Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Worst Kind Of Writers Block

It was while I was contemplating the wonder of life, the universe, and the magic of cookies, that I thought to myself "So, what's up?". Yes, I converse with myself a lot. I know talking to yourself is the first sign of madness but I have the decency to do it in my head, I figure this negates it. Anyway the question was about my writing. What's stopping me from writing, why do I find myself even unable to write at times. There were several things I wanted to write about, but felt not that I didn't want to (laziness is an excuse) but more that I couldn't write them. I no longer trusted my ability to write. Hell given the lack of podcasts my confidence in my ability to talk has been shot for a few weeks now. Though that's also a slightly different issue for other reasons.

I saw a competition that was basically a scaled down version of NaNoWriMo, where you had to submit a 900 word story, rather than try and write a 50000 word novel. Last year people wanted me to take part in NaNoWriMo (which is becoming annoying to write) and I skipped it over this year too. Not that I didn't have any ideas. I probably could have come up with something and made it last. I know I can write, Hell I'm writing right now, I'm just not feeling it anymore.

All those feels that made me go on that tirade about how I'm a writer, they're not being felt anymore.

This is the worst kind of writers block there is. I could work with having no ideas. I can write whole posts about having no idea what to write. I've done it before and I can do it again. This is worse than that, the idea that I can't write about what I want to write about, that what I write is going to just be no good.

My confidence and ego have taken massive blows lately, especially when it comes to writing, and they were fragile enough as it was.

PS I have an insanely busy day today. Seriously I'm going to be up a few hours earlier than usual and I won't really get to stop moving and rest until the afternoon, possibly evening. I'm sorry if I can't get to blogs today.


  1. I think that you're over thinking things buddy, something that I'm always very guilty of doing myself. Try not to worry about the writer's block, sometimes it comes and goes and right now it's gone but remember that it's always going to come back. Seriously, you know how we all feel about your writing so don't worry. I haven't written anything good in a long time yet I still have faith that I will soon.

  2. Go and discuss with yourself how you can best get that confidence back, then. Do a podcast here and there, force yourself to write some short stories again, and it'll all come back, I'm sure.

  3. Don't worry, I talk to myself all the time. Except I do it verbally which is probably not healthy.

    But I'm still suffering from writer's block resulting from April's ABC Challenge. I think that challenge screwed up my ability to think.

    On a side note, we've come up with a reasonable way to incorporate people into my Sin blog idea. If you're still interested, all the blog would require out of you is 1 post every 7 weeks. That sounds easy enough, right? Anyway, I think Addman's in the process of setting up a forum for us to discuss the details. Let me know through twitter, comment on my blog/here, or email me at if your down. If you no longer want to participate, that is fine too. Don't feel pressured to do this.

  4. Writers block really fucking sucks. I agree with YeamieWaffles^ I you're over thinking things. Next time you write something, don't think about whether it will be good or not, just write dude. Write and then look over everything you've written and correct things, "perfecting" them. Writers block is horrible though, especially this kind where you want to write but you can't because you think it's going to be bad. Hopefully you get past this soon.

  5. It's normal for writers and any creative person to doubt their abilities at times. It happens to me. I even have dreams where I've forgotten how to play drums. One thing you can do is go back over some of the work you know is good. That will remind you that, yes, you can write.

    I hope this passes soon for you as I know it is terribly painful.

  6. If I am really tired my creativity dies. I think that's one reason you always hear that writers "sleep late"...but I wish I had the luxury to do that. Anyway, your confidence is taking a hit, because you hold other people's opinions in too high a regard. One negative comment, or remark, use to take the wind out of my sails. I think my studying of history has changed my attitudes. I have been watching a series of documentaries called "Barbarians" and learning about how utterly brutal and vicious people were to each other back in the day, and it seems to make anything that has happened to me, seem insignificant in comparison. Don't worry so much about everybody's judgment. Just keep on trying. Remember, whatever you do in life "suckin' at something is the first step to being sort of good at something." I hope this made some sense.

  7. Writer's block sucks, especially when you got a paper or something.

    Go outside and clear your head, get up and walk around. I find that usually works for me.

    OR you could do what I'm more likely to do and that's stay up allnight and start rambling absolute nonsense until I pass out.


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