Sunday, 11 November 2012

Up The Irons!

So this post is technically related to my therapy. One of the things I really have a problem with is discussing my interests, the books I like, the games I like, and most of all, the music I like. I don't really want people to judge me or have preconceived notions based on my taste in music. While I do love a bit of everything, and can actually name rap artists I like (I really can!) my main staple is of course the rock. The band I find I can always go back to is Iron Maiden. The album of theirs that I think I would say is one of my favourites (they have a lot, I'm allowed several favourites) is A Matter Of Life And Death, and so here are a couple of songs from that album.

PS I'm pretty sure I already made a post about Iron Maiden, that also has the same name as this one. But oh well. Screw it, this is about more than Iron Maiden, this is about me growing as a person.

And being lazy.


  1. I'm not going to lie buddy, I've never been a huge Iron Maiden fan, mainly because I've never really listened to them in all honesty, these songs are pretty cool though, it's great to have a band you always go back to, mine are the Doors personally.

  2. I'd like to think my musical tastes are eclectic even if I do tend to lean towards the Abba/Manilow/Streisand camp. Ahem! LOL!! I do appreciate a little of AC/DC and Rainbow when the mood suits me!

    Good luck with your therapy!!! Take care

  3. I don't actively listen to Iron Maiden, but they're pretty good nonetheless. I don't really like their vocals though.
    Also, people who judge by taste in music or any of that stuff deserve an execution.

  4. Despite the fact I love music (well, who doesn't?), whenever people ask me what kind of music I like I draw a blank. Now that I think about it, it may be for the same reasons that you don't like talking about your interests. Maybe, I'm afraid of being judged. Hmmmmm. Iron Maiden was never really my cup of tea, but for the really head banging rock n rollers, I suppose they are a favorite.

  5. There is no way I would ever judge someone based on their musical taste. People are quite surprised when they find out my favorite band: Pink Floyd. Mrs. Penwasser insists that means I did a lot of drugs in high school. Well, that just isn't fair. Although, there WAS this one time which involved a baked potato, whiskey, and "Dark Side of the Moon"...

  6. I love music(all kind of i guess) switches your mood in a minute!
    I guess I like all kinds of music don't usually go for a specific type..and never judge anyone y their music type as well!

  7. My best friend is into Iron Maiden so I'm a HUGE fan (even tho I listen mostly to rap).
    Funny you should say you're afraid people will judge you by your taste in music, I've never had that problem. People never judged me based on my tastes. They sort off just "fly" over stuff like that... odd really

  8. u had me at up the irons. maiden rules \m/

  9. MAIDEN in unstoppable! I like most of their more recent albums, starting with Bruce's return with Brave New World, but yeah I agree with you, Matter of Life and Death is a amazing. I like it waaaaay more then Dance of Death and Final Frontier.

    I was lucky enough to see them on the Life and Death tour where they played the enitre album from start to finish. The songs are just so powerful man.

  10. I used to like them but I fell away which obviously never made me a true fan!

  11. I never really listened to Iron Maiden. I have nothing clever to say at this time.

  12. I'm not a huge Iron Maiden fan. And to prevent people from judging my musical tastes I just say I don't really have any.

    Wait, they judge me for that too. ._.


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