Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Trust Me, I'm A Doctor

This is something I mentioned in the therapy post from last week, and even tweeted about what feels like a lifetime ago. Then again for me yesterday feels like a lifetime. It's the idea that people trust me easily. Which, really, they do. As much as I tell people to not trust me, they still do it anyway, and I think that other than only once, that trust has been quite well placed. Despite what I say, people can trust me. People have said to me that they feel they can tell me anything. They don't have to, but they can. Well okay one person told me that but after she did I ran a short survey of the people I was talking to at the time and I asked them that, and they agreed. I'm very open minded and don't scoff or laugh at people, no matter what they say, and I've been told some rather unbelievable things.

The reason I'll tell people not to trust me is that I don't trust myself. It's the same reason I can't accept people loving me, or caring about me. If I don't feel those things for myself, then I don't expect others to really. It's like hating someone, but they love you, and you can't understand why when you hate them so much. I realise that makes me sound incredibly self hating but I think I've done a pretty good job of that before, no need to keep doing it.

So, why do they trust me? Well the sit in therapist who suggested the idea after just being around me for half an hour or so said it's because I'm very relateable. I can relate to others really well, and I think they can relate to me. A lot of things have happened to me, and a lot of situations I can say "I know how that feels" and provide an example. But this doesn't explain why they tell me things in the first place. This helps build an already established trust. I think I'm just that non-threatening. I'm a kind and gentle person, so much so it's almost a fault. I'm witty and I'm charming and when I'm in a good mood I can be rather amusing. I'm just someone that, for some reason, people feel they can spill their guts to. I've even had a blogger or two open up to me.

When I say it, I seriously mean it, I'm open, I'm easy to deal with, and I'm understanding. If you have anything bothering you, feel free to shoot me an email. I'm the kind of man your mother warned you about, but parents are often wrong anyway.


  1. I understand exactly what you mean Mark when you say that you don't know if you can trust yourself or not, in all honesty I'm exactly the same as you, I just can't bring myself to be burdened with keeping secrets and things like that, I think you're a trustworthy guy though but I guess I'm falling into the exact trap you say everyone else falls into, that's weird, maybe it's just because you're such a nice guy.

  2. I'm the same way, Mark. Maybe that's why we enjoy blogging and writing? We have the ability to reach inside ourselves and find empathy?

    I also will never betray a person's trust. It's just to valuable to me.

  3. Hey Mark, you are in fact a very easy-going and friendly person, and I think it's awesome that people (myself included) can open up and trust you. There have been a few times that your comments have helped me see a new perspective in life, and I'd like to thank you for that. :)

  4. People tend to open up to me a lot, but I'm very reserved when it comes to my own secrets. Not that I have any shocking secrets beyond my insane obsession with sequential designs.

  5. People trust me a lot too, I do find it rather awkward, but I think you are a friendly person, you seem very easy to open up to. :) x

    1. I would have brought you home to see my mom!

  6. Well, that's probably a good thing that people feel they can trust you. If they acted like you weren't a trustworthy person, wouldn't you feel a bit offended by that? Though there is a downside as well, as people might take it past just trust, and take advantage of your good nature if you are not careful.

  7. So much for the whole alternative self-image of a scary psycho you built up. ;D

    But it's exactly as you said, you're really damn kind, and you don't mind people rambling on about stuff to you. Being able to do that builds trust towards both the listener and speaker. Then that trust (I typed thrust here first, hehe) is further increased by you relating to the other person's problems, as well as the other way around.

    You're just a really cool guy is all.

  8. i trust ppl easily. cause im a wicked guy. and being taken advamntage of totally sucks

  9. We are all crazy and messed up. You are very open about your issues. That's what makes you so awesome. You keep on being you!


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