Thursday, 1 November 2012

Well That Sucked

So there I was, seeing that it was about to turn midnight, and thinking I should probably do a podcast. Then I decided to look at some pictures and I saw that it was ten past, then I loaded up the program and spent a few minutes dicking around to test the microphone and meowing at my cat (which I do surprisingly often, which really isn't a surprise) and I noticed the time again and I just thought to myself "Well now you're just stalling, what are you doing that for? So you have an excuse not to do it? Oh. Well you've been up until two in the morning sorting out podcasts before, time wouldn't make a difference." and well that was the truth. I was stalling, and I was putting it off and I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

So, naturally, I didn't.

Instead I listened to some Phil Collins, which, again, I have no understanding of. I love Phil Collins, but a lot of his music is quite depressing. Which I guess kind of explained it really. It was probably better than listening to H.I.M. Just mentioning some of their song titles to someone made them think I was suicidal. They have songs called things like Join Me (In Death) and Funeral Of Hearts and And Love Said No which has a line that goes "Kill me, I cried and love said no". Anyway, that's not really the point. I also talked to an old friend which was pretty good. She's an ex-blogger and it's been a while. She's actually a revived blogger and can be found at That's right, it's our good friend Leah, she's back. Which is awesome news, and did put a smile on my face. I'm surprised it didn't crack.

So, the cause of all this stress? Well for a start I bought a new laptop with some help from my dad and it's my Christmas present and it's not as good as I thought it would be. It's odd for a computer to have a 1TB hard drive, and 8GB of RAM and still underperform, especially because it can't hold a candle to a laptop I had before that was half was powerful (500gb hard drive and 4gb RAM) and so I feel like I wasted my dad's money and I'll pay him back eventually and deal with this laptop for a while. It's a good little machine, but I mostly use my computers for gaming, and the graphics card isn't as good as I thought it would be.

Anyway, that's like about a quarter of it. The rest of it is that today is when I have my next therapy session and I'm just stressed and scared over that. I'm sure I'm going to leave it feeling fine, and I know it's all going to help, but that doesn't make me any less afraid of it. I'll be sure to let you guys know how it goes though.

Add in the fact I also talked to someone I shouldn't have and feel like I let Jessica down and you have quite the fucking pity party in my pants and no one is invited.

But remember that our awesome friend Leah is back at Because I'm a filthy filthy whore and she's worried people will have forgotten her.
Because I hate staying depressed just look into his lovely face and remember life is worth it because he is alive :D


  1. Ahh, Thursday is not the same with no Bersercules videos and no podcasts. Well, well, what can you do. This article reminded me of a line from the movie Hedwig and the Angry Inch: "We've been talking to Phil Collins' people... But then again, aren't we all?"

  2. I love HIM, well one song at least called Bleed Well. I haven't really listened much more to HIM since I heard that song. Phil Collins is great too and I'm really pleased to hear Leah is back, she's so much fun! I'm going to go to her blog and follow her now!

    1. For some reason I thought it was a new blog, oops.

  3. Dude, power isn't determined by hard drive space (unless it's really small). 8GBs of RAM should be plenty, but what about the processor? You did look at that, right?

  4. Ha, you know, I never really thought about Phil Collins being depressing because a lot of his songs "sound" bouncy and upbeat. I'm still a fan, though.

    Also, not sure how big you are on IT stuff, but most new laptops come pre-loaded with a ton of garbage programs that slow it down. I got a new laptop a few months ago and it was slow as hell. I had to clean it up by uninstalling all the programs I didn't want it to use, and then I saw what a beast it was. What's more, they always want every single program in existence to run at startup - fuck that! If you haven't yet, go to Start, type in MSCONFIG, and hit Enter. Go to the Startup tab. There'll be a list of every program that autostarts when you boot. Unselect the ones that you'll never use, like CD burning software, weather apps, etc. If the list is a mile long like mine was and had a ton of useless, unnecessary programs, then clearing those out should help it run a lot faster. Mine sure did.

  5. I saw Genesis in concert years ago and Phil refused to play anything from Seconds Out. The crowd was severely pissed. He made up for it to me though by doing a double drum solo with his drummer Chester Thompson. Phil's a great drummer and I wish he'd spend more time behind the kit.

    Will pop over to Jessica's place now and follow.

    Good luck with your therapy Mark!

  6. Yep, ABFTS is right - computers come bogged down with some much crap! They assume we want every program under the sun and now to save money they don't give us the CD anymore, it's all preloaded - bah!

    I used to listen to Phil Collins back in the day (that would be the 80's) but then stopped. I don't know why really. I think I drifted over to heavy metal and never went back to listening to him.

    I hope your appointment goes well - let us know, okay?

  7. The only Phil Collins song I can think of is the one that was featured on Disney's I guess I'm not really a Phil Collins person lol?

    Hope your therapy session goes well! :)

  8. Might be an overheating issue. See if you can get one of those fan coolers for your laptop and that might help with the problem.

  9. LOl @ meowing at your cat! Never force yourself to do a podcast, Mark. If you don't feel like it, you don't feel it, simple really. And yay that leah is back :D

  10. is that a doctor or sherlock holmes? i really have no clue who that man is


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