks we're a couple.” Trent laughed but Geoff didn't.
    “What gave you that idea? What gave HIM that idea?” Geoff asked.
    “I dunno how he got the idea, but he seemed a bit uncomfortable that two men broke a bed when they got carried away.
    “And you didn't say we were fighting, why?”
    “He didn't ask. Said he didn't want to know what we were doing when the bed broke.”
    “Great. That's just...great”
    “You don't think someone like me could get someone like you?”
    “That's not it.”
    “Ohhhh,” Trent said in a moment of realisation. “I see now. You think someone like you couldn't get someone like me, right?” Geoff tightened his grip on the papers but didn't say anything. “It's okay if you think that. I personally think you're a great catch, but if you don't then don't worry about it. I think someone like you could totally get someone like me. I mean, I'd go for you.” For the third time that day a projectile hit Trent on the head. This time it was Geoff's alarm clock.
    “Ass.” Geoff said.
    “Ass? You want my ass? It's wonderful isn't it?” Trent said, standing up and half turning to look at himself. “I can see why you would want it.”
    “No you idiot!” Geoff shouted.
    “So what is it? You don't want people to think you'd go for a man?”
    “Well I don't think I would.”
    “I'm not sure I would either but it sure is fun to mess with people ain't it?”
    “Well you mess with people a lot and you seem rather happy.” Geoff conceded. “So I guess maybe messing with people is the key to happiness. Any more sage advice?” Trent shook his head.
    “'Fraid not but I was hoping when we walk past the front desk you'd be willing to hold my hand in front of the manager, it'll be fun.”
    “I'll think about it, would be pretty fun wouldn't it?” Geoff replied, smirking.
    “Now you're getting it.” Trent said, smiling himself. “Now, tell me what you're doing on my bed. I thought you weren't interested in things like that?”
    “Well seeing how you broke my bed, I'm taking yours until my new bed gets here. They say how long it'll take?”
    “Yeah he said within the hour, so hopefully I won't have to sleep on a couch. So how do you like the look of this Steven guy?” Geoff sat up and set the documents down on the bed.
    “He doesn't look so tough. I reckon we should go for him the day after tomorrow.” Trent's eyes went wide in amazement.
    “You sure you want to go for him that soon? You ready for that?”
    “Only one way to find out eh?” Geoff said, looking himself over.
    “True enough I suppose. So, why not go tomorrow then?”
    “I wanted to spend the day with Lisa before we went. You know, just in case something happens.”
    “You don't need to worry about that, I'll keep you safe. I wouldn't let someone hurt you. Well, someone who isn't me anyway.” Geoff smiled at that.
    “Well you won't have to protect me anyway, and if you're going to say that then I'm going to say I just want to spend the day with her anyway.”
    “You do what you want kid, just stay safe, remember to use protection.” Geoff was about to throw something at Trent when he started laughing instead. Trent looked at him curiously.
    “You're right, it is funny to mess with people.” Geoff said.
    “Told ya.” Trent replied. “So, tell me about this Lisa girl anyway, I don't think you actually told me much about her, and we have some time.” Geoff explained about how he had met Lisa at the bar and how they had started talking. When Trent asked him what they talked about he just said they talked about eachother, hiding what he had said about how Trent had reacted. Geoff went on to say how he worked up the courage to ask her for her number and what she had said to him when she had given it to him.
    “Well it sounds like she likes you kid, so well done. You should ask her if you can spend the day together before you start planning it though.” Trent said. Geoff smiled and lowered his head to hide his embarrassment.
    “I already asked her while you were gone actually. She said yes and we're going to meet up outside the bar tomorrow at ten.”
    “So what are the plans for the day?”
    “I'm not sure. We'll go on a walk and have lunch together but I'm not sure about after that.”
    “Well I'm sure one of you will think of something. You're both teenagers, they're very good at occupying their time with members of the opposite sex.” Geoff buried his head in his hands while Trent started laughing again. Geoff was about to throw a pillow at Trent when they heard a knock on the door. Trent opened it and saw two men with a bed. He showed them in and between the four of them, for Geoff helped, they were able to put down the new bed, and pick up the pieces of the old one for the men to take away. Thankfully it didn't splinter off too much, and it didn't take too long to sort it all out. When they were done both Geoff and Trent were so tired they said their goodnights and went to bed. Geoff was back in his own, new, bed, after arguing that it was always going to be his when Trent suggested they just swap as Geoff had claimed Trent's bed for his own. Trent fell asleep quickly but Geoff had some trouble. He tossed and turned for a few hours, excited for the day ahead, while also nervous about it. He couldn't stop thinking about how well it could all go, and also how bad it could go.


  1. I can relate a lot to gay undertones in a weird way so that's part of the reason I love this week's chapter so much. Just keep on doing what you're doing with Immortal Space because what you're doing is awesome!

  2. Haha, I think the gay undertones really worked! I found it really funny! Keep up the good work :D x

  3. how long does it take you to make these posts? like 5 mins?

  4. That was great Mark. I've heard straight men have conversations like this. My own nephew William does this stuff to his mates all the time and it's done as casually and playfully as you did it here. Nicely done Mark!

  5. I get that excited, to where I key myself up so hard that all I can think about is the next day. I loved all the dialogue, it has smoothed to a creamy concoction of verbosity.

  6. It would be awesome if you could do a reading of these "Immortal Space" starting with brief commentary about what is going on. I think some people have missed a few and it would make it easier to follow. I don't know if you have the time, but to do a verbal reading would be cool.

  7. Lovu lovu adventure!

    I don't think any straight male would get that mad about a gayness joke made by a really close friend. It's usually the gay people who go into really strong public denial like that, and sometimes even get a girlfriend as a cover-up. There may be a plot-twist there for the fan-fiction-esque rewrite someone's bound to do.

    Was the teenager thing a joke, or has Geoff still not hit his twenties? I always imagine them to be two mature guys in their twenties or something.

    Also, looking forward to seeing you do some actual epic writing regarding Trent protecting Geoff, ie him "dying" for him or something.


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